New sales agent for BNAPS Books

Major changes are being made to the operation of the BNAPS Book Department.

Effective 30 September 2019, Sparks Auctions will cease to be the agent for BNAPS Book Department sales. Thereafter, a new Agent will be handling the sale and distribution of BNAPS books:

Bill Longley
c/o Longley Auctions
PO Box 620
Waterdown, ON L0R 2H0

We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Bill Longley.

We thank Sparks Auctions (and earlier Ian Kimmerly Stamps) for their strong support of the BNAPS publications program over the last 15 years. The great assistance of Brian Wolfenden over that time is especially appreciated.

The storage location for the books is being moved from Ottawa to Burlington, ON. During the transition and reorganization, book sales are being suspended until approximately mid-November. Watch for further information in the “What’s New” area on the BNAPS website home page and in the next issue of BNA Topics.

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