The schedule for the Regional Group meetings can be seen on the Regional Group main webpage, or through the Events seen on the website home page

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will be held at the Rousseau House Restaurant in Ancaster

SPECIAL REQUEST: In order to help the Rousseau House Restaurant defray their cost of looking after us in this terrific location, it is important that as many Golden Horseshoe group members as possible purchase a meal during the meeting. A special GHRG menu will be available. To assist with planning, please email Mike Street as soon as possible to confirm that you will be having lunch. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Directions: From the north your exit to Hwy. 403 is on the right immediately after Brant Street. From the east your exit is immediately after Plains Road/Fairview Drive (be sure to stay hard right and not get on the Hwy. 407 toll road). Follow Hwy 403 westbound toward Hamilton and Brantford around the bends near the Cathedral and then up the hill to the Lincoln Alexander Parkway/Rousseaux St. exit. Stay hard right and follow Rousseaux St. to Wilson St., turn left and drive into the village. The restaurant is on the right just after the Glendale Motors lot. Lots of parking behind the restaurant.

From the west (London, Woodstock) take Hwy. 401 to Hwy. 403 eastbound to the Wilson St./Hwy. 2 exit (previous exit is Copetown/Reg. Rd. 52). At the end of the ramp, turn left and follow Wilson St. through the traffic circle at the fire station and past the shopping centres approx. 2km into the village area. Look for Tim Horton's on the right - the Rousseau House Restaurant is across the street. Lots of parking behind the restaurant.

VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist with group meetings and publicity. People willing and able to help with car pooling from the Toronto area are also needed. For more information or to offer your help please email Peter McCarthy, Secretary, Golden Horseshoe Regional Group.

GHRG Report November 26, 2016:

November 26, 2016 provided us with a great drive to Ancaster where the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group meets. Despite being in conflict with at least one area show, twenty-five members and guests enjoyed a wonderful day of philatelic companionship.

The morning session is quite informal. People casually drift in and are greeted with coffee and pleasant chatter. It is also time spent with the dealers who are present. We also have the opportunity of looking over the menu the Rousseau House puts together specially for our group.

The more formal part of the day (if you want to call it that) begins after lunch with announcements. On this day we welcomed new BNAPS member Marcel Mongeon and sadly reported the passing away of Colin Pomfret. Mike Street talked about three new books that were then at the printer for December release. More information is available in BNA TOPICS and through Sparks Auctions, the distributor of BNAPS publications. He also gave a report on BNAPEX 2016 held in Fredericton. Everyone who was there agreed it was a blast. Ron Smith and his team did a great job and deserve all the congratulations they receive. We said earlier that each person attending the November meeting would receive a gift and it happened. Everyone in attendance received a Golden Horseshoe Regional Group calendar for 2017. We have a few left so if you would like one send Peter McCarthy an email at and I’ll put one aside for you to pick it up at the January meeting.

For the auction we rely on member donations and are very grateful both for what we receive from our members and to those members who provide new homes for these items. This month was no exception, we had a good auction.

Every meeting’s feature is of course our speaker. This month David McLaughlin spoke on the Proof Material of the Maple Leaf issue of 1897-1898. David’s exhibits have garnered Golds, Reserve Grand and Grand awards. His knowledge of the Queen Victoria Maple Leaf and Numeral issues makes his presentations very interesting and we thank him for this. We also extend our thanks to Simon Claughton for providing the electronics for our programs.

Our next meeting will be January 28, 2017 at our usual place, the Rousseau House Restaurant in Ancaster. Our speaker will be Ken Lemke, whose subject will be The Grand Trunk Railway postal stationery postcards.

GHRG Report September 17, 2016:

Because BNAPEX 2016 is being held from September 30 to October 2, we advanced our September gathering to the 17th so convention goers could also attend the GHRG. It rained for a good part of the day which, along with the very interesting program, may have helped attendance. Twenty-eight members and guests enjoyed the dry, warm interior of our favourite haunt, the Rousseau House Restaurant. For the second time this year we had a long distance visitor from Alberta, this time Earle Covert, who was driving through to Fredericton.

After a three month hiatus the members seemed keen to get caught up with each other’s comings and goings during the summer and to get into the two dealers’ stocks. BNAPEX 2016 seemed to be high on the list of discussion also. Before we knew it lunch was being served, and a good lunch it was.

Three new BNAPS books have been published; you can read up on them on the BNAPS web site or in the upcoming BNA TOPICS. CANPEX 2016, a new national level show, takes place in London October 15-16. The Secretary/Treasurer announced his retirement after this season. The hunt is on and hopefully someone will come forward before the end of May 2017.

We had a small auction, with twelve lots offered. We look forward to donations of material to help make the day interesting and cover expenses. We do thank those contributors.

The main feature of GHRG meetings is always our speakers, and this day was no exception. Sam Chiu gave a presentation of the postal history of the Chinese Labour Corps and their participation as hired workers behind the lines during World War I. Close to 150,000 of them were transported by sealed train across Canada before boarding ships for Belgium and France. It was most interesting and enlightening. Sam has been quite instrumental in bringing this segment of postal history to the fore through his passionate collecting and writing. Thank you, Sam.

Our thanks are also extended to Simon Claughton for providing the electronic equipment that goes a long way in making presentations that much more interesting.

Our next gathering will be on November 26. The speaker will be David McLaughlin, whose topic will be announced at a later date. Also at that meeting, the first forty-five people attending will receive a Christmas gift, so keep the date in mind. Remember, once you enter the Rousseau House you are no longer a stranger.

GHRG Report May 28, 2016:

Shorts and sandals were the order of the day as temperatures soared to the low thirties Celsius. That may have been enough to keep some people away and busy in their gardens, but eighteen hearty souls gathered at the Rousseau House Restaurant in downtown Ancaster for the final meeting of the season.

With three dealers present, there was enough to keep people busy while also discussing things philatelic and sipping coffee. Everyone looked forward to lunch, which was served around noon.

After lunch the more formal portion of the day got underway with announcements. Mike Street reported on BNAPEX 2016 FREDERICTON, which runs in New Brunswick?s capital from September 30 to October 2. Exhibit frames are filling up fast so if you intend on exhibiting, check with the committee first. Several BNAPS publications, both exhibit books and handbooks, will be coming out within the next few months. There is a relatively new form of permit mail that companies and organizations have been taking advantage of called ?Illustrated Permit Postage?. Canada Post refers to this as ?Customized Postal Indicia?. Instead of just words and numbers inside the permit indicia, users are trying to make their mail more attractive by inserting logos, photos and other graphics. Several people other than postal stationery collectors have shown interest in this form of advertising, including yours truly. Earle Covert has taken on the task of cataloguing these illustrated permits so, if you happen to have any please either send them directly to him or send scans. Earle?s address is Box 1190, Raymond, AB T0K 2S0 or

Jim Watt, our president, always has some interesting things to show and this meeting was no different. He showed us proof sheets of the Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort Pence issues, along with a proof of a destroyed plate and a first day cover of the 6¢ Pence issue. Jim certainly has some fantastic material.

The auction is always a fun time. While it helps to defray costs it also provides a little humour. Thanks to those who donated and to the successful bidders.

The speaker for the afternoon was Derek Smith, whose subject was ?The Hunt for a Lady Killer - Obliterators used at St. John, NB from 1851-1880. Derek took us through the various cancels used during that period - grids, corks and duplexes - and the companies that made them. Those present enjoyed an excellent presentation.

To allow GHRG members time to get to the BNAPS convention in Fredericton, our next Golden Horseshoe get-together will be a week early ? on September 17. The speaker will be collector and philatelic judge Sam Chiu, whose subject will be Chinese Labour Camps in Canada. Hope to see you both in Ancaster and in Fredericton in September. Have a good summer.

GHRG Report March 26, 2016:

The weather on March 26 provided a welcome sunny break after an ice storm two days earlier hit Ancaster and the Greater Toronto Region, though not much of the Niagara Peninsula. Twenty-three BNAPSers and guests met at the Rousseau House Restaurant for the second gathering of 2016. Some of the trees just outside the windows were still coated with ice, but that was offset by the philatelic warmth in the meeting room.

Because it was Easter Saturday, things moved quickly after the morning get-together. The excellent Rousseau House cuisine was followed by announcements about this year’s BNAPEX 2016 FREDERICTON convention starting on September 30, and that BNAPEX 2017 will be hosted by the Calgary Philatelic Society and BNAPS Calgary Regional Group. The GHRG will have a table at the Royal 2016 Royale in Kitchener-Waterloo from August 19-21, and the new CANPEX 2016 show in London from October 15-16. Member Andrew (Andy) Chung told the group about his and Hank Narbonne’s new book, the 4th Edition of The New Specialized Catalogue of Canada Post Official First Day Covers. The auction, conducted by Mike Street in the absence of Master Auctioneer Peter McCarthy, was brief but fun.

The speaker on this day was Doug Irwin, whose subject was the fascinating postal history of Niagara Falls. While we mainly think of Niagara Falls as Canada’s biggest tourist attraction, Doug showed us how the Niagara River was actually the main driver for settlement and early businesses, many of which were mills powered by the flow of the water. Thank you Doug, and also thanks to Simon Claughton for supplying the electronic equipment.

Our next gathering will be on Saturday, May 28. Guest speaker Derek Smith will show us how the corner cards of St. John, New Brunswick describe the development of that major city on the Bay of Fundy.

Ivan Killins (l), Bob Frailey

Paul Sneyd and Barbara Kee

l to r: John Irvine, Bob Anderson, Bob Vogel, Nick Poppenk

Rob Taylor (l), Ken Lemke

Technical Maestro Simon Claughton

l to r: Guest Speaker Doug Irwin, Jim Watt,Eric Cogswell

Andrew Chung tells members about his new book, Derek Smith and Bob Vogel listen in the background

The group during Speaker Doug Irwin’s presentation

GHRG Report January 30, 2016:

January 30 was an absolutely gorgeous day, with temperatures far above the zero celsius mark, as thirty-three BNAPSers and guests met at the Rousseau House Restaurant for the first gathering of 2016. The room was quite vibrant with philatelic talk and browsing through dealers? stocks. It was certainly nice to see so many new faces and get re-acquainted with some we haven?t seen for a while. Among the attendees was BNAPS Vice-President of Regional Groups Dave Bartlet.

Usually things quiet down with the arrival of lunch, but not so this day. Philately was certainly at the forefront. After lunch the more formal portion of the meeting got underway with announcements. A show of hands indicated that not enough people are attending the New York show at the end of May to warrant changing our regular meeting date, so it will remain May 28th as previously announced. The Secretary gave his annual financial report and noted that we lost six members in 2015. The Secretary?s position was offered but no one seemed anxious to take over. Although he is known by many, Dave Bartlet was formally introduced to the gathering. The Guests were also welcomed, and we do hope to see them again. With the CSDA getting out of the show business we are now no longer sure of what kind of promotions we will be able to carry out.

The auction is always a fun time and the bidding on the philatelic articles was brisk. Thanks to both the successful bidders and the material donors. The funds help in the promotion of BNAPS and the hobby in general.

The speaker on this day was Nick Poppenk, whose subject was the Canadian Postal Code System. Nick, along with Bob Thorne, has been researching the workings of the system for some time. They have toured Canada Post?s Stoney Creek sorting plant, resulting in a most interesting technical presentation. Thank you Nick, and also thanks to Simon Claughton for supplying the electronic equipment.

