2017-09-25 Photo memories of BNAPEX 2017 Calgary

Andrew Blanchard of Weeda Stamps captured some of the activities and festivities at BNAPEX 2017 Calgary.

He shares them in the 22 Sept. issue of The Weeda Newsletter.

2017-02-11 Money Order Office Number Cancels of Newfoundland - Mike Sagar

Over the past 20 years, I have been chronicling the Money Order Office Number (MOON) cancels of Canada, I have produced six handbooks on MOON cancels, and I am planning within the next few months to release one on the MOON cancels of Newfoundland, Military, Northwest & Yukon Territories, Transportation, and Events.

I have about 900 MOON cancels of Newfoundland listed (1950-1973), but would appreciate hearing from BNAPS members interested in contributing to my project or who may have items that can aid my research.

I am interested in different hammers, early and late dates, and even ink colour. Cancels can be on cover, card, stamp, or post office paperwork like receipts. Philatelic or commercial usage - I don’t care.

Collectors can send me their scans by email or photocopies by mail, preferably by 31 March. Anyone contributing will be acknowledged in the introduction of the handbook that is planned for release this May.

Michael Sagar
Email: gailandmike@shaw.ca

MOON cancel from Lance Au Loup, Newfoundland
Lance Au Loup, NL

MOON cancel from Hawkes Bay, Newfoundland
Hawkes Bay, NL

MOON cancel from Beaumont, Newfoundland
Beaumont, NL

MOON cancel from Brookside, Newfoundland
Brookside, NL

MOON cancel from Cook's Harbour, Newfoundland
Cook's Harbour, NL

MOON cancel from Milton, Newfoundland
Milton, NL

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