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Philatelic FAQ - Prepared by BNAPS Members

QUESTION: How can I tell if a stamp is re-gummed or not?

ANSWER: A number of different observations can add up to a stamp being classified as re-gummed. Examine closely with a glass the perf edges of the stamp. A re-gummed stamp will show minute traces of gum on the edge walls of the perfs. An OG stamp will have no such gum traces, and will usually still have small perf hairs of fibre hanging there from the day when the stamp was separated. Feel the perf tips. A re-gummed stamps perf tips will feel hard and spiky, whereas an OG stamps perf tips will feel softer, since there is no excess gum there to create the spiked feel. It is also important to know for the issue what the gum should look like. For example the 11 1/2 x 12 perf Montreal Small Queens have white streaky gum, while the Ottawa printings tend to have a gold yellowish gum. Original gum also usually has age cracks in it, and re-gumming looks suspiciously shimmering and new. So if you see a Montreal 11 1/2 x 12 perf with shimmering gold gum, chances are it is a re-gum.

You must consider all factors before making a judgement. It is an intuitive process, not scientific. Confirmed re-gummed stamps should have the fraudulent gum washed off. These stamps are nothing more than unused in value.

Submitted by: Paul N. Barker (

Additional Information From Paul:

Early Classic BNA CENSUS

I am very interested in determining how many choice early Canadian/BNA stamps exist today in Mint OG F-VF Lightly Hinged, Heavy Hinged or NH condition from 1851 to 1867. For example, I have heard that only one legitimate OG Scott # 10 exists today (there is a strip of three unused in the Brigham Collection, but only one exists with authentic OG- let me know if you agree).

To help me determine how many still exist in the above condition, please fill in the following form by Scott # and indicate the number of stamps you feel still exist today. Remember faulty stamps or used do not count, and count multiples as singles ( ie: for Scott #1, there are two blocks known with OG and 2 OG, singles I believe).

For this you would fill in the number 10 in the Scott #1 spot on the census form. Include all shades and varieties as if they existed under the main Scott # for the sake of the census count.

Please email your submission to Paul Barker at email address: The averaged results may appear in an upcoming BNAPS publication.


Sc # Description # Existing Today Mint OG H/NH Faultless F-VF

1 ~ 3d Laid Beaver
2 ~ 6d Laid Consort
3 ~ 12d Laid Black
4 ~ 3d Wove Beaver
5 ~ 6d Wove Consort
7 ~ 10 Pence Cartier
8 ~ Rose Half Penny
9 ~ Seven Half Penny
10 ~ 6d Thick Soft Purple
11 ~ Perf Half Penny
12 ~ Perf 3d Beaver
13 ~ Perf 6d Consort
14 ~ One Cent Rose
15 ~ Five Cent Beaver
16 ~ Ten Cent Black Brown
17 ~ Ten Cent Consort
18 ~ 12 1/2 Cent Victoria
19 ~ 17 Cent Cartier
20 ~ 2 Cent Rose

End of Census

Volunteer Advisors on Philatelic Matters:

1. Kevin O'Reilly ( N.W.T., Yukon and Labrador postal history

2. Vic Willson ( ): Canada postal history 1851-1928

3. Steven Friedenthal ( Slogan cancels

4. Pierre Ethier ( Canada and New-Foundland FDCs (First Day Covers), especially cachet makers. Pierre is working on making an Encyclopaedia of Canada FDCs, he is also president of the newly formed FDC Study Group. Sample copies of their newsletter can be had by anybody for the asking. Address: P.O. BOX 71526 Aurora Ontario L4G 6S9 Canada.

5. Paul Barker ( First Cents Issue and Small Queens.

6. John Burnett ( Small Queens, George VI issue of 1937 (Mufti Issue), Interrupted mail (crash covers, etc.), The Royal Visit of 1939, W.W.II, Posted at Sea, Slogan Cancels, and general questions as concern the issues of the 1930s.

7. Pete Jacobi ( B.C. Cancels and Mining & Smelting corner cards.

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