BNAPS Florida Regional Group

Report of February 5, 2011 meeting

At the Sarasota National Stamp Exhibition held in Sarasota, Florida, February 4, 5, & 6, 2011, a meeting was held for all collectors of Canadian material. The primary means of advertising this meeting was through the listing in the show program for Saturday afternoon, and despite this, a small group of attendees showed up.

After a brief introduction, a presentation of Canadian Blackout Cancel covers was given by Mark Isaacs. It is always interesting to know that in such groups there were a few who didnít know about these postmarks, even though they have collected Canada for many years. Due to the compact size of the group, everyone was free to ask questions.

Following this, those attending went around the table, discussing in turn, each personís interests, which proved to be varied. It seemed that no two of these collectors had exactly the same approach to their Canadian collections and the material they look for. Some of those in attendance were BNAPS members while others were not. The get-together attracted residents of both Canada and the United States and provided a source of enthusiasm at meeting fellow collectors from a different country.

At this point, no formal organization was proposed, nor money collected Ė it simply provided a good time for all. An effort will be made to follow up with another meeting at next yearís Sarasota Show, which seems to attract a number of Canadian tourists to go along with visitors and residents of the United States.

Mark Isaacs has been spear-heading the effort to form the new Regional Group for the state of Florida, which appears to have a sufficient enough potential base to break away from the Dixie Beavers Group. With the large number of Shows and regular Stamp Club meetings in Florida, it might well be possible to put together a Group that could meet several times over the course of the year. Mark would appreciate any help and encouragement that could be offered, and he can be contacted by mail at: P. O. Box 52453, Sarasota, FL, 34232, and by telephone at: 941-951-1419.

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