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Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspé Peninsula Postal History

Christiane Faucher and Jacques Poitras
Released March 2016. Exhibit series # 89.
88 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 51.00 [ISBN B4h923-89-1].

Christiane Faucher's and Jacques Poitras's Lower St. Lawrence and Gaspé Peninsula Postal History was shown for the first time at FILEX 2015, where it received not only a Gold medal but also the Reserve Grand Award. This is the couple’s second BNAPS Exhibit Series book, following on their Postal Usages in the Province of Quebec and Lower Canada until 1831, published in 2013. This volume illustrates the fascinating postal history of the difficult routes along the lower St. Lawrence River and around the Gaspé peninsula.

Christiane Faucher was born in 1950 in Quebec City where she taught chemistry. She retired in 2009. She is the President of Société d’Histoire postale du Québec and a member of many philatelic and postal history organizations. Her main collecting interests are official mail postal history and Quebec City's illustrated covers. Jacques Poitras, her husband, is also a retired teacher. He was chairman of both the "Royale 95" and "Royale 2008" exhibitions held in Quebec City. He is currently president of the Fédération québécoise de Philatélie. He has written many articles on the subject of Lower Canada's early postal history and regularly speaks on the subject at conferences. With Cimon Morin, he is the author of the Catalogue des Marques postales du Québec 1743-1867, launched at the Lakeshore Stamp Club’s annual exhibition in April 2016. Both Christiane and Jacques are fellows of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, and members of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada and l’Académie québécoise de philatélie.

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