Our next gathering will be March 26th. Guest speaker Doug Irwin will show and tell us about the Postal History of Niagara Falls. Doug?s exhibit won the Reserve Grand Award at BNAPEX 2015 NIAGARA FALLS last September and is about to be published as a BNAPS Exhibit Series book.

May I remind you that we do need speakers. If you haven?t been to a GHRG meeting in the past, try and make it to one of the next two before the summer break. We know you will enjoy yourselves. Remember also BNAPEX 2016 FREDERICTON, which is being held from September 30th to October 2nd.

GHRG Report November 28, 2015:

The weather we have been experiencing this fall has been absolutely unbelievable, and it looks like it may continue through until Christmas. Above seasonal temperatures make one want to garden rather than bother with philately. This and the fact there were several philatelic events going on in Southwestern Ontario probably attributed to the low attendance of the November 30th gathering at the Rousseau House Restaurant. Despite this, sixteen BNAPSers gathered and had a splendid time.

The day began as usual with members enjoying coffee and, with no dealers present, enjoying each other?s company talking about recent acquisitions, club matters and actual transactions taking place. It turned out to be a great morning and we will continue to encourage any member attending future gatherings to bring material to either sell or trade.

Following lunch, the regular program got underway with announcements. Two new books in the BNAPS Exhibit series, one of them our own Peter McCarthy?s Canadian Mail by Rail, are being printed and will soon be listed on the BNAPS Book Department web page and described in the next BNA TOPICS. The auction followed and some excellent pieces of literature found new homes.

The speaker for the day was Chris Ellis, whose subject was Great Canadian Postal Stationery Cards Advertising Series. Chris is a professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Western University in London. It was an interesting topic and enjoyed by all. Thanks Chris. With that our day was ended.

At our next get together on Saturday, January 30, 2016 speaker Nick Poppenk will explain the origins and development of Canada?s Postal Code System. We encourage all BNAPS members to attend. If you are visiting from another area we extend a warm welcome. No one is a stranger.

With that, we of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

GHRG Report September 26, 2015:

Saturday, September 26th was a lovely day. If it is any indication, Autumn should be long and warm. It was a nice enough day for twenty-six BNAPSERS and guests to gather at the Rousseau House Restaurant for the first get-together of the season. It was nice to see people there for the first time and we hope it won’t be the last

Much of the talk around the coffee urn centered on BNAPEX 2015 and its pros and cons but the general consensus was a good time was had by all.

Lunch, always a treat at the Rousseau House and thoroughly enjoyed is followed by the slightly more formal part of the day. Starting things off was my great pleasure to present Andrew Chung with the Order of The Beaver Life Achievement Award for his contribution to BNA philately. Congratulations Andrew. It is well deserved.

The presentation on this day was by Bob Vogel and Andrew Chung with the subject being Oddities, Freaks and Errors on First Day Covers. It was a very interesting two part presentation that generated audience participation and many questions. Thanks to Bob and Andrew and to Simon Claughton for providing the electronics.

Eric Cogswell had an interesting piece that apparently came out of a garage sale. In an old frame was a very small Alberta revenue stamp and what appeared to be a leaf tobacco revenue wrapper. There was no revenue expert to confirm it so we just assumed.

The day was terminated with the auction and coincidently there were various first day cover pieces offered. Bidding was brisk enough to cover the day’s expenses. Thank you to those who donated material and also to the successful bidders. With that everyone went home seemingly very happy.

The CSDA show will be held November 6 – 8 at the International Centre where the GHRG will be manning the BNAPS booth. We need people to cover Saturday, November 7. It seems this will be the last CSDA show of its kind so come on out and support the dealers, many of which are BNAPS and GHRG members

Our next gathering will be November 28 and the speaker will be Chris Ellis. His subject is, Great Canadian Postal Stationery Card Advertising Series. We hope to see as many of you as can make it. It really is a great philatelic day.

GHRG Report March 28, 2015:

This was a bitter winter right across the country, and despite the fact that March came in like a lion it certainly didn’t leave like a lamb. There was a bright spot however. March 28, the day the GHRG met at the Rousseau House Restaurant in downtown Ancaster, was beautiful and sunny and thirty-one people turned out to enjoy a great philatelic day.

With the coffee hot and five dealers present with enough stock to satisfy everyone, it wasn`t long before all were settled in finding a few treasures, and the chatter was intense. It was good to see new attendees mingling in and enjoying themselves. The conversation ranges from personal to recent acquisitions to stamp shows and more. Things quiet down during lunch only because it is that enjoyable.

With lunch done we turned to the program part of the day, starting with announcements. Mike Street always has a new BNAPS book or two to promote. You can find the information on these in BNA Topics or by following the link to the BNAPS web site. BNAPEX 2015 NIAGARA FALLS is ready to go and promises to be an excellent convention. It being right in our back yard, this is a good time to plan a second Honeymoon. If you intend to exhibit get your applications in now. At last count one hundred and thirty frames of the one hundred and sixty available are filled. We like to keep those who are ill in mind, so if you know of a member who is not well, please let us know so we can remind them they are not forgotten.

The auction was small but the bidding was brisk. We thank the successful bidders for their support, and especially thank those who donated the material. Show and tell was rather interesting with Peter Wood showing us what could be described as an embarrassing stamp variety.

The feature of the day of course is always our speaker. At this meeting it was David McLaughlin, who again had an interesting topic. David combined postal history with “Early Life in Ross Township”, which is in Renfrew County – the families that lived there, how mail was routed, and even some of his childhood memories. Thanks David for a most interesting presentation.

Our next and last gathering before the Summer break will be on May 30. The speaker will be Derek Smith, who will tell us about the Empress of Ireland. This is a new two frame exhibit that Derek has created, so it should be quite interesting.

BNAPS will have a table at ROYAL *2015* ROYALE being held in London. If you plan on attending, your help in manning the table and promoting our society would be very much appreciated.

We hope to see you at the end of May.

GHRG Report January 31, 2015:

The colds and stomach flu that have been making the rounds may have contributed to the lighter than usual turn-out for this month’s gathering. However twenty-one members, including a few first timers, were able to make it and enjoyed a good day of philately.

We start gathering around ten o'clock in the morning, with small groups at different tables enjoying philatelic talk and stories over coffee, or going through dealers' material. This is the time where we really get to know each other - what we collect, our other interests, anecdotes - and form friendships. It all begins with our common interest.

By the time noon rolls around we are all getting a little hungry. The Rousseau House puts out a special menu for us which is always tasty, enough so that it keeps things pretty quiet during the lunch period.

After lunch the slightly more formal portion of the gathering begins with announcements. BNAPEX 2015 NIAGARA FALLS is all set to go. Our hosts, the St. Catharines Stamp Club, are planning a great weekend and hoping you will attend. The GHRG year end report was presented; 2014 proved to be a good year for the GHRG, with attendance holding steady at an average of twenty-five per meeting. BNAPS released four new books just before Christmas. The GHRG will again have a table at the April CSDA show in Toronto.

The auction, with items being donated by the members, is always fun. The funds raised go towards the group's operation costs. We very much thank the donors and those who bid for the items. It is much appreciated.

Our speaker on this afternoon was Larry Cherns, who gave an interesting "Overview of Correspondence from Hamilton during the period from 1840 to 1950". Larry's talk brought the afternoon to a close.

The next gathering of the GHRG will be on Saturday, March 28, at the same location. If you have show and tell material, bring it along. We expect to have a couple of new dealers present with some stock for you to browse through. If you have any special requests for what you would like to see, let us know so we can advise the dealers. If you have any ideas that you think may improve the meetings, let us know that also. It`s your group.

The speaker for the March meeting will be David McLaughlin, whose topic will be "Early Life In And Around Ross Township (Renfrew County)", a Postal History and Social Philately presentation based on early covers from David's collection, and research into family and other aspects of Ross Township. David`s past presentations tell us this should be a most interesting subject. His material is always of the highest quality. Spring should be well on its way and the roads should be clear, so we really look forward to seeing you on March 28.

GHRG Report November 29, 2014:

Saturday, November 29, 2014 wasn?t such a bad day weather-wise for the latest group get-together. It was gray and cool with a few traces of snow, but the roads were good for which we were grateful. Twenty-eight BNAPSers were present to enjoy each other?s company over coffee. There were only three dealers present, with Bill and Shirley Coates away celebrating their anniversary and Don Slaughter tending to his wife, who we wish a speedy recovery from surgery. It was a chatty crowd never-the-less.

After a delicious lunch the more formal portion of the gathering got underway with announcements. BNAPEX 2015 NIAGARA FALLS is all ready to go and is being well advertised at shows and BNAPS Regional Group meetings. On November 14-16 the GHRG was promoting BNAPS at the CSDA show at its new location at the International Centre on Airport Road in Mississauga. Thanks to those who helped out at the booth. It is always appreciated.

This day?s auction, always a fun part of the gathering, was quite brisk with some better articles up for sale. We thank all who donated and also those who purchased. The proceeds help with expenses.

Several items were presented at Show and Tell. In particular, John Irvine spoke extensively on the recent Cherrystone auction and the prices the London to London airmail stamp went for. If you remember, John purchased a box lot at a non philatelic auction earlier this year for $200. In it was a proof of the same London to London airmail stamp, along with other related material. John is holding on to the proof against a rainy day. We?ll ask him to bring it to a future Show and Tell.

Our speaker for the afternoon was George Vanderburgh. The topic was supposed to be Canadian Special Order Postal Stationery, with an emphasis on the Centennial era. However, John couldn?t find the presentation so he gave a very interesting presentation on Christmas Seals instead. Thanks George. We?ll schedule you for the Special Order presentation soon.

Our next get together is Saturday, January 31, 2015 with the speaker being Larry Cherns. The topic, An Overview of Correspondence from Hamilton during the Period 1840 ? 1950.

By the time you read this Christmas will have come and gone so we will take the opportunity to wish you all a most happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

GHRG Report Sept 27, 2014:

It was an absolutely gorgeous day in south western Ontario on September 27th as twenty-four members and guests attended the first gathering of the season at our now very familiar haunt, the Rousseau House Restaurant in quaint downtown Ancaster. It?s hard to believe this is the beginning of our tenth season. It felt good to be among old friends and familiar faces again.

The day started off as usual with friendly chatter over coffee and going through dealer material. Much of the talk was about items acquired over the summer months and at BNAPEX. After lunch the afternoon session began with announcements. Mike Street gave a report on BNAPEX 2014 BALTIMORE. Attendance was a bit lower than hoped but exhibits were excellent and those who made the trip had a good time. A highlight for Mike was the dinner out at the Garret-Jacobs Mansion, a United States National Historic Site. The big announcement was next year?s BNAPEX 2015, which is to be held in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Stuart Keeley gave us an update. He and his committee have worked very hard to make sure this will be an enjoyable experience. You will hear more as time goes on, but I would suggest registering early.

The balance of Larry Paige?s philatelic library formed a large part of the auction. This wasn?t the liveliest auction we have ever had but we did well. The proceeds go towards the group?s expenses.

