BNAPS Dixie Beavers Regional Group
BNAPS Dixie Beavers Regional Group geographic area

Dixie Beavers Regional Group

Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

  • Chairman:
    John T. Burnett, 127 Bluebelle Dr, Madison, AL 35758 USA email

The BNAPS Dixie Beavers Regional Group is undergoing a rejuvenation under the chairmanship of John Burnett. The Group met at CHARPEX in Charlotte, North Carolina, in July 2015, and is planning to get together again in early 2016. The meetings are planned around philatelic exhibitions in the region.

Meetings are announced in the "Upcoming Events" area of the BNAPS website home page and at the bottom of this page. All BNAPS members who live in the Dixie Beavers region are invited to attend the meetings. We also welcome visiting BNAPS members and guests with an interest in the philately of British North America.

Our meetings provide an opportunity to meet fellow collectors with similar interests, ask questions about items that are puzzling you, learn about other aspects of BNA philately, and perhaps find something to add to your collection.

The Dixie Beavers hope to meet on an informal basis in Atlanta at the APS AmeriStamp/Southeastern show, January 29-31; however, meeting space at the show is very tight, and could end up costing money. If so, since we collect no dues, we may instead elect to meet at Knoxpex 2016 (the philatelic exhibition put on by the Knoxville Philatelic Society in Knoxville, Tennessee) in March. Once the venue and date are finalized, we will post details in the "Upcoming Events".

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