BNAPS Prairie Beaver Regional Group Meeting Reports

The Prairie Beaver Regional Group meets twice yearly to exchange information about the stamps and postal history of British North America. The meetings feature presentations by Group members about their philatelic quests and discoveries, swap-buy-sell-trade sessions, and clothesline exhibits.

Meeting Report - Saturday, 7 April, 2018

Prairie Beaver Regional Group
                Presentation by Dave Bartlet Presentation by Dave Bartlet

The Prairie Beavers met in College Station, TX, on April 7. Those present included Larry Ballantyne, Denise and Jay Stotts, John Furlong, Dave Nickson, John Seate, Frank Senz, Gary Giroux, Eigil Trondsen, Vic Willson, Dave Bartlet, George Watkins, Mike Yestrumsky, and George Dresser. Mary Elizabeth Dresser and Carol Willson joined the group for lunch.

Following coffee and doughnuts provided by George Watkins, the day's meeting began with sharing books and other literature members brought. The recent Booklets and Coils of Canada the Canadian Postal System Enters the Machine Age a Study of the Printing Dies and Plates (1900 -1935) by Gordon W. Turnbull, released February 2018 was circulated. After a period of informal sharing and trading/selling, Dave Bartlet presented his material on vended automation of Canadian postage. Members were quite intrigued by the section on kiosk stamps of the last few years.

Following a club-hosted lunch at the meeting room, with a yellow cake and chocolate frosting made by Carol, a business meeting was conducted by chairman, George Dresser. Dave Bartlet gave a summary of regional group activities. This was followed by the clothesline show and tell. Vic Willson showed a 15 lb die proof of the 1897 large tobacco stamp along with plate proofs of the 1888 large tobaccos, a strip of 4 of the 1923 vertical coil used in 1924 to the U.S., and a reconstructed mint imprint block of the 12 1/2 Large Queen, separated some time before the Firth sale. Eigil Trondsen showed a book of Cunard mail items, including a Unicorn cover that was recovered from the ice in the Saint Lawrence before being sent on to Halifax, a cover to Montreal from Jamaica via the UK, a Norwegian cover from Little Norway in WWII, and a 1930 AR with receipt from Norway to Montreal. Dave Bartlet showed several different labels on cover, war savings stamp material, an incinerator stamp booklet from Calgary, and an 1826 wine list among other material. Mike Yestrumsky showed a copy of the engraved $1 United Empire Loyalists stamp that CLP1 was based on and a grounded CLP43 Patricia Airways stamp. John Furlong showed the 17c Lute with no magenta in a block of 4, the 45c Greetings sheet imperforate, along with other new imperfs for his collection. George Dresser showed experimental dry printings of the 2c Edward, a short paid 2c Victoria to France that had postage dues, forwarded with more postage dues, and returned to Canada with additional 2c postage due- why that charge? Larry Ballantyne showed a Quebec baseball club cover, a 1946 50c cover to NZ, a householder 1945 receipt rated $4.55, and a cover to Egypt 1942 forwarded to UK. Denise Stotts showed her new focus on the recent Fruit stamps of the U.S., including FDCs and programs. Jay Stotts showed a U.S. advertising cover for Stotts flour, a 1928 Canada airmail with 5x2c 4th Bureau to California, a business reply receipt with a pair of $5 Hamiltons (21st recorded example of use of the $5 of 1956).

Dave Bartlet gave a short presentation on Cello-Paks of Canada, very interesting to members, who were not familiar with that area of 1960s collecting. A donation silent auction raised over $100 for the group's treasury. Vic Willson gave a talk on Canadian mail from March 1930 to December 7, 1941, to Asia, Australasia, and the Far East, showing the numerous rate and route options during that period.

The day's meeting ended with a dinner at one of the best barbecue places in the area and evening conversation at Vic and Carol Willson's.

Meeting Report - Saturday, 14 October 2017

Prairie Beaver Regional Group
                members at the 14 Oct 2017 meeting
Left to right, Back Row: Larry Ballantyne, Jay Stotts, John Seate, Gary Giroux, Ron Strawser, James Williams, Mike Yestrumsky, George Dresser
Seated Left to right: David Nickson, John Furlong, Denise Stotts, Allen Price, Mary Jo Price

Prairie Beaver Regional Group
                presentation at the 17 Oct 2017 meeting
Presentation by Vic Wilson

The meeting was held at its usual location in College Station, Texas, preceded by coffee and doughnuts provided by stamp dealer George Watkins, who unfortunately had to leave thereafter. Twelve members were able to attend, with regrets from a number of others. Those present included John Furlong, Gary Giroux, Denise and Jay Stotts, Ron Strawser, Larry Ballantyne, Dave Nickson, Jim Williams, Allan Price, George Dresser, Vic Willson, and a newcomer, Mike Yestrumsky.

One meeting a year is devoted to stamps in general, with members bringing or discussing non-Canadian material if they wish. This meeting included that focus.