The guest speaker was Peter McCarthy, whose topic was the 1972 ? 1977 Definitive Issue of Canada, better known as the Caricatures and Landscapes. Again we thank Simon Claughton for supplying the electronics for power point presentation. We would be somewhat lost without him.

The next gathering will be November 29th. Our guest speaker will be George Vanderburgh and the topic will be Canadian Special Order Postal Stationery with special emphasis on the Centennials.

GHRG Report May 24, 2014:

The first and last meetings of the year for this group are pretty well guaranteed to be in the good weather zone - no snow and ice to deal with. Because of ROYAL 2014 being held the last weekend of May we advanced our gathering to May 24th, a beautiful spring-like day. As previously reported we have had to change our meeting day from Sunday to Saturday because the Rousseau House Restaurant has decided not to open on Sundays. We may have to make meeting date changes in order not to conflict with regional and national shows, but you will be notified in plenty of time. A schedule of dates and speakers for the forthcoming season will be posted at a later date.

As usual things got under way around 10 o?clock with coffee and greetings. By noon some thirty-one members and guests had assembled and were busy going through the stock of the several dealers on hand. In fact this was the largest gathering of the 2013-2104 season. There was an out of town BNAPS member from Calgary, as well as the parents of our guest speaker, and we even signed up a new member. It turned out to be a great day. Lunch as usual was delicious; that is one time when the chatter dies right down.

An update was given on BNAPEX 2014 which is being held in Hunt Valley, Maryland, near Baltimore, in conjunction with BALPEX on Labour Day week-end. We also received an update on recent and upcoming publications. A couple of interesting items were presented for show and tell. Our speaker for the afternoon was David Hobden, whose subject was ?Transporting the mails in 1812?. David made a grand entrance, attired completely in a soldier?s uniform of the era. Quite impressive. It was agreed by all that the aroma emitted from the uniform had been embedded since 1812. David?s presentation was excellent. A lot of work and research had gone into it making the final meeting before summer break quite interesting.

We take this opportunity to wish you all a very good summer and look forward to seeing you on September 27th.

GHRG Report March 22, 2014:

We’re hoping by the time you read this the weather will have improved enough to thaw us out after what has been a consistently cold winter. For the first time in more than eight years the Golden Horseshoe Regional group met on a cold miserable Saturday. However the atmosphere within the friendly confines of our favourite haunt, the Rousseau House Restaurant, helped us forget the not so friendly exterior.

The group seemed to have a good time going through dealers’ stock while having philatelic conversation over coffee. It appeared from smiles on several faces that that quite a few treasures were found. Lunch time comes with mixed feelings. It’s good, but the browsing has to be put aside though not the conversation.

Well sated, the afternoon got underway with announcements and for the first time in recent memory there were no new BNAPS books to announce. BNAPEX 2014, being held in Baltimore in conjunction with BALPEX on Labour Day weekend, August 29-31, appears to be coming along nicely. Convention registration forms will be included with the next BNA Topics, scheduled for early May. The GHRG is looking for speakers for the 2014 – 2015. Remember, your collecting speciality can be a learning opportunity for all of us.

Our regular auction is a fun event. In addition to providing expense funds, it also provides a few laughs. Thanks to those who donate to the event and to those who give the material a new home.

The guest speaker for the afternoon was Bob Anderson, who entertained us with the second part of his Brant County Postal History, featuring primarily the many different machine cancels used in Brantford, Paris and Burford, as well as General Delivery postmarks. It was as interesting as Part One. Thanks Bob, and thanks to Simon Claughton for providing the electronics.

Some interesting show and tell items brought another meeting to an end. Our next gathering will be Saturday, May 24, with David Hobden speaking on “Transporting the Mails in 1812”. So mark your calendar, David is a good speaker. If you haven’t been to a GHRG get together, try it. You’ll be among friendly people and believe me, you won’t be a stranger.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group - Report January 26, 2014:

It has been a hard old winter. On January 26, a cold and cloudy Sunday, Mother Nature once again threatened to shut us down, but twenty three people managed to dodge the snow and make it to the first meeting of 2014. Once inside the Rousseau House Restaurant among friends and fellow philatelists the atmosphere changed to one of calm and warmth.

Things got underway with coffee and browsing through dealer stock, and there is always the odd trade being made. Members are encouraged to bring material to either trade or sell, so let your philatelic needs be known.

After a delicious lunch the more organized part of the day got underway with announcements. In January three new books were published, which you should now know about through email, the BNAPS web site or BNA Topics. BNAPEX 2014 BALPEX exhibit entry forms will be delivered with BNA Topics in a week or so. (Be sure to note that BNAPEX 2015 will be held in Niagara Falls the week after Labour Day next year.) The GHRG Secretary gave a year-end report on the state of the group. In 2013 we did quite well, with an attendance of one hundred and twenty-four members and guests over the five meetings.

Please take note of the following very important announcement: Since the Rousseau House Restaurant has decided to close on both Sundays and Mondays, we have made arrangements to meet there on Saturdays instead. Whenever possible we will make adjustments in order not to conflict with regional or national shows. For the balance of 2014 we will meet on the following dates; March 22, May 24, September 27 and November 29.

We had a very active auction. Some outstanding items had been donated, confirmed by the intensity of the bidding. Thanks are extended to both the donors and the successful bidders.

Our guest speaker, David Oberholtzer, gave an outstanding power point presentation on Canadian Barrel Cancels. Your reporter thought that only Mike Street quietly collected these things and filed them away but no, it goes a little deeper than that. For many of us it was quite an eye opener despite the fact there exists a book by Bob Smith on Barrel Cancels. Early and late dates, broken hammers, scarce uses and even mystery uses. Thanks David, it was great. Thanks also to Simon Claughton who supplied the electronic equipment.

And so ended our day. Our speaker for the March 22nd gathering is Bob Anderson, who will be presenting the second part of Brant County Postal History. We try very hard to have interesting diversified programs and welcome anyone willing to talk on their favourite philatelic subject. We look forward to seeing you.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group - Report November 24, 2013:

On the morning of November 24, 2013 the citizens of London, Ontario awoke to find seventy centimetres of snow on the ground. It was the first time in eight years Mother Nature had any adverse effect on a GHRG meeting. Never-the-less, a total of twenty-nine persons (living east of London) made it to Ancaster which, by the way, was spared a major dumping of the white stuff.

The two hours or so before lunch is always an enjoyable time spent discussing philately with one another over coffee and going through dealer stock. We really enjoy each other?s company. The Rousseau House Restaurant creates a special menu for us and the food that comes from the kitchen is enjoyed by all.

The afternoon session gets underway with announcements followed by an auction. The auction material is all donated, with profits going to the GHRG which in turn uses the money to promote the hobby in one way or another.

The speaker for the day was Michael Powell, who gave a very interesting presentation on the postal history of Prisoners of War and Internees held in Canada. Thanks Mike. Your program and travelling to our meeting were very much appreciated.

The afternoon came to an end with show and tell, always an interesting segment of the day.

Our next meeting will be on Sunday, January 26, 2014 when our speaker will be David Oberholtzer, whose subject is ?Canada?s Barrel Postmarks?. Should be interesting. We look forward to a good turnout.

PLEASE NOTE! January 26 will be the last time we meet on a Sunday. The Rousseau House has decided to close Sundays and Mondays, so we will be meeting on the last Saturday of the month beginning with the March meeting. The new dates will be published following the January meeting.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group - Report September 22, 2013:

After the summer break it was great to get back together again in our familiar haunt, the Rousseau House Restaurant. Our meeting was moved forward a week to September 22nd due to the CSDA show and the postcard show the week-end of September 27 - 29.

The day commenced with the usual conversations over coffee. There were only two dealers on hand and they were kept busy by the more than 25 members present.

After a great lunch the afternoon program got under way with announcements. Mike reported on Charlottetown and the fact that there are four books out. You can see the full report on these under the book department and reviews both on line and in TOPICS.

It is safe to say the philatelic highlight of the summer was BNAPEX held this year in Charlottetown, P.E.I. GHRG members did quite well. Colin Pomfret was awarded a silver bronze, Tony Shaman and Peter McCarthy each a silver medal, Hendrik Burgers, vermeil, David Mclaughlin, Derek Smith and Peter McCarthy received gold for their efforts and David walked away with the Grand award and Tony Shaman was awarded the Ed and Mickey Richardson award. Ken Lemke won the John Siverts award for Best Study Group newsletter. The complete Palmares can be found elsewhere in TOPICS or under exhibits on line.

The GHRG once again manned a BNAPS booth at the CSDA show in Toronto the week-end of September 27-29. The area is a good congregating spot for BNAPSers and draws many people to the booth.

An announcement and request that was not made concerns under the weather members. It is our policy to send get well cards to members we know of that are ill or are undergoing medical procedures. This past summer several members have been struck down. John Anders, Rob Taylor and Derek Smith underwent surgery and Ozzie Osborne was ill. So, if you hear of a member that is ill please let me know, Peter McCarthy, 519-473-6019 or email me at

Our Guest speaker, Garfield Portch was introduced and spoke about the new Foster & Freeman Video Spectral Comparator recently acquired by the Vincent Green Foundation. This machine is used to detect forgeries and oddities. At least that’s what the philatelic world is using it for. Customs and police use it for detecting forged passports and documents. Three of these one hundred thousand dollar machines are being used for philatelic use. One is in Great Britain, the second is owned by the Smithsonian Institute in the U.S. and the third by the Vincent Green Foundation. If you have not been to a Garfield Portch presentation the suggestion is to invite him to speak at your club or send suspect philatelic material to be analysed. There is a cost for a certificate but some things are done free. It was a great presentation. Thanks Garfield.

The auction and show and tell followed with some nice items being passed around. We were all done and on our way home by three o’clock.

Our next gathering will be on November 24. The guest speaker will be Mike Powell and his topic will be “World War II, P.O.W.” Thank you all for being here and we look forward to seeing you in November.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group - Report May 26, 2013:

Even though Sunday, May 26 was an exceptionally fine day weather-wise, we were pleased to see thirty-nine members out for the final gathering of the season. Five of our dealers were on hand to satisfy some of the members’ needs.

Things were well underway by 10:00 AM with people going through dealers’ stocks and chatting over coffee. It’s great to sometimes just look and see some of the lovely material that is available. A good part of the morning is spent catching up with one another and discussing each other’s interests. It’s always a time when we learn from one another. Camaraderie at its best.

Lunch is always a treat at the Rousseau House restaurant and if you haven’t tasted its cuisine, you should. At this time the chatter generally reduces by several decibels.

The more formal part of the gathering, if you want to call it that, gets underway about 1:00 PM with announcements. Several new BNAPS books are out; you can read about them on the Book Department page. Everyone was encouraged to try and make it to BNAPEX 2013 in Charlottetown. It promises to be an exciting convention. All the frames are taken and there are several exhibiting from this group so. Seafood and maritime hospitality. Can’t wait!

The auction is always a fun time and helps defer expenses. Thanks to those who provide the material, and a thank you also to those who buy.

The featured speaker of the day was Bob Anderson who gave an interesting presentation on Brant County Postal History, Part One. Bob also included some general history that added greatly to the presentation. It was very well put together and well received by the members. Thanks again to Simon Claughton for providing the electronics for the power point presentation.

The afternoon finished with show and tell and again some interesting items were shown and passed around.

