Regional Groups

BNAPS Board Members, Officers and Committee Personnel

Vice-President Regional Groups

Jack A Forbes, Jr, 2008-2014
Robert K Lane, 2007-2008
Tracy Cooper, 1998- 2007
John Burnett OTB, 1993-97

Listed below are earlier efforts at Regional activities

Regional Representatives
Regional Coordinators

S.W. U.S.: Edward A Richardson OTB+ (9/1976- )
N.E. U.S.: Robert V C Carr OTB (9/1976-12/1978)
W. Canada: Trelle Morrow (9/1976-8/31/1991)
Western Canada & USA - Jack White (9/1/1991-12/31/1992)
Eastern Canada - Rich Toop (9/1/1991-12/31/1992)
Eastern U.S.A. - Larry Paige OTB(9/1/1991-12/31/1992)

Committee on Regional Directors
Mervyn V Quarles, Chairman (6/1949-9/1950)

Regional Directors (4/1947)
The duties of Regional Directors are: "To further the interests
of the Society and to advance its welfare in the various
regions for which they are appointed. And it is your duty to gather
information and to suggest to the Board of Governors ideas which will
make a progressive and better Society it is also your duty to promote
BNAPS and obtain new members."

Charles C Abbott 4/1947-5/1950
Russell Allison 5/1951-10/1956 Niagara Falls, NY
C A Anderson 5/1951-10/1956 Saskatoon, Sask
Georges April 10/1956- Quebec City, Que
Walter S Bailey 10/1956- Toronto, Ont
John (Ian) S Bain 10/1956- Santa Rosa, CA
Leon W Banks 10/1956- Bethlehem, CT
Leopold Baresch 11/1951-10/1956 England
W C Beckman 10/1956- Regina, Sask
E M Blois 10/1956- Halifax, N.S
Thomas E Boggs 5/1951-10/1956 Syracuse, NY
R J Calder 4/1947-5/1951 Calgary, Alberta
Frank W Campbell 10/1956- Royal Oak, MI
H E Canham 4/1947-5/1951 Regina, Sask
J C Cartwright 5/1951-10/1956 England
Walter W Chadbourne (4/47-5/1951)(10/1956-
Clarence Coleman 4/1947-5/1951 Fitchville,CT
K M Day 4/1947-5/1951 Pittsburgh, PA
James T Culhane 5/5191- Norristown, PA
Charles P deVolpi OTB 4/1947-5/1951
Robert Dempsey 5/1951-10/1956 New York, NY
Robert J Duncan 4/4197-5/1951 Armstrong, B.C.
Henry Gates 4/1947-5/1950 1956- Detroit, MI
C N Fouse 4/1947-5/1951 Preston, Ont
John D Graham 4/1947-5/1951
Edward Goodale 4/4197-5/1951 Hamilton, Ont
A K Grimmer 5/5191-10/1956 Temiskaming, Que
Vincent G Greene OTB 4/1947-5/1950 Toronto Ont
Edmund A Harris OTB 10/1956 Edmonton, AB
Richard P Hedley 10/1956- Buffalo, NY
T B Higginson 5/1951 Finch, Ont
E H Hiscock 1956- St John's, NF
C G Kemp 5/1951-10/1956 Montreal, Que
Jack Levine OTB Salisbury, NC
Gordon P Lewis 5/1951-10/1956 Brampton, Ont
Lester N Littlefield 5/1951- Melrose, NJ
Harry W Lussey OTB New Milford, NJ
M Mackintosh 4/1947-5/1951 Wyoming, Ont
Harris A MacMaster 5/1951- Vancouver, BC
W F B Martin 4/1947 11/1951-5/1951 Ottawa, Ont
Charles McDonough 4/4197-5/1951
Ray A Menendian 4/1947-5/1951 Columbus, OH
T G Miller 5/1951- St James, Man
A W Pearen 5/1951- Toronto, Ont
C W Pickard 1956- Moncton, N.B
A P Ranger 1947-5/1951 Burquitlam, BC
Edward A Richardson OTB 5/1951- Ithaca, NY
Lloyd W Sharpe 1956- Hamilton, Ont
John S Siverts OTB 4/1947-5/1951 LaMarque, TX
Raymond H Smith 4/1947-5/1951 Topagna, CA
A C (F W) Stagg 4/1947-5/1951 Lexington, KY
A E Stephenson 5/1951- Scotland
Ray W Tiede 5/1951- Cleveland, OH
Mrs E A Totten 1956- Minneapolis, MN
Roy W Trickey 4/1947- William E Tutton 1956- Ithaca, NY
V C Walton 4/1947-5/1951 Niagara Falls, Ont
E P Warren 1956- Winnipeg, Man