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Books and Handbooks

Canadian Philately - An Outline - John Burnett, Gray Scrimgeour, and Victor Willson
Survey of collecting interests of BNA philatelists, including stamps, postal history, and collateral material of Canada and the provinces.

Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials, 5th edition, updated on 1 August 2017 - BNAPS Perfin Study Group
Origin and use of perfins and listing of all known perfins on Canadian stamps. Sections with the latest updates are identified by the date 2017 08 01.

Timbres canadiens avec initiales perforées, 5e édition, mise à jour le 1 aout 2017 - BNAPS Perfin Study Group
L'origine et l'utilisation des perfins et une liste de tous les perfins connus parmi les timbres canadiens. Les sections mises à jour le plus récemment sont identifiées par la date : 2017 08 01.

The Canadian Posted Letter Guide for Letters Mailed in the 1851 - 1902 Period, 2nd edition - Victor L. Willson and Charles G. Firby
Pricing guide to BNA covers between 1851 and 1902.


Philately ● Exhibiting

Exhibit Synopsis Template (0.1 MB pdf)
Suggested synopsis outline for BNAPEX exhibits.

BNAPS Judging Guidelines for Juries and Exhibitors (0.1 MB pdf)
Judging guidelines that apply specifically to BNAPEX exhibits.

Philately ● Stamp production

The Goebel Press Era of Canadian Stamps - Ken Sargent with Leopold Beaudet
The BABN Goebel press - history, stamp production, and the people behind it.

Canada ● Stamps ● Definitives

Guide to the Admiral Stamps of Canada (html) - Randall W. Van Someren
Dies, printing, paper, straight edges, coils, fakes, forgeries, varieties, cancellations, rates, and bibliography.

Modern Flower Coil Definitives (20 MB pdf) - Jim Watt
Also available as a PowerPoint presentation (39 MB)
Printing and die cut varieties on the coils issued between December 2004 and December 2007.

Canada ● Stamps ● Commemoratives

The 1917 3¢ Confederation Commemorative (1.8 MB pdf) - Leopold Beaudet
Based on a study of the 1917 3¢ Confederation stamp by Richard M. Morris. Presentation made at the Admiral Study Group meeting at BNAPEX 2008 Halifax.

Canada ● Stamps ● First Day Covers

Errors, Freaks and Oddities on Canada Post Official First Day Covers (3.1 MB pdf) - Andrew Chung
OFDC EFOs: on the cachet, on the cancellation, and on the stamp or stamps. Presentation made to the BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group and to the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada.

Canada ● Revenue

An Introduction to Canadian Revenue Stamps (html) - Christopher D. Ryan. Also available as a pdf file (5.7 MB).
Describes the many different types of Canadian Revenue stamps, both federal and provincial, and their usage.

Canada’s Inland Revenue and Postal War Tax Stamps did not Finance its War Expenditures during the First World War (html) - Christopher D. Ryan.
What purpose did the Admiral War Tax stamps actually serve?

A New Listing of Alberta Hunting, Resource Development and WISE Foundation Revenue Stamps,and Stampless Licence, Authorization and Special Quota Licence Stamps and Cards 1964 to 1997, Version 2, Jan. 2014 (2.1 MB pdf) - Clayton Rubec and Dale Stover
Revised listing with new catalogue numbers corrects descriptive errors in previous listings, flags non-existent stamps, and adds newly discovered ones.

Canada's National Park Motor Vehicle Licences, 1923 to 2015, Version 3, Aug. 2015 (4.0 MB pdf) - Clayton Rubec
Motor vehicle card licences, metal licence plate toppers, metal radiator badges, self-adhesive decals, rearview mirror shields, and paper receipts issued by Parks Canada.

Canada ● Postal History

Crashes, Fires, and War Interrupted the Mail (html) - John Burnett
Illustrates examples of interrupted mail due to airplane crashes, fires, and war, and the markings applied to such mail.

Paquebot Covers: Mailed on the High Seas (html) - John Burnett
Describes paquebot mail and some of the postal markings found on paquebot covers.

Some Early Postal History of Brandon, Manitoba (html) - Robert K. Lane
Illustrates the important role the mail played in the early days of settlement in the Brandon area, dating from when the post office was established on 1 August 1881.

Re-enactment of Western Canada's First Airmail Flight by Katherine Stinson (html) - Robert K. Lane
Commemorative covers marking the 9 July 1918 flight and photos of the re-enactment.

Canada ● Postal History ● Military Mail

Canadian National Vimy Memorial (html) - Mike Street
Unveiling the Memorial on 26 July 1936 at the site of the battle of Vimy Ridge.

The 1936 'Vimy Ridge' Issue (html) - Mick Bister
The issue and usage of stamps and postal stationery from France to commemorate the unveiling of the Vimy Memorial.


Newfoundland ABN Plate Proofs of the 1897 Royal Family and 1908 2¢ Map Stamps (html) - John M. Walsh, from the collection of Ed Wener
Slides of the ABN proofs acquired by Ed Wener, and the results of his studies.

Perkins Bacon & Company Their Trade Samples and Other Mysteries (2.9 MB pdf) - Clarence A. Stillions, based on a slide program prepared by Robert H. Pratt. The original Pratt slides are owned by the Collectors Club of Chicago.
Explores the Pratt collection of trade samples produced by Perkins Bacon from 1902 to about 1930 with particular emphasis on those that reproduce Newfoundland stamp designs.

Fascinating Covers

An Extraordinary Canadian Cover - Norris (Bob) Dyer and Leopold Beaudet
The controversial New Carlisle "Postmaster's Provisional Envelope".

Now That Was Service - Pete Jacobi
Story of a cover mailed 1.5 years after the recipient had moved.