We wish you all a very pleasant summer and look forward to seeing you again on September 22 - NOTE that this is a week earlier than our usual ‘last Sunday’ meeting date - when our speaker, Garfield Portch, will tell us about the new analyzing machine the Vincent Greene Foundation has that is making philatelic history. Join us, will you?

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group - Report March 24, 2013:

The last Sunday of March was Easter Sunday so we pushed our gathering forward one week to March 24th. It was a frosty early morn promising bad weather - which was nothing new for the month - as we struck out for Ancaster. The atmosphere at the Rousseau House Restaurant was nothing like the weather.

The twenty seven memebrs present enjoyed a day of philatelic camaraderie over coffee and dealer’s stocks. Four of the dealers managed to fill quite a few holes in various collections and exhibits.

Lunch is always something we look forward to and enjoy. It’s a relaxing and learning time as we enter conversation with our table mates.

The afternoon began with announcements. There are still a few frames left for those who wish to exhibit at BNAPEX 2013 in Charlottetown. The 2014 BNAPEX will be held in Baltimore in conjunction with BALPEX on Labour Day weekend, and BNAPEX 2015 will be in Niagara Falls, also on Labour Day weekend. Hopefully all of our members will make an effort to become involved even if it is simply by attending.

The auction, always a fun time, saw a few brisk moments that help defray expenses. We always like to thank those who provided the material for the auction and those who purchased it.

Our speaker for the day was Derek Smith who gave a very interesting presentation on transatlantic mails covering rules, rates and routes, who could carry mail, the cost and to whom remittances were made, along with responsibility. This is a gold award exhibit that I believe will be shown in Charlottetown.

Show and tell, again with several interesting subjects, rounded out the afternoon, leaving everyone in a very happy frame of mind.

Our season ending gathering will be on May 26, when speaker Bob Anderson will present material from his gold award exhibit on Brant County. We hope to see a good turnout.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group - Report November 25, 2012:

Grey Cup Sunday may not be the best time to hold gatherings of our type, but there were still twenty-five members and guests in attendance for the November meeting. It is very encouraging to see newer members showing up for the second and third time. I think we are doing something right.

The GHRG once again manned a booth at the semi-annual CSDA show in the Queen Elizabeth building on the Exhibition grounds in Toronto. It seems to be a favourite gathering place for BNAPSers. Thanks to those who took the time to stand behind the table and promote the organization. It does produce results.

Now for the November meeting. We were nicely greeted with steaming coffee and water filled glasses by a new hostess and it was soon apparent that philately had taken over. There were only two dealers on hand and they seemed to be quite busy. The chairs around their tables were constantly filled to lunch time.

The afternoon began in its usual way with a few announcements. With Mike away there were no books to review, so it was on to the auction. We had very few items on the block so that also went quickly.

Our speaker for the day was Ken Lemke, whose topic was “Illustrated Covers of the King George VI Era”. The presentation was extremely interesting, with some very unique material shown. Thanks Ken, and thanks also for supplying your own electronics. Show and tell rounded out what must be considered as a very enjoyable day.

At our next get together on January 27, 2013 speaker David McLaughlin will tell us about “Business/Post Office Relationships". We look forward to as many members as possible being present.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas or other holiday, and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group – Report May 27, 2012:

The last Sunday in May was absolutely gorgeous weatherwise, and that probably accounted for lower than usual attendance for our last gathering before the summer break. Still, the twenty-six members and guests seemed to enjoy the time spent together.

Coffee, conversation and philatelic browsing occupied the time until lunch was served by our regular hostess Kathy, after which the informal formal portion of the day got under way. Mike Street announced a few new BNAPS books in the works and of course BNAPEX 2012 was well publicised. A copy of the new book on Canadian Cinderella stamps was also circulated for members to see.

Although the auction action was good, it was the first time we had an item that didn’t sell. Not that it mattered; some children will benefit by having two excellent Canadian albums available at the CSDA youth booth.

The featured speaker for the afternoon was Larry Cherns, whose topic was ‘An Overview of Royal Train Mail – 1939’. This ended up being a group participation with several cancel experts adding to what Larry was not sure of. “I learned a lot.” said Larry later. Show and tell rounded out the afternoon, then everyone was off, wishing each other a good summer.

Come September there will be a slight change in the schedule. The Golden Horseshoe Postcard club are holding their annual show on the last Sunday in September and asked if we coiuld change our date. It was a request that we gladly agreed to, so we will hold our first Golden Horseshoe Regional Group meeting on September 23rd instead of September 30th.

The schedule for the 2012 – 2013 season will be as follows; September 23, Hans Steinbock, Zeppelin Mail Part 2; November 25, Ken Lemke, subject TBA; January 27, David McLaughlin, Business / Post Office Relationships; March 31, Derek Smith, subject TBA; May 26, Bob Anderson, Brant County.

Have a great summer and we’ll see you in September

GHRG March 25, 2012 Report:

What an unbelievable month of March we had in southwestern Ontario, with temperatures reaching those of mid July. All that was missing was spring training. With everything going on in the area we still managed to attract thirty-two members and guests to an enjoyable day of philately. Among the thirty-two we welcomed six first time attendees. Things are looking up.

Fresh coffee and ice water await as we gather to chat with one another or go through dealer stock. Kathy, our favourite hostess, was on hand to replenish and take orders from the specially prepared menu. If you have never attended one of our sessions you should try it, even if just to sample what comes from the Rousseau House Restaurant’s kitchen.

By one o’clock, with the dishes cleared away, the informal formal portion of the day got underway with announcements of BNAPS and local events. This was followed by the auction which was quite spirited due to the nice assortment of philatelic literature being offered. Thank you to those who donated the material and thanks also to the successful bidders.

Next on the agenda was our speaker, Peter McCarthy, whose PowerPoint presentation used railway post office cancellations to explain the development of the Railway Post Office and railways in Canada from 1836 to 1859. Thanks once more to Simon and Victoria Claughton for supplying the electronic equipment that makes these presentations so enjoyable.

Show and tell rounded out the afternoon. This is when we get to see the unusual things people find and sometimes keep for years. Always interesting.

When people resign from the society one of the main reasons heard is, “The society offers nothing for me”. Have you ever made known your specific interests in B.N.A. philately? That’s what generates responses. Comments from others on your interests creates dialogue and dialogue creates interest. Think about it, talk about it.

We need at least two speakers to fill out the 2012 – 2013 season. Don’t be bashful. It’s amazing what the rest of us don’t know about philately. We regularly hear comments about how much the presentations have been enjoyed. So, come forward, you are needed.

The speaker for the May 27th gathering will be Larry Cherns, whose subject will be “An Overview of Royal Train Mail – 1939. Hopefully we will see you then.

GHRG January 29, 2012 Report:

We in south-western Ontario have been experiencing a very unusual winter with very little snow and, when it has come, usually followed by rain. January 29 started out bright and sunny as thirty-six members and guests gathered at the Rousseau House Restaurant for another fine day of philatelic enjoyment. The drive home proved to be quite dicey as heavy wet snow created icy roads, however the atmosphere before that was quite warm. The encouraging part was seeing several first time attendees who seemed to be pleasantly surprised with the informality of our gatherings.

The member dealers on hand provided some choice items during the morning meet and greet over coffee. Lunch from the special menu Rousseau House prepares just for us was delicious as usual. It was nice to have Kathy, our regular hostess, back for the day.

After lunch the afternoon program got under way with announcements. As most of you know by now, long time member and military postal historian Doug Sayles passed away on January 15. We really had a fine auction this month. Some very good items were hammered down at good prices. Thanks to those who donated the material and to those who provided a new home for it.

It was a year ago that Ted Nixon was asked to be the speaker for this meeting. As it turned out, the timing couldn?t have been better. It was also announced that Ted?s Small Queen exhibit will soon be published in the BNAPS Exhibit Series. At BNAPEX 2009 SEAWAYPEX in Kingston this exhibit won the Horace Harrison Grand Award, and Ted also received the BNAPEX novice award. Ted took us through the issue from the half cent to the ten cent values in a well explained yet simple manner that made for a most interesting presentation. The exhibit will be sold through Eastern Auctions in their March 10 sale. Thanks for your efforts Ted. It was very much appreciated. Thanks once again also to Simon and Victoria Claughton for providing the electronics.

The afternoon finished with several very interesting show and tell items, including the rare fur trade related cover that was illustrated and described in the first 2011 issue of BNA Topics. Everyone was on their way home by three thirty after a good day of fun and philately.

Our next gathering will be on March 25 when Peter McCarthy will present his very interesting program, ?Mail by Rail: The Early Years?.

GHRG November 20, 2011 Report:

In our part of the country the weather has been quite bearable during the month of November. Sunday the twentieth was no exception. Thirty-two members and guests gathered at the Rousseau House restaurant for another great day of philately and camaraderie.

BNAPS President Robert Lemire was among the guests present and appeared to be quite impressed with how our meetings work. Robert is trying to visit as many regional groups as possible during his tenure as President and has made it quite clear that he is open to questions, comments and suggestions that will benefit the society. No doubt he will have quite a report on regional groups for the 2012 convention in Calgary. We also welcomed some first time attendees, which is always very encouraging. We hope they left looking forward to the January gathering.

The day began with the usual socializing and dealer stock browsing over coffee, with many items finding new homes. This segment also provides a wonderful opportunity for members to sell their own material or exchange it for more desirable items.

Lunch is always a highlight. The Rousseau House provides a special menu for our group, and we were well looked after by our hostess Laura.

Comfortably sated, the afternoon activities got underway with announcements. Once again the GHRG represented BNAPS at the CSDA bi-annual show at the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds in Toronto. The booth has become quite a gathering place for BNAPS members. Thanks were extended to those who gave some of their time to greet people on behalf of the society. We wish to thank the CSDA for providing our booth free of charge

The auction is always lively and this one was no exception, with a good number of lots finding new homes at very reasonable prices. Again we thank all who donated items. It is much appreciated.

The feature of the afternoon is always the presentation. This month our speaker was Hans Steinbock, whose subject was ‘Zeppelin Mail to and from Canada 1924 to 1933’, Part I. With the aid of some gorgeous and rare covers Hans described the airship flights and routes by which the mails reached their destinations. Part II of this interesting presentation will be seen next September. Thanks again to Simon Claughton for providing the electronics that help in making the presentations so interesting.

Mike Street could hardly wait for show and tell so he could present a Peace Issue cover mailed to Russia in period. He had been looking for one to any part of what was then the USSR for more than 30 years! Andrew Chung showed this year’s Christmas seals, which will only be available to donors, and Bob Thorne presented an unusual Montreal machine cancel.

Thanks to all who attended. A Happy New Year to all. We look forward to seeing you in 2012. On January 29 our speaker will be Ted Nixon, who will present his award winning Small Queens, which are to be auctioned early in 2012.

GHRG September 25, 2011 Report:

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group held its first gathering of the 2011 – 2012 season on September 25 at our usual grand location, the Rousseau House Restaurant in historic downtown Ancaster, Ontario. The turnout of twenty-two members was a little lower than usual, likely due to the warm weather and competition from other events in south-western Ontario.

The morning was spent catching up on summer events, going through dealer stock and generally enjoying each other’s company over coffee before lunch. The food, always good at the Rousseau House, is looked forward to and also seems to inspire good conversation.