The first activity was a review of literature by various attendees. Mike discussed the Longworth-Dames book on pioneer and semi-official air mails (1995). Various current and recent auction catalogs were reviewed by different members.

Ron Strawser, chairman of the Greater Houston Stamp Show 2017, reviewed the activities of the September 15-17 show in Humble, the northern suburb of Houston, reporting both good dealer attendance and remarkably good collector attendance; given that hurricane Harvey had blown through not many days before. Ron won the grand for Uruguay postal stationery.

The first presentation was by Jay Stotts, who discussed the elements of topical exhibiting through his developing collection of African antelopes. Jay is an APS accredited chief judge and superb exhibitor. While BNAPEX shows do not see very many topical exhibits, it was very helpful to understand the elements required for successful presentations.

Following in-room lunch the clothesline exhibit activity was conducted. Members show new acquisitions or items they have not previously discussed with the group. John showed postcards from all belligerents related to WWI and others of the period as well as new examples of both early and modern imperforates for that collecting specialty. Mike showed two examples of the Roessler fantasy semi-official airmail stamps on cover along with several semi-official stamp varieties. Denise showed some of her 6 cent orange and black Centennial stamps varieties (think Halloween), and husband Jay some new items for the antelope collection. Larry discussed some newly obtained Canada money packet covers and a ballot envelope from the WWII era. George presented his newly acquired SPECIMEN overprint on an E1, which was from one of the Rhodesias and hand stamped by the British South African Company. Vic showed a Numeral cover to Shanghai that went via the U.S. and was short paid 7 cents for UPU triple rate and paid 14 cents U.S. postage from the U.S. Agency there. He also showed a single use of the 20 cent Numeral paying quadruple rate to Germany, very rare, a 1982 cover to the Faroe Islands, and a 1999 small packet rate of $2.35 to Germany.

Gary Giroux made a presentation on American Exceptionalism using U.S. stamps as the illustrations. The thesis generated a lot of discussion by the group about its validity. After that a donation auction was held to improve the group's finances. Mostly literature and catalogs, a total of $116 was raised. The day ended with a dinner at one of the best BBQ places in the city (Texans pride themselves on good BBQ, and places that don't measure up soon fold).

Meeting Report - Saturday, 27 May 2017

Prairie Beaver Regional Group
                members at the 27 May 2017 meeting
Left to right, front row seated: John Seate, Denise Stotts, David Nickson, Ron Strawser
Back row standing: John Furlong, Larry Ballantyne, Jay Stotts, Allan Price, Frank Senz, Gary Giroux, Vic Willson, George Dresser
Photographer: Vicky Furlong

The Prairie Beavers met in College Station, TX, 27 May 2017. In attendance were Larry Ballantyne, Dave Dixon, George Dresser, John Furlong, Gary Giroux, Allan Price, John Seate, Frank Senz, Denise Stotts, Jay Stotts, Ron Strawser, George Watkins, and Vic Willson. Regards, regrets, and information about absent members were read and reported.

Various members discussed literature, both new and old. Several boxes of philatelic books donated by George Arfken to BNAPS were available for purchase, and over US$800 was raised.

Jeff (John) Furlong presented "Ribbons and Paper Go to War", focusing on various media used in WWI by both Allies and Central Europe powers to support war goals, raise morale, and raise funds. This included an outstanding representation of various medals and ribbons, especially by French entities, associated with military units, battles, and individual bravery. He then presented voluminous material, especially post cards, associated with all aspects of the war by various belligerents, including propaganda material. He finished with examples of post-war material, including a death plaque for a UK soldier (a large bronze with the soldier's name, of which 1.3 million were issued to families of deceased combatants.

The usual clothesline exhibit followed a period of trade/selling. Larry Ballantyne showed several new airmail items to Africa, pre-, during, and post-WWII. Denise Stotts showed several scarce Centennial items. Gary Giroux showed a Prexie post card to Hawaii and a drop Xmas card letter. Vic Willson showed a new yellow 1 cent Large Queen strip of six used (largest recorded multiple) and several new slogan cancels on cover with related cachets. George Dresser showed a 5 cent postcard UPU rate prior to acceptance of divided back cards along with other new Edward acquisitions. Jeff Furlong showed several imperf stamp varieties to add to his collection and Belgian postcards with Canada-related themes (especially Oblate de Marie Immaculata order).

A business meeting included mention of the need to raise PB funds at the next meeting through a donation auction. A discussion of BNAPS future included various perspectives from members active at the national level in the U.S.

Denise Stotts made a presentation on the private order Centennial postal stationery 8 cent items available, showing several rarities and varieties in this area.

After some further trading/selling, Vic Willson made a presentation on the 10 cent Decimal stamp, focusing on the various printing orders and separation of the orders by color and perforations using Whitworth's seminal 1966 book. He illustrated it with stamps and covers ranging across the 8 year period.

About a dozen members and spouses repaired to a local BBQ restaurant for a meal and fellowship following the meeting.

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