BNAPEX 2017 CALTAPEX - Calgary 1 - 3 September 2017

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Passport Advisory

Since 1 June 2009, ANYONE wishing to enter the United States from Canada must have a valid passport.

This INCLUDES American citizens.

For more information, see:

Calgary is the major gateway to the Canadian Rockies located in southern Alberta

Vancouver is a 12 hour drive to the west, Edmonton 3 hours to the north, and Winnipeg about 18 hours east. Driving from Toronto needs a couple of hotel nights on the road.

Please note: A SPECIAL Link to get the Special ($159) rate is available from the Accomodations webpage selected from the menu at left.

Tourist and travel information can be found at:

All major airlines have daily flights to or from Calgary International Airport in Calgary.

If you prefer to fly we have a group booking rate with WestJet, valid from August 24th to September 10th (blackout 1 and 4 Sept only), which is 10% off the best available fare (includes seat sales) between Calgary and North America. On the website use Coupon Code M1WUTQE. The discount ONLY applies to Westjet/Encore Flights, however CodeShare agreements are available with American and Delta (but there is no discount on these flights).

Transportation via Airport Shuttle Downtown for about $16 can be found at

Transportation via Public Transit from the Airport to downtown for $3 (Route 100) on a regular bus, or $8 on a downtown express (300 BRT) can be found at

Public Transit to Downtown Hotels

GreyHound Canada runs buses across the country, see their website for schedules (Toronto-Calgary is 2 days travel for about $120).

While there is no longer scheduled train service to Calgary, the Rocky Mountaineer offers daytime nostalgic train rides on a wonderful trip from Vancouver to Calgary over the course of a scenic few days. Departures near the convention dates from Vancouver are on 28 August, and trips from Calgary back to Vancouver are on 6 September.

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