BNAPEX 2013 Exhibits

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Canada's Letter Rates During the Pre-Centennial Elizabethan II Era

Rates are documented for letters sent within and out of Canada, from the year Elizabeth II ascended the throne, until Canada's centennial year (1952-1966 inclusive).


Boer War Connections - Canadians in South Africa 1899 - 1902

The exhibit illustrates Canada's involvement in the Boer War at home and in the field, using postal history and some non-philatelic material.

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Newfoundland Precursor Stampless Documents and Proper Use of 1898 Queen Victoria First Revenue Stamp Issue

Presents legal instruments for the known 10 stampless and 46 stamped types utilizing Nfld. First Revenue issue.  Discoveries abound: who the printer was; stamp quantities issued; rate fee structure; cancel types; 123 documents.

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Delivering Joy to Children

The objective of the exhibit is to show the various Santa HOHOHO reply envelopes for each year of the programs' existence 1982 - 2012

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Canadian Mail By Rail 1853 - 1923

Postmarks used in the operation of the Railway Post Office on the Grand Trunk and Great Western Railways between Island Pond and Sarnia and Windsor via Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton and London.

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Nova Scotia to UPU

Stamp issues, relations with New Brunswick, PEI, USA, Newfoundland, St. Pierre et Miquelon, mail to England and elsewhere.

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Greetings from Digby Through Postcards 1905 - 1935

Through exhibit will show how visitors reached the town, where they stayed, points of interest, streets & buildings.

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Canadian Wilding QEII Issue

An exhibit of the low value definitives of the 1954 Canadian Wilding QEII Issue

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The Way Mails of New Brunswick

Shown are covers with Way Office hammers, names of Way Office keepers and couriers, opening and closing dates and examples of rates.

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Canadian Postal History: A Rate Study using Decimal-Franked and Stampless Covers (1859 - 1870)

Rate study includes domestic, BNA (Maritimes, NF, Labrador), West (BC, Red River Settlement), cross-border, and overseas destinations.  Letter and printed matter rates will be shown.

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TransAtlantic Stampless Mails to and from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 1757 - 1859

Development of postal rates and markings, handling , routings and "events"

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Canada; The 1972 - 1977 Definitive Issue (Caricatures & Landscapes)

To show how the 1972 - 1977 Definitive Issue was produced and the various rates that came into effect during its period of use.


1982 Philatelic Youth Issue

A one frame exhibit on the Canadian Philatelic Youth Issue of 1982

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Fiscal War Tax Stamps of Canada

To show the various fiscal war tax stamps issued by Canada to help pay for the military expenses of world war one, through the Special War Revenue Act of 1915.


Toronto Hotel Advertising Covers

Hotel owners soon saw the value of using the mails to advertise their establishment.  Here are illustrated 19th century hotel covers.


Internal Mails and Postage Rates of Pre-Confederation Prince Edward Island

This exhibit looks at the internal mails and associated postage rates of Pre-Confederation PEI from early favour mail, the stampless period to adhesive period.


Blitz Stamps of Newfoundland

In May 1941 Newfoundland's stamp printers lost their printing works to enemy action.  In the fall of 1941 new stamps began appearing in Newfoundland without explanation that have since become known as the Blitz Stamps of Newfoundland.

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Newfoundland 1840 - 1949 St. John's Postal Markings

Comprehensive study of postal markings of St. John's post offices.

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Domestic Censorship of P.O.W. Mail to and from Camps in Canada during World War 2

This exhibit focuses on the censorship of POW mail by domestic authorities and contains examples of every known relevant marking.

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1927 Confederation Stamps and Covers

Exhibit includes proofs, perforated and imperforate varieties (including large blocks), related research, usages and rates including domestic, UK, UPU, preferred, short paid, registered and air.

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Closed Post Offices of the Northwest Territories

All closed post offices in the NWT are shown using representative or unusual pieces, organized as to the purpose for each post office.


The Split Ring Station Postmarks of Prince Edward Island

Following the opening of the PEI Railway in 1875 several station post offices were opened along the route and issued with these split ring cancellers.

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The LARGE & SMALL Queens of CANADA 1868 - 1897

Emphasis has been placed on changes in paper, perforation and shade resulting from the many printing orders

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1 Cent Printed Matter Rates: Mufti - War Issues

Colourful interesting usage of 1 cent printed matter rates during the Mufti - War Issues 

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The Maple Leaf Issue of Canada 1897 - 1898

This exhibit covers the pre-production material, imperforates, plate imprints, paper types, varieties, re-entries, overprints, specimen overprints, perfins, pre-cancels and usages of the Maple Leaf issue.

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Fancy Cancels used in New Brunswick during the Small Queen Period

Fancy cancels from New Brunswick post offices during the Small Queen period are shown.  A system for estimating rarity factors is also provided.

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1913 Winnipeg Stampede

The Winnipeg Stampede was held 9-16 August 1913 and this exhibit uses real photo postcards to show the events, Cowboys, Cowgirls and Native Indians in the Stampede.


Early Mail Routes: Red River Settlement, Fort Garry, Winnipeg 1849 - 1874.

Focus is on lines of communication with the outside world through Canada American territory. Mention of rates & some early fancy cancels of Fort Garry.


Perfins with Nova Scotia Connections

Examples of private and official perfins used in Nova Scotia

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Canada Drop Letters

The story of Canada's drop letter system from 1831 to it's abolition in November 1968.


Some Early Oval Duplexes of Newfoundland Their Look Alike

A showing of early Newfoundland Duplex datestamps and research regarding same.


Fancy Cancels used by Prince Edward Island Post Offices: 1873 -1897 

Displayed in this exhibit are fancy cancels used by Prince Edward Island post offices on Canadian stamps during the period 1873-1897.

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The Railway Post Office in 19th Century Nova Scotia

An exhibit of covers showing the wide range of cancellations used on Railway Post Office routes found throughout Nova Scotia in the late 1800's

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A Postal History of Imperial Oil - Atlantic Perspective

The story of Imperial Oil for the first 100 yrs using postcards, covers and other ephemeral material.