BNAPS actively encourages the publication of new books on suitable subjects in BNA philately through its Handbooks and Exhibit series which are produced by the Publications Committee. For more information on having books published, please contact the Book Department Coordinator, Mike Street email.


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All the books released during the past 12 months are listed below.
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Foreign Exchange Control in Canada / The Role of Canada Post 1939-1951

Eldon Godfrey
Released June 2018. Exhibit series # 100. 150 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 70.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-88-4].

On 15 September 1939, five days after declaring war on Germany at the start of World War II, the Canadian government passed an Order-in-Council authorizing the Foreign Exchange Control Order. The new law established a method of controlling foreign exchange transactions in order to make sure that Canada would have enough currency to meet the coming financial obligations of fighting a major war. The Foreign Exchange Control Board (FECB) began operations the following day. In Foreign Exchange ... Read more...

Cover illustration

Saskatchewan Territorial Mail: 1846 to 1905

Harold Kellett
Released February 2018. Exhibit series # 99. 88 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 54.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-87-7].

In Saskatchewan Territorial Mail: 1846 to 1905, Hal Kellett uses many fine covers and in some cases the contents of letters to present the development of mail services to and from settlements that were in, or came to be in, the provisional district of Saskatchewan that was formed after the Hudson’s Bay Company transferred the Northwest Territories to Canada in 1870. He then focuses on locations which became large enough to have a post office after the District of Saskatchewan ... Read more...

Cover illustration

Steamship Mail in the Early Decimal Period of Newfoundland 1865-1910

David Piercey
Released February 2018. Exhibit series # 98. 146 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 69.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-86-0].

In Steamship Mail in the Early Decimal Period of Newfoundland 1865-1910, David Piercey presents a postal history exhibit organized by steamship routes, either around the island for domestic communication, or off the island for communication with the rest of North America or with Great Britain and the rest of the world. In addition to the difficulty of simply obtaining this scarce material, the greatest challenge in putting the exhibit together was to determine and illustrate some of ... Read more...

Cover illustration

Booklets and Coils of Canada The Canadian Postal System Enters the Machine Age

A Study of the Printing Dies and Plates (1900 –1935)

Gordon W. Turnbull
Released February 2018. Exhibit series # 97. 88 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 54.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-85-3].

In Booklets and Coils of Canada, Gordon Turnbull studies the second stage of mechanization of the Canadian postal system. After the introduction of cancelling machines in 1896, the next step was to make postage stamps available to the Canadian public in a more efficient manner than having to go to the local post office each time stamps were required. The first innovation was small booklets intended for sale through vending machines. Subsequently strips of stamps separated from full ... Read more...

Cover illustration

Postal History of Camp Borden 1916 - 2016

A. David Hanes
Released November 2017. Exhibit series # 96. 178 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 77.50 [ISBN 978-1-927119-84-6].

Almost two years after the start of World War I the Canadian government purchased 17,700 acres of tree stumps and blowing sand on the plains south of Georgian Bay and west of Barrie, Ontario, to be the site of Camp Borden, a military training base to support the war effort. In the first year of operations, the main shelter for the soldiers consisted of hundreds of tents. In 1917 an aerodrome operated by the Royal Flying Corps was built. After WWI, reduced training continued. In 1938, just before ... Read more...

Cover illustration

Canada's Barrel Handstamp Cancels

David Oberholtzer
Released November 2017. Exhibit series # 95. 134 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 59.00 [ISBN 978-1-927119-83-9].

Barrel Cancel handstamps were used from early 1955 to the end of 1962. Assigned to 34 of the largest post offices in Canada, they were intended for use on mail items requiring special handling such as parcels, registered mail, redirected letters and First Day Covers, among other applications. The main reason they were acquired from the Pitney Bowes Company was because they did not require removal and replacement of the date and time indicia, which were mounted in the body of the device in the fo ... Read more...

Cover illustration

The Thirty-Six Types of the Canada 1898 Two Cent Numeral Issue

Peter Spencer
Released November 2017. 88 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 49.95 [ISBN 978-1-927119-81-5].

The Thirty-Six Types of the Canada 1898 Two Cent Numeral Issue is the eighth volume in Peter Spencer’s series on the plating of Canada’s Queen Victoria era Numeral Issue, and the third covering specific aspects of the Two Cent value of the issue. Pretty in Pink (2005) covered in depth ways to distinguish between stamps produce by the many different plates used to print the issue. The Joy of Panes (2015) was the first major plating study of the T ... Read more...

Cover illustration

Canada’s Prime Ministers on Stamps and First Day Covers

Gary Dickinson
Released November 2017. 0 pages, 8.5x11, spiral bound.
Colour C$ 49.95 [ISBN 978-1-927119-82-2].

Canada’s Prime Ministers on Stamps and First Day Covers is Gary Dickinson’s personal contribution to Canada’s sesquicentennial. Between the first day covers in his own collection, those that had been placed on the website of the First Day Cover Study Group, and additional contributions from several members of the group, the volume of material relating to Canada’s Prime Ministers far exceeded his expectations. This resulted in a volume that, unlike Gary’ ... Read more...

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