The more formal portion of the meeting got under way immediately after lunch with a show and tell which as usual brought to light some interesting philatelic information and finds. The few auction lots were sold quickly, giving more time for a report on BNAPEX 2011 North Bay, which was co-hosted by the GHRG. The organizing team had a few anxious moments but everything came together in the end. By all accounts, those who attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The daytime tours were good and the dinner cruise on Lake Nipissing aboard the Chief Commanda II was really a hit. Some people even enjoyed a round on the eighteen-hole golf course adjacent to the convention resort. A total of fifteen dealers were on hand to look after philatelic needs, and one hundred and four frames were filled with fine exhibits. The exhibits were so good that twenty gold medals were awarded. Again this year, as in Halifax three years ago, there were multiple Reserve Grand award winners. We congratulate GHRG members Hendrik Burgers on being awarded the Horace Harrison Grand Award and David McLaughlin on receiving one of the two Allan L. Steinhart Reserve Grand Awards. The other Reserve Grand award winner was Richard Thompson of Saanich, B.C. The full BNAPEX 2011 Palmares is on the BNAPS web site.

The designer of the BNAPEX 2011 show cover was Lynn Johnston, creator of the comic strip “For Better or For Worse”. Ms. Johnston also donated the progressive artwork and replicas of some illustrations she used to compose our cachet. These were sold partly though a silent auction and then in a very spirited live auction at the awards banquet. As a result, a significant donation will be made to a charity supported by Ms. Johnston, the Farley Foundation. Named after the family dog in the cartoon strip, the Farley Foundation subsidizes non elective veterinary medical care for pets belonging to lower-income seniors and people with disabilities. Anyone with a pet knows what veterinary costs are like; more information on the Farley Foundation can be found at:

All in all it was a good convention. Congratulations to John and Betty Beddows and their committee for a fine job well done.

Our speaker for the afternoon was David McLaughlin, whose subject was ‘Every Householder Mail’, or ‘EHM’. David explained what this category of mail was, how it was handled and the different rates that applied from Victorian times to the late 1970s. It is a most interesting segment of postal history that he still considers a work in progress. Thanks David for a very interesting presentation.

The Canadian Stamp Dealers Association fall show takes place November 11 – 13 at the Queen Elizabeth Building of the Exhibition Grounds in Toronto. Once again the GHRG will host a table on behalf of BNAPS. Help would be appreciated for Saturday. If eight or nine members spend a half hour to an hour looking after the table, the day goes by fast. If you can help please contact Peter McCarthy at: <>. Thank you. [GHRG members, especially seniors, should note that taking the TTC or Go Train to the EX is usually much cheaper than the cost of gas and parking fees.]

November schedule change: Due to a prior commitment by the Rousseau House Restaurant, we have had to move the November meeting forward one week to NOVEMBER 20. The speaker will be Hans Steinbock, whose topic will be “Zeppelin Mail To and From Canada”. We look forward to seeing you all then

We also need to remind you that BNAPS president Robert Lemire will be present at the November gathering.

GHRG May, 2011 Report:

Spring 2011 was finally arriving as the final gathering of the season attracted thirty-one members to the Rousseau House Restaurant for one more philatelic day before trading in their stamp tongs for garden tools. Several dealers were on hand to satisfy the members? needs as they enjoyed coffee and companionship while browsing through stock.

The restaurant needed the room a little earlier than usual so events got under way before lunch with the auction starting things off. Well served and well sated, members and guests then sat back to listen and watch as our speaker, Ken Lemke, told us about the many aspects of the King George VI Mufti Issue. Among other things, he showed us die proofs, plates, errors and rates, all with fine explanations. As Ken said, it is amazing the amount of material and interest that is generated from six stamps. We were hoping to see this presentation in exhibition form in North Bay but it wasn?t to be. Hopefully it will be seen next year at one of the national shows and maybe at BNAPEX 2012 in Calgary. Nice work Ken. Thank you. Thanks also to Simon Claughton for supplying the electronics that help make these presentations so much more enjoyable.

In the announcement portion of the program, Mike Street mentioned a number of recently published BNAPS books and some which are in the works. You can read about them in the Book Release Notes section of the next BNA Topics.

The major announcement, of course, was a BNAPEX 2011 North Bay progress report. The tours have been finalized. The ?night out?, a dinner cruise on Lake Nipissing aboard the Chief Commanda II, should be quite an experience. The show cover is quite unique. Designed by well-known ?For Better or for Worse? comic strip artist Lynn Johnston, it features the family going down river in a canoe with fur traders and explorers. Show covers will be franked with a 1950 Fur Resources stamp and one of the four stamps from the 1987 Exploration of Canada series. Also applied to the cover will be an updated North Bay Flag cancel and a BNAPEX 2011 circular cancel honouring the 150th anniversary of the 3-Penny Beaver stamp. An example of the show cover will be featured in the next BNA Topics and advance orders will be accepted at that time. In addition, this being the 0ne hundredth anniversary of the Admiral issue the Admiral study group have produced a cover to celebrate the occasion. An example will also be illustrated in the next BNA Topics. The overprints are illustrated below and are available from Bob Thorne at e-mail or by phone at 519-473-4259.

PLEASE NOTE: there are still frames available for those wishing to exhibit. Due to the rotating mail strike, exhibit frame reservations will be accepted by email. Entries must be received on or by July 1, 2011 to allow time for finalizing frame layout, arranging for jury members and preparing the convention program.

BNAPEX 2011 North Bay, September 2 ? 4, promises to be an exciting convention with many seminars and study group meetings, as well as interesting tours for the non-collectors. Come and visit this beautiful part of our country, rejoin old friends and make new acquaintances. If you have never been to a BNAPS convention, now is the time to consider doing so. It won?t be your last one. The registration form for the convention was inserted in the last issue of BNA Topics, mailed at the end of April. The next issue of Topics will also include the Program of Events, or you can visit the BNAPEX 2011 North Bay web site:

The afternoon closed out with a very interesting Show and Tell session and best wishes all around for a good summer.

One cent Macdonald pre-cancel overprint

Updated version of the North Bay flag cancel

Our next gathering will be September 25, 2011 at the same location. The speaker will be David McLaughlin whose subject will be "Every Householder" mail.

GHRG March, 2011 Report:

It has been a long, cold, snowy and sunless winter. While parts of the country felt it more than others, some of us in south western Ontario certainly had our share. Helping make up for it was the warm feeling felt during Golden Horseshoe Regional Group gatherings in the ever pleasant confines of the Rousseau House Restaurant. That’s how things were on a gorgeous Sunday, March 27, as thirty-six of us gathered to enjoy a fine day of philately, conversation, buying, good coffee and camaraderie.

After another fine lunch we began the afternoon with announcements. Since we are co-hosts with John Beddows of BNAPEX 2011 in North Bay this September 2 - 4, it was the prime announcement. Things are going well. Spousal entertainment will feature tours to the Dionne Quintuplets’ home and Discovery North Bay (North Bay Museum) on Friday, the Lumberman’s Museum at Marten River on Saturday, and on Sunday a visit to the Hudson Bay Post and Fort at Sturgeon River. The venue and event for the evening out will be a scenic Lake Nipissing dinner cruise aboard the SS Chief Commanda. Adjacent to the hotel is a beautiful eighteen hole golf course, so be sure to bring your golf clubs along. There is also fishing, boating, hiking and camping if you wish to come early or stay after the convention. This is a truly a recreational area. BNAPEX 2011 convention registrations forms will be available on line around mid April and in the next BNA Topics, which should be in your mail box in the first week of May. Exhibitors should also note that there are still frames available. Get your applications in soon.

The theme for BNAPEX 2011 is “Exploration and the Fur Trade”. Our show cover theme cachet has been designed by Lynn Johnson, author/artist of the syndicated newspaper cartoon strip “For Better Or For Worse”. We will have an updated version of the North Bay flag cancel and a Canada Post cachet in honour of the 150th anniversary of the 3 d Beaver, the first Canadian postage stamp. This being the 100th anniversary of the Admiral issue, the BNAPS Admiral Study group will also have a cacheted cover with a Canada Post cancel featuring an Admiral stamp. BNAPEX 2011 overprints on the pre-cancelled one cent Caricature series Macdonald stamp are now available. Contact Bob Thorne at e-mail or by phone at 519-473-4259.

David Hobden invited those present to visit the Milton stamp club, which is trying to increase its membership. If you are in the Milton area and looking for some philatelic activity please contact David at .

Our speaker for the afternoon was Mike Street, whose topic was “Peace Issue Rates”. This was a well designed series showing Canada as a nation of progress rather than one at war. In the presentation rates to various parts of the world during the period from September 1946 to mid-1952 were well explained. Questions and answers occurred as the presentation went along. Well done Mike. Thanks for an entertaining afternoon. Of course we also thank Simon and Victoria Claughton for supplying the electronics to make the slide presentation possible. The afternoon wound up with an auction and show and tell.

One cent Macdonald pre-cancel overprint

Updated version of the North Bay flag cancel

Our next gathering will be May 29, 2011 - Ken Lemke speaking on George VI. Issues

GHRG Report for the January 29, 2011 meeting:

This year we have had an unusual amount of snow in Southwestern Ontario, making the highways at times somewhat difficult to negotiate. However, anyone having to travel any distance on Sunday, January 29 did so under bright sunny skies on clear dry roads. As a result, thirty-five members and guests were present for a very pleasant day.

Several dealers were on hand to provide a good variety of material for members to browse through while enjoying coffee and good conversation with one another. Lunch time always seems to come around a little too quickly, but then again the menu is worth it.

As usual the auction brought in a few laughs and a few dollars to cover expenses. Thanks to the people who donated material and to those who gave a new home to the items on offer.

It's always interesting to see what show and tell brings out. This is a feature every stamp club should insert in their program. We are fortunate in that we have a very wide range of collectors who always seem to come up with new finds and interesting pieces from different periods. Thanks once more to those who contribute and enlighten. It is appreciated.

Our featured speaker of the day was Derek Smith, who gave a wonderful presentation on a relatively new subject for him entitled "The War Issue, Airmail Postal Rates 1942 - 1946". (At BNAPEX 2008 in Halifax Derek won one of three reserve grand awards for his Trans-Atlantic mail exhibit.) Air mail rates during World War II to the Caribbean, Central/South America, Europe, Africa, Mid-East and unoccupied Northern countries were explained using covers in a PowerPoint presentation. Mail was suspended for different lengths of time to some twenty-six countries. Service was maintained by special routing to some destinations, such as the North African countries of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia which are currently in the news. Look for this to be an exhibit or at least incorporated into an exhibit in the not to far distant future. Thank you, Derek. It was an interesting talk.

During the announcements, Mike Street brought us up to date on several new BNAPS publications. You can read the reviews and descriptions in BNA Topics or on the BNAPS web site. All books are available through Ian Kimmerly at a forty percent discount to members. Peter McCarthy gave a 2010 year end report on the state of affairs of the Golden Horseshoe group. Philately is very much alive here in southwestern Ontario.