A Scarce Example of the War Exchange Tax on Periodical Publications - Christopher D. Ryan
1942 mailing label from the U.S. with three Canadian revenue stamps.

A BNA Cover Challenge
Complex BNA covers are shown and described.

Newfie 1897 Provisional Surcharge on Cover - Norris (Bob) Dyer
Cover with 1¢ 1897 provisional surcharge with rare sans serif font overprint.

An Alberta and a Saskatchewan Cover - Gray Scrimgeour
Two covers from the territorial period of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Calgary Covers - Calgary Regional Group
Reflections of Calgary's history and postal history.



1 Cent Yellow Large Queen Stamp of Canada - 1869 (0.5 MB pdf) - Vic Willson
Plate proofs, plate varieties, paper, shades, cancellations, and postal usage.

Canada ● Stamps

My Favourite Elizabethan Varieties (html) - Leopold Beaudet.
Varieties from the Elizabethan era that are distinctive and/or reveal information about stamp production.

Canada ● Revenue

Canadian Law Stamps (html) - Edward Zaluski
From 1765 to 1970: embossed "AMERICA", Lower and Upper Canada, and post-Confederation stamps and usage.

Canada ● Postal History

Introduction of the Postal Code System in Canada - Mechanization, Politics and Efficiency (html) - Nick Poppenk

Postal History and Usages of the Canada Post Card 1871-1928 (7 MB pdf) - Vic Willson

19th Century Brandon Post Office Postmarks (1.5 MB pdf) - Robert K. Lane

RPOs on the Mysterious Estevan Line (2 MB pdf) - Robert K. Lane
One of the earliest mail-carrying branch lines built by the CPR in western Canada.

The West of Winnipeg RPO Hammers (1.4 MB pdf) - Robert K. Lane
The 17 "West of Winnipeg" RPO hammers, the first RPO postmarks used on the CPR main line in western Canada.

Railway Post Offices Postmarks Used in Southern Manitoba (6 MB pdf) - Robert K. Lane
CPR and Canadian Northern Railway/CNR RPO postmarks from southern Manitoba.

Canada ● Postal History ● Military Mail

Epic of Vimy - A Canadian Pilgrimage (13.6 MB pdf) - Don Hedger.
Explores the voyage of some 6,000 Canadian veterans to participate in the unveiling of the Vimy Ridge monument in France on 26 July 1936.

Canada ● Illustrated Mail

Postal History of Imperial Oil Atlantic Perspective (html) - Brainard Fitzgerald
Formation and growth of Imperial Oil from 1880 to 1980, especially in Atlantic Canada, using advertising covers, postcards, and related material.


Newfoundland Plate Numbers - 1897-1947 (html) - John M. Walsh

Newfoundland - Edward and Alexandra (2 MB pdf) - Norris (Bob) Dyer
1897-1901 Royal Family issue, 2¢ and 3¢ values honoring the Prince and Princess of Wales - proofs, specimens, stamps, and usages.

The 1¢ Newfoundland "Heap of Cod" Stamp 1932-1949 (html) - Anthony Thompson
1932-1949 Resources issue, 1¢ value - dies, printers, plates, watermarks, perforation, usage.

The Blitz Stamps of Newfoundland (html) - Clarence Stillions
The first recorded printing of the Industrial Issue by Waterlow & Sons was in February 1942. Four stamps printed by Waterlow are known used prior to this printing.

Newfoundland Stamp Dealers (5 MB pdf) - Terrance R. Harris
Newfoundland's philatelic history through its stamp dealers.

Newfoundland ● Revenue

Newfoundland Fiscal Stamps and Usages (html) - Terrance R. Harris
Inland Revenue, War/National Savings, Customs Duty, Beer Excise Duty, Transportation Tax, Money Order Tax, Tobacco Tax.

Newfoundland - 1898 Queen Victoria Issue First Revenue Series Used on Documents (html) - John M. Walsh

Newfoundland ● Postal History

The Oval Duplexes of Newfoundland and Their Look-alike (html) - Carl Munden
The 12 known (as of 2013) Newfoundland oval duplex cancels, issued between 1898 and 1901.

Nova Scotia ● Postal History

Cross-border Mail via the Cunard Line (1.9 MB pdf) - David D'Alessandris
Mail Between the United States and Nova Scotia, 1840-1867.

Prince Edward Island ● Postal History

Internal Mail of Prince Edward Island (6 MB pdf) - Mike Salmon

Internal Mails and Postage Rates of Pre-confederation Prince Edward Island (html) - Robert Lunn
Explores by-favour covers, including one of the earliest dating back to 1792, and the stampless, pence, and decimal periods.

Noteworthy BNA material on other websites

Canada ● Postal History

The Canadian Advanced Posting Service 1926-1949 - P. Charles Livermore
Christmas cards posted early in December would receive special cancels and be delivered just before Christmas.

Thanks for the Smokes - P. Charles Livermore
Canada - World War II overseas tobacco distribution scheme.

Evolution of Air Mail - Toronto, Canada - From Biplane to Jet - Neil Hunter
Posted on the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society website.

Toronto Postal History - P. Charles Livermore

Peterborough's Transorma Sorting Marks - P. Charles Livermore
High tech mail sorting machine installed in Peterborough, ON, in 1955.

Newfoundland ● Stamps

Slides of the Robert H. Pratt Newfoundland collection - Robert H. Pratt.
The 4,000 plus slides of the Pratt Newfoundland collection owned by the Collectors Club of Chicago and digitized by BNAPS were assembled by subject matter and stamp issue into approximately 30 pdf files by John M. Walsh and posted on his website. Besides Newfoundland, there are two files of Canadian material covering the early issues and revenue stamps.

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