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Newfoundland Airmail Stamps and Airmail Flights: 1918-1948

Combines the original exhibit shown in 2008 plus material added for the London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition

Peter Motson
Released September 2016. Exhibit series # 54.
164 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 80.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-70-9].

At the age of eight, Peter Motson was an aircraft model maker and a “schoolboy stamp collector”, but his philatelic interests did not connect to aerophilately until after 1968 when he had left his first career, in the Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy, where he served for nine years as an aircraft engineer on carrier-borne “front line” squadrons. He later worked at the Westland Aircraft manufacturing company, providing him with a better than average knowledge of aircraft. He is well read in the history of aviation as far back as the Wright brothers.

Although collecting material for his Newfoundland Airmail Stamps and Air Mail Flights: 1918-1949 exhibit first started in 1970, the acquisition of scarcer items was minimal until after the sale of his business interests in 2002. The exhibit was first shown in 2004 and attained a Large Vermeil award in London, England. His study of north Atlantic airmails was rewarded in 2005 with the British Aerophilatelic Federation ‘Medal for Research’. In 2006, the exhibit won the coveted
British Aero Philatelic Club Trophy in addition to a Gold medal.

In 2009, BNAPS published Peter Motson’s Newfoundland Airmail Stamps and Airmail Flights: 1918-1949, which had received a Gold award and the Meyerson Award for “Best Exhibit from a Province of Canada before Confederation” at BNAPEX 2008 NOVAPEX in Halifax. With additional new material, the exhibit received the Best-in-Class Aerophilately Award at the London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition. In 2011, BNAPS published a 32-page supplement illustrating the material added for the 2010 show.

In the summer of 2016, when a reprint of the 2009 book became necessary, it was decided to consolidate the two books into one. In the process, an original editorial error was remedied and the date range in the title of the new volume was corrected to “1918-1948”. NOTE: the 32-page 2011 Supplement is still available for purchasers of the original 2009 book.

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