As this is being written BNAPEX 2011 North Bay, co-hosted by the Golden Horseshoe group, is only seven months away. There is excitement in the air and pieces are falling into place nicely. Lynn Johnson, creator of the "For Better or For Worse" cartoon in your newspaper, is designing two cachets on the "Explorers and Early Fur Trade" theme of the show. Souvenir covers will carry an updated version of the 1917 North Bay flag cancellation. A Canada Post commemorative cancellation is being arranged. A cover to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of the "Admirals" will also be available. Last, but not least, BNAPEX 2011 Overprints on the 1¢ Macdonald pre-cancelled Caricature definitive are now available from Bob Thorne at e-mail or by phone 519-473-4259.

The hotel is booked, the banquet is settled. The always popular evening out will feature a three-hour dinner cruise on Lake Nipissing aboard the ship Chief Commanda II. Tours being arranged include the Dionne Quintuplets' home, Discovery North Bay (North Bay Museum), and Heritage Railway & Carousel on Friday, the Lumberman's Museum at Martin River on Saturday, and the Hudson Bay Post and Fort on the Sturgeon River on Sunday. Other recreation options include the 18-hole Executive length, largely par 3, golf course immediately adjacent to the Clarion Resort, as well as the boating, camping, canoeing and swimming opportunities for which the North Bay area is known.

If you have never attended a BNAPEX before, 2011 is the year to be part of good philately, fellowship and the making of new friends.

One cent Macdonald pre-cancel overprint

Updated version of the North Bay flag cancel

Our next gathering will be March 27 and the speaker will be Mike Street, whose subject will be Peace Issue Rates.

BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group (GHRG) November 2010 meeting report:

The weather on the last Sunday of November was typical fall, cloudy and cool, but there's always a warm feeling when the Golden Horseshoe group gathers on the upper floor of the Rousseau House Restaurant in downtown Ancaster. The photographer left his camera at home so if you were expecting to see yourself on screen, sorry.

The GHRG attended the Canadian Stamp Dealer's Association bi-annual stamp show earlier in the month, promoting both BNAPS and BNAPEX 2011 in North Bay next September 2-4. Thanks to Ken Lemke and Nick Poppenk for their assistance in manning the table.

Members began sauntering in about ten o'clock and three dealers were on hand with stock. Kathy, our hostess, had the coffee ready; that always goes over well before we get into dealer's goodies and light conversations. Noontime comes around rather quickly, or so it seems, and twenty-seven of us enjoyed lunch served from the excellent Rousseau House cuisine.

Since the GHRG is a co-host of BNAPEX 2011, the convention was a topic of discussion at the Ancaster meeting. Plans are well underway. Since there will be a maximum of one hundred and sixty frames available for exhibitors, if you are planning to exhibit, get your applications in early and read the prospectus carefully. To allow as many people as possible to show their material, there will be a limit of eight frames per exhibit. An Exhibitor will be allowed a maximum of one multi frame and one single frame exhibit. Applications will be available in the next issue of TOPICS. The members of the GHRG voted to supply the nibbles and pop for the BNAPEX hospitality room, always a popular meeting place.

The afternoon began with the sad announcement of the passing of Harry Machum on November 16. Harry, who was at the CSDA show just a few days before, had been inducted into the Order of The Beaver this past September at BNAPEX 2010. He was always willing to share his philatelic knowledge and will be missed.

The GHRG also voted a donation of one hundred dollars to the CSDA youth table, which is to be expanded.

Our featured speaker for the afternoon was Nick Poppenk, whose topic was "Canada's Postal Code System". Ho hum, you say. Not a bit. Postal history has a future in deciphering all those little slashes you see at the front bottom of a cover, and the orange ones on the back. Nick took us through all the way from tagging of stamps in the 1960s to the present day of mail sorting, and what the post office has one to both speed up mail sorting and reducing the cost. If all goes well you just may read an article on the subject in BNA TOPICS in the near future.

The afternoon came to an end with show and tell subjects from Henk Burgers and David Hobden. Our next gathering will be January 30, 2011, when Derek Smith will speak on the "War Issue Period - Postal Rates 1942-1946".

In the middle of writing this report it was learned that Colonel William G. (Bill) Robinson OTB of Vancouver B.C. passed away on December 4. Bill was a Past President of BNAPS and the RPSC, and an accredited national judge. He was also a former editor of the Railway Post Office study group newsletter and an important member and resource for the Military Mail Study Group. Bill's last major philatelic contribution was to assist Ross Gray with database information for the new R.P.O. catalogue. He was well known in philatelic circles the width and breadth of the country and will be very much missed.

We have come to the end of another year and therefore take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry and blessed Christmas and a Happy, prosperous and especially healthy New Year.

GHRG Report for the September 26, 2010 meeting:

The first Golden Horseshoe Regional Group Meeting for the 2010–2011 season took place on September 26 at our usual haunt, the Rousseau House Restaurant in Ancaster. Thirty-four members and guests gathered to enjoy coffee, conversation and browsing through dealer’s stocks in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. For some it was a summer of philatelic famine that was sated by the five dealers present, including Andy Palochik all the way from Ottawa.

Lunch - always one of the highlights of the day, served from a very good kitchen by an equally good hostess – was followed by the more formalized portion (for want of a better phrase) of the day. Announcements included a review of the BNAPEX convention held in Victoria, B.C., which led to the announcement of the BNAPEX 2011 convention being hosted from September 2-4 in North Bay, Ontario by John and Betty Beddows and the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group. The venue will be the Clarion Resort Pinewood Park Hotel. There will be one hundred and sixty frames of high class exhibits, with twenty dealers on hand to look after your philatelic needs. Updates will be posted through the various BNAPS outlets.

Announcements were followed by the customary lively auction that always provides a laugh or two. Thanks to all who donated material and also to those who purchased same. It helps with expenses and keeps the dues wolf away from the door.

The primary highlight of the day is always the presentation. This month Steve Johnson was the speaker and his topic was the Yukon Airways. Steve went to the Yukon to research his subject. Through a Power Point presentation he took us from the beginning of the service to its end, with images showing planes, pilots, owners, log books and stamps. Well done Steve. Again we thank Simon and Victoria Claughton for providing the needed electronics. If you think your club would be interested in this or any other presentation given at our gatherings, you may want to consider asking the speaker if he is willing to speak to your members. We have had some fine presentations in the past couple of years and there are more to come.

The afternoon came to an end with show and tell, which always brings out interesting tidbits. It was a good day and all seemed to depart looking forward to our next gathering.

A reminder that we are looking for speakers for the 2011–2012 season.

Our next gathering will be November 28 and the speaker will be Nick Poppenk, whose subject will be Canada’s Postal Code System. We will also be looking after the BNAPS table at the CSDA show in the Queen Elizabeth Building on the CNE grounds in Toronto from November 12-14. Anyone who can donate some time to helping out at the booth will be welcome.

GHRG Report for the June 6, 2010 meeting:

Adjusting for the RPSC convention held the previous weekend in Windsor, Ontario, The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group gathered on June 6. Thirty people were in attendance, with twenty-two enjoying the fine cuisine of the Rousseau House restaurant in historic and quaint downtown Ancaster.

Before lunch there was time to go through dealers' stocks for needed items and also to enjoy each other's company over coffee. It was a good day for philately, the weather being what it was.

Then we settled in for the program, starting with announcements. Congratulations were extended to David Hobden and Derek Smith on winning a Small Gold and Large Vermeil respectively at the London 2010 international show last month in England. We don't have the palmares for the ROYAL convention so we can't give any results on how well our members did.

We were very sorry to hear of the passing of John Frith, a long time BNAPS member and Military Postal History dealer. John battled cancer for a long time. Our sympathies are extended to the family.

And then, auction time. Not too many lots this time round, but it always provides a laugh or two and this was no exception. Show and tell brought forth some interesting items from very early to very modern. That was a good segment of the day.

The feature of course is always the program. Henk Burgers presented a very interesting topic; "The Canadian Expeditionary Forces to Siberia", based on his exhibit. If you haven't seen this presentation, make it a point next time it is shown. Thanks Henk for a great job well done. Thanks also to Ken Lemke for providing the electronics for the presentation.

Thinking back, we have had good programs at every meeting. We always manage to learn something if we listen. Here is next season's all star speaker line-up: September 26, 2010 -Steve Johnson - Semi-Official Air Mail; November 28, 2010 - Nick Poppenk, Canada's Postal Code System; January 30, 2011- Derek Smith, War Issue Period - Postal Rates - 1942 - 1946; March 27, 2011 - Mike Street, Peace Issue Rates; May 29, 2011 - Ken Lemke, George VI. Issues.

We hope everyone has a very enjoyable summer and look forward to seeing as many as can make it to Victoria, BC for BNAPEX 2010. If not in Victoria, then we hope to see you on September 26 when we gather again.

GHRG Report March 28, 2010

Spring was definitely in the air as March purred its way towards April. Forty-one members gathered at the Rousseau House Restaurant on March 28 for a great day of philatelic activity. All this despite the fact that so many other events were taking place. Several dealers were away at week-end stamp shows; those who were with us seemed to be doing quite well. There were a lot of treasures to be found in the bins and boxes. Coffee was as usual excellent, as was the conversation. Before we knew it Kathy was around taking lunch orders. The restaurant is very good at providing an interesting menu for us - the food alone is worth coming out for. Still, noon always seems to come around too quickly.

Following lunch the afternoon program got underway with announcements. Mike Street reported that the exhibition frames for BNAPEX 2010 in Victoria have been filled and reminded members that the special rates at the Empress Hotel are only available until August 2. The GHRG Secretary gave a brief report of the 2009 activities; an average of thirty-two members attended each meeting last year. We are sorry to have to report the passing of Robert North and John Tucker during the month of March. Condolences were sent to the families.

Our auction usually provides a few chuckles and some returns. This day was no exception as the bidding for some of the articles was brisk. Of course we consider anything over three bids per article brisk. Show and tell always brings out interesting facts and is a feature of the day. We encourage members to show what they have for we all benefit from it. The Golden Horseshoe Group also made a donation to the Saugeen Stamp Club in memory of Owen MacPherson, a young collector who was killed in the tornado last summer.

The highlight of the day, though, is the speaker and this month David McLaughlin spoke to us on the "Pre-production of the Maple Leaf Issue 1897 - 1898". The design, die proofs, essays colours and printings were explored in detail, making for an interesting and informative presentation. Thanks David.

Thanks and appreciation is also extended to Simon and Victoria Claughton for providing the electronics for the presentation.

This report is being prepared after the April 9 - 11 CSDA in Toronto. A special thanks goes to Nick Poppenk and Ken Lemke for stepping up and making themselves available to set up and man the BNAPS table at the show. It was very much appreciated. Thanks also to the members who assisted.

Because ROYAL 2010 ROYALE is being held on the week-end of May 28 - 30, the next GHRG meeting will be forwarded to June 6th. Be sure to mark your calendars accordingly. Our speaker for the day will be Hendrik (Henk) Burgers, whose topic will be "Military Postal History".

To complete the 2010 - 2011 schedule a speaker is needed for the September 2010 meeting. We all want to hear about your specialties. Please contact Peter McCarthy. Next season's schedule will be posted after the June meeting.

There are many stamp shows going on from now until the end of June. Please support the local clubs. Happy philatelic hunting.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group Report - January 31, 2010

It was a gray day but a great day as forty members and five guests gathered on 31 January 2010 at the Rousseau House Restaurant for the first meeting of the new year . Six dealers were present and the activity around those tables was brisk. Some members were present for the first time and some attended after a long absence. It was nice to see such a large turn-out. There were no distractions (football, Christmas, hockey etc.) and we were happy to learn of the return of our hostess Kathy after a lengthy illness. We are spoiled and well looked after. Lunch was ready before we knew it and as usual was delicious.

