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Activities and attractions
Fredericton and surrounding region


Our vibrant culture is on display at world class art galleries and in heritage museums. Historic districts showcase Fredericton theatre, concerts and architecture. Inspect the guard in the Historic Garrison District or explore the majestic St. John River by canoe or kayak. Make your way along 85kms of riverfront trails on a bike rented from the Lighthouse on the Green. A Saturday morning visit to the Boyce Farmers' Market is one of the most popular things to do in Fredericton where visitors can mingle with the locals at one of Canada's finest traditional farm markets.

Play a round of Fredericton golf on the world-class championship course at Kingswood or enjoy a day at a local spa, then play hard at night with live Fredericton entertainment in the Tannery Entertainment District. There's lots of fun for families too, including cool hands-on experiences at Science East New Brunswick's only Science Centre or a day at the beach at Killarney Lake or Mactaquac Provincial Park.

Details of things to do in Fredericton can be found at Fredericton Tourism Fredericton Attractions

Downtown Fredericton - The Downtown shopping district is a unique blend of modern and colonial architecture cradled by the St. John River. There are 120 shops and 28 attractions to welcome you into the heart of the province's capital city. The shops offer a distinct shopping experience, with everything from the latest fashions, sporting goods, footwear and accessories, to one of a kind boutiques and handmade crafts.

Downtown Fredericton is home to over 30 restaurants and cafes, serving food from all across the globe and right here in Canada. From quick snacks to fine dining, you'll find everything you're looking for in a meal and more.

Historic Garrison District - Fredericton's Historic Garrison District is a National Historic Site of Canada situated downtown. British troops were garrisoned here for decades, from 1784 to 1869. Today, it's a vibrant Fredericton tourist destination with musicians, artists, historical re-enactments, the Fredericton Region Museum, School Days Museum, New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, and the gallery of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. For more info, go to Garrison District.

Government House - Old Government House National Historic Site of Canada is a large stone, Palladian-style residence of New Brunswick's Lieutenant Governor. Designed by English artist and designer J.W. Woolford, it was built in 1826-1828 for the Governor of the Colony of New Brunswick. It replaced an earlier governor's residence (1787), which had been destroyed by fire. A historic encounter between Governor Arthur Gordon and Premier Albert J. Smith occurred there on the 7th of April 1866, paving the way for Confederation. This building served as the official residence of the Governors, then Lieutenant Governors of New Brunswick until 1893 when a new official residence was constructed. It served other functions until 1988 but has since been restored and has resumed its original function as the residence of the Lieutenant Governor. For more information, visit Government House.

Christ Church Cathedral - Christ Church Cathedral, a superior example of the Gothic Revival Style in Canada was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981. It was built in 1846-53 to the neo-Gothic plans of British architects Frank Wills and William Butterfield, in collaboration with Bishop John Medley, first Anglican bishop of Fredericton. In its cruciform plan, central tower, 3 sided porch and huge west window, it was the first Canadian building to follow closely the ideal of the Ecclesiological Society, a reformist movement of the Anglican Church which sought a return to the architecture of the Middle Ages. The cathedral is distinguished by its nave and side aisles oriented to the choir. Each part of the interior is visible from the exterior and has different roofing. For more information, visit Christ Church Cathedral.

Legislative Assembly Building - The Legislative Assembly building is the seat of government for the province of New Brunswick. Since 1882, the current building, built in the Second Empire Style, has housed the Legislative Assembly, and is a distinguished Fredericton landmark. Visitors are welcomed and guided tours are available in the summer from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, and from 8:30 am to 4pm during the winter. For more information, visit Legislative Assembly Building.

Beaverbrook Art Gallery - The Beaverbrook Art Gallery, a gift to the people of New Brunswick from Sir Max Aitken (Lord Beaverbrook), features works by Canadian and British artists and a unique sample of works from international artists. The Gallery exhibits an exciting mix of works from its own collection as well as works and exhibitions on loan from other institutions. For more information, visit Beaverbrook Art Gallery.

The Playhouse Theatre - The Fredericton Playhouse has provided arts and entertainment since the mid - 1960's, and is the first venue of its kind in New Brunswick. It serves as a venue for local, national, international and touring productions in a variety of genres from live music to theater. For the latest schedule, visit The Playhouse Theatre.

Boyce Farmers Market - Open every Saturday from 6am to 2pm, this market is a tradition that celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011. Each week there are over 250 vendors both indoors and out. Items for sale include fresh, local produce, meats, seafood, breads, cheeses, jams, wine chocolate, coffee as well as crafts, pottery, jewellery, paintings, textiles and even lawn sculptures. Visit Boyce Farmers Market.

Kings Landing Historical Settlement - Kings Landing Historical Settlement is an outdoor Living History Museum, recreating the lives of New Brunswickers in the 1800's. Visitors are provided with a village map and make their way through the site at their own pace, to explore New Brunswick's culture and heritage. They witness, in the homes, hands-on demonstrations on butter making, dipping candles and spinning wool. Visit the farm to see the horses, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. Hop on a wagon to travel in time 19th century style. For more information, visit Kings Landing Historical Settlement.

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