BNAPS provides its members with its flagship journal "BNA Topics". BNAPS also encourages the publication of books on specialized BNA philatelic subjects and exhibits through the Publications Committee. More information about all of these is provided below.

BNA Topics

BNA Topics, the official journal of BNAPS, is published quarterly and is mailed free to BNAPS members. Each issue, which averages 80 pages, is packed with more information, original articles and continuing columns about BNA philately than any other journal.

Stamps, covers, postmarks, postal history, philatelic news, book reviews ... they are all there for your reading enjoyment. Each issue you receive will become an important part of your philatelic library.

Furthermore, editorial assistance is available to any BNAPS member who would like to become a published author. Chances are, if you are interested in writing about what you collect, others will want to read about it. For more about preparing articles, and the Tables of Content of current and a few previous issues of BNA Topics, click here.

For information about BNAPS Writing Awards, click here.

Contact the Publications Chairperson: Robert Lemire, P.O. Box 1870, Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0 CANADA; telephone: 613-584-1574; email

In mid-October, 2004, we added a new web site that contains the contents of all TOPICS journals from the first issue in 1944 to all of the issues for 1999. This wonderful achievement, driven by member John Walsh, is known as "The Horace W. Harrison Online Library".

Please see the press release issued October 14, 2004.

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  BNA Topics


BNAPS actively encourages the publication of new books on suitable subjects in BNA philately through its Handbooks and Exhibit series which are produced by the Publications Committee. For more information on having books published please contact the Book Department Coordinator, Mike Street email.

The BNAPS Book Department has been operated since September 2004 by Ian Kimmerly Stamps of Ottawa. Please take a look at the listing of books published by the British North America Philatelic Society. When you have finished looking at them, come on back and wander through the rest of our site.

Book Department Email Notices:

'BNAPS Books' is an electronic mailing list for announcements related to philatelic literature titles published by the British North America Philatelic Society and sold through the BNAPS Book Department, which is managed by Ian Kimmerly Stamps of Ottawa, Ontario. This mailing list is managed by the BNAPS Book Department and is separate from any mailing list (s) operated by Ian Kimmerly Stamps as part of their retail activities. This list is for announcements only; it is not a discussion list. We anticipate sending a maximum of 2-3 emails per month to subscribers. A privacy policy is in place.

To subscribe to BNAPS Books, click here.

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia: Communications of the 1700s and Postal Markings of the 1800s

Electronic Books

BNAPS is examining ways to make available books that may not be economical to publish by traditional means, i.e. on paper. The result is our first Electronic Book, Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials - Fifth Edition. There is no cost for this book. The authors hope readers will find it useful or of interest to their collecting needs. Please feel free to look at this book and to contact the authors with update information. This first book is broken into sections in Adobe Acrobat format files that can be printed on any printer. In late September a complete copy of the handbook in one file will be made available to download to your Tablet or Laptop.

Canadian Stamps with Perforated Initials - Fifth Edition


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