Announcements always follow lunch. Mike Street gave an update on BNAPEX 2010 to be held in Victoria, British Columbia. Members intending to exhibit should reserve frames now. Note that room reservations at the Fairmont Empress Hotel must be done by mid July to get the special rate of $149.00 per night (plus taxes). A new release from the book department; 'A History of Cross-Border Postal Communication between Canada and the United States of America 1761 - 1875', by Dorothy Sanderson and Malcolm Montgomery is available through Ian Kimmerley. This is a must for cross-border enthusiasts.

The auction was full of action with some excellent articles offered. Thanks to all for bidding but especially to those who donated material. Not only does the auction help cover expenses but it also provides a few laughs. Show and tell was very interesting. Jim Watt brought some of his philatelic gems and spoke of them with a passionate enthusiasm as only he can. We do have a wide range of collectors in our midst and when they start showing and talking about their specialties, it makes for an interesting day.

Our speaker was David Hobden. The topic was to be the postal history of Halton County but David did not have it completed to his liking so it was changed to The Small Queens of Canada, a Hands-on Approach. David provided samples of Three-cent Small Queens and helped people see the differences between catalogue numbers 37 and 41. This gave us all a chance to participate and some lively discussions took place.

Our next gathering will be 28 March 2010. David McLaughlin will give the presentation and his subject will be the Pre-production of the Maple Leaf Issue 1887 - 1898. Make a special note of the day on your calendar. If you have never attended a GHRG gathering you don't know what you are missing. Come on out and make your philatelic life that much more interesting.

We are missing a speaker for the September 2011 gathering. If interested please contact Peter McCarthy. Otherwise the schedule is filled. Thank you.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group Report for November 2009

Thirty-nine people, including four guests, gathered at the Rousseau House Restaurant for the November 2009 GHRG meeting. It was the second largest gathering to date and certainly a great way to close out the year. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and the lunch and we were well looked after by our hostess Kathy.

The day started in fine fashion over coffee, going through dealers' stocks, conversation and greeting one another. With several dealers on hand there was lots of material to browse. Before we knew it the lunch hour was upon us. The menu, specially prepared for us, had some excellent choices. It's not difficult to tell how good the food is; the level of conversation drops. We were too busy enjoying, no time to talk.

The afternoon session always starts off with announcements. We were sorry to hear of the passing of Larry Paige, OTB of Virginia, a well known collector of Flag Cancels. BNAPEX 2010 will be held in Victoria, BC at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. Check the BNAPS web site for full details. Rooms will be a very reasonable $149.00 + taxes per night. If you wish to exhibit, reserve your frames early because only 150 are available.

With some nice material donated, including two postal related British prints, the auction bidding was quite brisk. These auctions usually bring a few laughs in addition to a few dollars. Thanks to all who donated material and to those who bought it.

The most important part of the day is the presentation. Andrew Chung was the speaker this month and his topic was Christmas Seals of Canada. In an interesting and informative talk Andrew kept his audience's attention throughout, explaining their purpose and initial similarities of Christmas seals between Canada and the U.S.A. Thanks Andrew for a very interesting afternoon.

If you missed this presentation it's a shame and it can't be duplicated here. Part of the purpose of this report is to illustrate the diversity of our group. So, those of you who attend the gatherings and enjoy your time with fellow BNAPSers, tell your friends, invite them along, experience the feeling. Do you feel the group has nothing to offer you? That is possible, but please consider that maybe, just maybe, you may have something to offer the group!

We finished off the day with Show and Tell, another segment that gives the members an opportunity to show items of interest from their collections. It's amazing the little things we learn from others.

Once again the GHRG manned a BNAPS promotional table at the November CSDA show at the Queen Elizabeth building of the Toronto Exhibition grounds. Several members helped out over the three day period and that was much appreciated. I won't attempt to name you for fear of forgetting someone. You know who you are so let's just say "Thanks a bunch". In addition to people looking after the table, enough BNAPSers stopped by that we could easily have had a seminar or two. This is a great society we belong to. It's just like family. Everyone seems happy to see each other.

Our next gathering will be January 31, 2010 at Rousseau House. Our speaker, David Hobden, will tell us about 'The Postal History of Halton County'. We sincerely look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

May 2010 bring you Health and Happiness and many philatelic treasures.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, Report for October 11, 2009

Because of the close proximity to BNAPEX and other reasons, it was decided to move the normal last Sunday in September GHRG meeting date to Thanksgiving week-end, taking a chance on people being tied up with family activities and not able to attend. In the event twenty-six people, including three new BNAPS members, came to the Rousseau House Restaurant to enjoy a fine day of philatelic fellowship.

The morning was spent in philatelic chatter and going through the stock of the three dealers present over cups of fine coffee. This is the time when we learn a great deal from and about each other's philatelic interests and answers the question, "What's in it for me by being there?" The answer, of course, is that you have much to offer and will receive in turn.

We were happy to see our favourite hostess, Cathy, once more. She certainly helps to make lunch a pleasant time. Everyone seemed to have a more contented look on their faces after lunch than before.

Announcements started the afternoon session as Mike Street gave a report on BNAPEX 2009. I think it's safe to say everyone had a great time in Kingston. Conventions give one the opportunity of renewing old acquaintances and making new friends.

Last year in Halifax two of our members, Derek Smith and David Hobden walked away with Reserve Grand awards. This year another member of the GHRG, Ted Nixon, received the Grand Award. Congratulations Ted.

BNAPEX 2010 will be held in Victoria, British Columbia at, where else, the Fairmont Empress Hotel. High Tea in the afternoon? It will be a good show in a terrific location. At Kingston it was confirmed that BNAPEX 2011 will be held in another great place, North Bay, Ontario, which is located within the boundaries of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group's area. GHRG members John and Betty Beddows will be our hosts. They will require lots of assistance and we hope that many of the talented members of our group will help out.

Mike also reported on the Canadian Philatelic Society of Great Britain convention in England, which he attended.

The donation auction was small, with about eight lots, but that was all right because most were by then anxious to get to the main event of the day; the presentation. Our speaker was Shirley Griff-Coates, whose subject was "Messengers of Death", a very interesting presentation on mourning covers. Thank you Shirley, for a most entertaining and informative time.

The afternoon was capped off with a few articles of show and tell after which all went home to Thanksgiving dinner.

The GHRG will be manning the BNAPS table at the CSDA show held at the Queen Elizabeth building at Toronto's Exhibition Place on November 13, 14 and 15. If members could help out by spending a couple of hours at the table, especially on the Saturday, it would be appreciated. We are trying something new this year by having as many study groups represented through their newsletters as possible. Any study group editors or contacts reading this who would like to have their group represented are asked to send their newsletters to Peter McCarthy, 573 Griffith Street, London, ON N6K 2S5

Our next gathering is November 29 in Ancaster. Guest speaker Andrew Chung will tell us about one of his favourite subjects, Christmas Seals. Come on out for a day of relaxation, fun and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, Report for May 31, 2009

Before we actually get into report on the May 31 BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group gathering, we need to go back to the week-end of April 17 - 19 when the GHRG represented BNAPS at the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association bi-yearly show at the Queen Elizabeth Building of Exhibition Place in Toronto. It was a good week-end with many stopping by to say hello or to inquire about BNAPS. A big thank you is extended to those who helped out at the table; Derek Smith, Ken Lemke, Nick Poppenk, Tony Hines, Bryan Justice and Mike Street. (If I have missed anyone, please accept my apologies.) We also thank the Canadian Stamp Dealers Association for providing the table and space.

Thirty-three members and three guests gathered at the Rousseau House Restaurant on May 31 for the final session before the summer break. The four dealers on hand were kept busy all morning. There was much philatelic chatter along with good coffee. It was nice to see familiar faces that had not been around for a while, as well as a couple of new members.

Lunch as usual was superb, even though Kathy, our regular hostess, was not present to take care of us. Nicely sated and fully relaxed, the regular business got under way with the auction. The bidding was brisk and close to 20 lots fell under the hammer. Thanks to those who donated the material and also to those who bid on it. It's nice to know we assist in de-cluttering some shelves and distribute it to others.

Announcements included the Royal show two weeks later in St, Catharines, new BNAPS books, and of course BNAPEX 2009 SEAWAYPEX in Kingston this September. For more information please go to the website or check out TOPICS and PortraitS.

The speaker for the afternoon was Ken Kershaw, whose subject was the plating of the Three Cent Small Queen. Ken is researching for another book and could do with some help. He would be happy to go through your hoards of Small Queens. It was a most interesting presentation. Thank you, Ken.

We need to thank Simon and Victoria Claughton once again for providing the technological support for our presentations. Without it things just wouldn't be the same.

The GHRG also took part in a small way in ROYAL 2009 ROYALE held in St. Catharines, Ontario on the weekend of June 12 - 14. We put on a seminar that was originally meant to promote both the society and the regional group. As it turned out, all but two of the ten persons present were BNAPS members, so the meeting topic was changed to a presentation by Peter McCarthy on the Landscape portion of the 1972 - 1976 Caricature and Landscape issues. The next little surprise was Shirley Griff Coates' exhibit of mourning covers. Shirley was awarded a silver medal at the ROYAL and, it just so happens, will be our September speaker. This should be an interesting start to the new season

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, Report for March 29, 2009

We have to wonder what effect the weather has on the attendance to the GHRG gatherings. In any case twenty-four members and three guests attended the March 29th get together. That's about average. Despite the absence of a few dealers, most people were able to find something that was needed.

As usual, the coffee, conversation, fellowship and food were all good! Two new members came to the meeting; we hope they will return, and that several others we are anxious to meet will come out too. There seemed to be lots of interesting philatelic conversation. Our auction was down - auction catalogues weren't popular this day. While we want to make a point of thanking those who donate towards the auction - it is MUCH appreciated - we would also ask only for catalogues of auctions of prominent Canadian collections. If the catalogues don't sell and if the donor doesn't take them back, it is left to the organizers to dispose of them. I'm sure you all understand. We can use donations of stamps and/or covers.

Show and Tell always brings forth interesting items. This time a 1925 airmail cover to explorers trying to reach the North Pole, and a sheet showing comparison of WWI Field Post Office machine cancellations, were included. Perhaps we can turn some of these pages into a clothesline exhibit? The speaker for the afternoon was Peter McCarthy who gave a light presentation on "The Stories Behind My Covers". The program showed that many covers warrant thorough investigation. One was a letter from Drummondville, Ontario (now part of Niagara Falls) that was written in direct response to the 1857 Desjardins Canal train disaster in Hamilton. Another turned out to be addressed to a Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat during WWII. You never know what you have in his hands. That pretty much wrapped up the afternoon.

Good wishes and a speedy recovery from a broken foot go out to Larry Cherns.

There are no photos accompanying this article. The camera was there but the photographer was busy giving the presentation!

The next gathering of the GHRG, the last session of the season, will be on Sunday, May 31. The speaker will be Ken Kershaw, whose his topic will be 'Plating the Three Penny Beaver', the subject of his new series of books. Try and make it. You will find the day interesting.

