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In 1993, BNAPS launched a new periodical, BNA PortraitS, whose focus was the social side of BNAPS. It featured Society matters such as the Secretary's membership report, BNAPEX convention activities, Regional Group events, Study Group activities, annual reports from BNAPS Officials, election proceedings, etc. Most of this material had been published in BNA Topics. BNA PortraitS was published quarterly.

For budgetary reasons, BNAPS ended publication of BNA PortraitS with Vol. 16, No. 4, Oct.-Dec. 2009. Its contents was split between BNA Topics and the BNAPS website.

FromToEditor, BNA PortraitS
2002 2009 Vic Willson
1995 2001 Everett L. Parker
1993 1994 Charles J. G. Verge

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