The BNAPS table at the CSDA show will be manned by the GHRG again this year. We did this for the ROYAL in 2007 and again last fall at the CSDA show. Since the GHRG was restarted, with those two opportunities, publicity in the BNAPS journals and on the web site, and Jerry Jarnick's advertising in the Grand River Valley Philatelic Association's newsletter, BNAPS has added thirty four new members in south western Ontario. One or two may have resigned since, but there are other collectors out there who are interested in BNA material. As of right now we will not have a table at the ROYAL in St. Catharines in June as we can't get commitments to look after things.

While going through back issues of BNA Topics I found something I want to share with you. In April of 1990 Lewis M. Ludlow, the President of the British North America Philatelic Society at the time, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage. Bill Robinson, the first Vice-President and a very good friend of Lew, immediately assumed the duties of President. We didn't have BNA PortraitS at the time so the President's Corner appeared in TOPICS. In the May - June issue of 1990 Bill wrote a guest column, part of which I want to share verbatim. It reads, "Lew has stressed the importance of Regional Groups, Study Groups and BNA TOPICS to this Society. Today I would like to stress another underlying strength - the friendship and sociability among members. Much of this is derived from getting to know people from all over the world who have similar collecting and research interests. Some of this can be fostered by study groups and correspondence, more by regional group meetings, but the most important vehicle is our annual Exhibition and Convention. If you have never attended, you don't know how much fun and enlightenment you have missed. If you have once attended, I think you will try to do it again." (The whole article can be read on line by going to the BNAPS web site and clicking on the Horace Harrison On-line Library.)

You will never know how much enjoyment you may derive until you get out and meet some of the members who share your interests. In the next few months the following philatelic events will be in our back yard: April 17 - 19 is the CSDA show in the Queen Elizabeth Building at the Exhibition grounds in Toronto. BNAPS, represented by the GHRG, will be there. On May 31 we have the GHRG meeting mentioned above. The last event of this spring - make sure to attend ROYAL 2009 ROYALE in St. Catharines from June 12 - 14. Don't forget BNAPEX 2009 SEAWAYPEX being held in Kingston from September 11 - 13, sure to be another great convention and a fantastic opportunity to meet our neighbours, the St. Lawrence Seaway Regional Group. Of course the GHRG will kick off another interesting season at the end of September - more details on this later.

You can read about it, or you can be part of it all. It's a lot more fun to be part of it.

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
January 25, 2009 Report

We have more snow in this area than has been seen in many a year. It has snowed continually since October 31st, but on January 25th the snow held off and the roads were clear and dry. Thirty two of us gathered at our favourite haunt, The Rousseau House Restaurant, for a great day of philately.

Five dealers were on hand with material for the members to browse through, and the coffee was good and hot. The combination made for good conversation while waiting for lunch from the establishment's fine cuisine. For dessert; we all sang Happy Birthday to Betty Beddows as she reached ………(well, we'll leave that one alone.) We then enjoyed a piece of birthday cake.

With lunch over things got under way once more. Mike Street updated us on BNAPEX 2009 which is being held in Kingston. There won't be as many frames as last year so if you intend on exhibiting, get your applications in early. It is now confirmed that BNAPEX 2010 will be held at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. Tea anyone?

Two books were recently released; " Plating Of The Twelve And A Half Cent Yellow Green - Scott #18" by Ken Kershaw and "Transatlantic Stampless Mails To And From New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island 1757 - 1859' an exhibit by Derek Smith." Both authors are members of the GHRG. Derek's exhibit was awarded one of the three Reserve Grand Awards at BNAPEX 2008 in Halifax. All books published by BNAPS are available through Ian Kimmerly.

We had a good auction but then again we always have a good auction. It's a fun affair and serves a threefold purpose. As some people clear out their stamp corners others add to them, and a few dollars go to the GHRG coffers for incidental expenses. A win, win situation. Sincere thanks to those who generously give articles for the auction, and also to those who buy them.

The feature of the day, of course, is the presentation. This month Jim Watt gave a PowerPoint slide show on "The Modern Flower Coil Definitives." Jim first spoke to us on this subject in October of 2007 when he talked about what was then known about the rarity of the perforation varieties of this series. The same occurs with the newer values. It was an excellent presentation and work is underway to make it available on-line for BNAPS members and others in the near future. Jim will also be encouraged to do an article for TOPICS. Thank you Simon for once again providing your myriad of wonderful electronics.

The afternoon wrapped up with some interesting pieces for Show and Tell and everyone left seemingly quite happy. Our next gathering will be on March 29, when the speaker will be Peter McCarthy. Peter's subject will be either "The Stories Behind My Covers" or "Mail by Rail; the Early Years."

We are looking for speakers. It may seem early but we are trying to fill the schedule for the 2009 - 2010 season. We try for a good balance of stamps and postal history. If you have a topic you would like to present to the group please contact us at: Peter McCarthy; or phone: 519-473-6019.

Thanks for your attendance and we look forward to seeing you in the future.

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
Report for November 2008

November 7, 8 and 9 saw the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group looking after a BNAPS table at the Canadian Stamp Dealers' Association semi annual show in the Queen Elizabeth Building on the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds in Toronto. A good number of people stopped by to say hello and pick up some literature and application forms. We were the only society present. Thanks to the CSDA for providing the complimentary table. It was a good weekend and we look forward to further such associations. Thanks to Nick Poppenk and Ken Lemke for their time spent at the table. Much appreciated.

On November 30th twenty eight of us gathered to enjoy a great day of philately at our favourite haunt, the Rousseau House Restaurant in Ancaster. Some of our dealers were missing but that only made for more small group discussions. At noon the group sat and broke bread together, enjoying the great food from that establishment's kitchen served up with elegance by our regular hostess Kathy.

After lunch Mike Street reminded members that BNAPEX 2009 will be held in Kingston, Ontario. Mike announced publication of the newest book in the BNAPS Exhibit Series, Gary Steele's 'Dead Letter Office Handstamps 1874 to 1954', which won the Grand Award at BNAPEX 2008 NOVAPEX in Halifax in September. (All BNAPS publications are available through Ian Kimmerly in Ottawa.) The membership signed a card for Doug Sayles who is ill. We wish you a speedy recovery Doug. Mike Street and Robert Lemire are once again interim Co-Editors of BNA Topics.

Thanks to all who supplied material for another good auction and to those who bought it. It adds to the coffers for special projects and minor expenses.

Leigh Hogg gave a good presentation on the three-cent Fiftieth Anniversary of Confederation stamp of 1917. It's amazing what can be done with one old brown stamp. Thanks Leigh, it was most enjoyable. Thanks also to Simon and Victoria Claughton for providing the electronic equipment. What would we do without you?

Our next get together will be on January 25, 2009 and the speaker will be Jim Watt. His subject will be the current Floral coil stamps. If you missed Jim's presentation at the Royal in October of 2007, don't miss this one. It promises to be very informative and interesting - you will not believe how much variety is available in stamps you can buy at any post office!

In 2007 and 2008 thirty one people living in the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group joined BNAPS. We hope to see you all at least one of our meetings in 2009. Meanwhile, may you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group September 28, 2008 Report

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group kicked off the new 2008-2009 season in fine style on a lovely September Sunday as twenty-three members and guests sat down to lunch from the Rousseau House Restaurant's excellent kitchen.

Prior to that members gathered to reminisce about summer and browse through dealers' stocks over coffee. The dealers bring an excellent assortment of material and they deserve a vote of thanks for the good service they provide.

Memories of BNAPEX+2008+NOVAPEX in Halifax and the ambience of our location created a constant buzz until the afternoon session got under way. Mike Street gave a short report on BNAPEX, stating "In over 30 years of judging BNAPS and national exhibitions, except for International shows we have never seen a single exhibition contain as many high quality British North America exhibits as we found here in Halifax." Mike then presented Derek Smith, David Hobden and Peter McCarthy with the gold medals they had not received in Halifax due to the shortage created by having so many Gold level exhibits. In addition to their Gold medals Derek and David were also awarded two of the unprecedented three Reserve Grand Awards. Herb McNaught was also awarded a Gold medal posthumously. The entire palmares can be seen on the BNAPS web site.

Thanks to those who donated auction lots and also to the successful bidders. You made this a worthwhile event.

Larry Cherns was our afternoon speaker with the 20th Century installment of his topic, "Social History of the 19th and 20th Centuries in Canadian Covers and Postcards". Thank you, Larry, for an entertaining afternoon. A very interesting Show and Tell, with contributions from David Hobden, Henk Burgers, Mike Street and Bob Thorne, closed out the afternoon.

Our next gathering is November 30th and we hope to see a good attendance. Our speaker for November is Leigh Hogg and the subject is to be announced. For the November 30 meeting the Secretary will contact by snail mail all BNAPS members in the GHRG area who are not on email. This was done almost three years ago when we were starting up, and it's time to remind people of the good times we have.

BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
Report of May 25, 2008 Meeting

Judith Viney, Judith Viney, audience

We had precious few sunny warm days in our region during May, but Sunday the 25th just happened to be one of them. Maybe it was the gardening bug or just the need to be out in the warm sunshine that kept some people away from our last gathering before summer break. We want all those who were not there to know you were missed. Nonetheless, we had another great day at our usual haunt, the Rousseau House Restaurant in historic downtown Ancaster.

Conversation over coffee while browsing through the dealers' stocks prior to lunch kept people busy and the morning was gone before we knew it. Lunch was delicious and Cathy, our favourite hostess, was in fine form and as efficient as always in seeing that we were all fed on time and with a smile. In all, twenty-four members and five guests were present.

The afternoon session got underway with announcements. On a sad note we announced the passing of John Hillmer. John's philatelic specialty was the Canadian issues of 1972 - 1977, better known as the Caricature and Landscape issues. He had won high exhibit awards and co-authored at least one article on the subject. Our sympathies to the family.

Two new BNAPS books have been released. For further information please visit the website of Ian Kimmerly, from whom all BNAPS books are available.

The GHRG schedule for 2008-2009 was announced. September 28, 2008 will be the first gathering, with Larry Cherns speaking on "Social History of the 19th Century in Covers and Postcards of Canada, Part II". On November 30 our speaker will be Leigh Hogg, subject to be announced. In 2009, Jim Watt will bring us up to date on "Varieties on Modern Coils" on January 25, Peter McCarthy will tell "Stories Behind My Covers" on March 29, and on May 31 Ken Kershaw will be "Plating the Three Penny Beaver". The dates given are firm. Should there be a change of speaker members will be notified in advance.

On this day we were very privileged to have as our special guests Bob and Judith Viney from Wales. Judith presented some of her extensive and beautifully mounted Newfoundland material in three 48-page segments. After each segment members had the opportunity to view the material close-up and ask questions. Between sessions, while Judith and Bob were exchanging pages, the auction and show and tell took place. In total 144 pages of beautiful Newfoundland material was shown and explained. We were honoured in that this was the first showing of this material outside the United Kingdom. Thank you Judith and Bob for an entertaining afternoon.

The 2007-2008 Golden Horseshoe Regional Group season was great and you, the members, made it so by being there. Our sincere thanks to all who participated in any way. Have a great summer! See you in September.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
Meeting March 30, 2008

photos with captions: one, two, three, four

Winter just didn't seem to want to loosen her grip but the warm atmosphere created by the forty-five members and guests who attended the March 30th gathering of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group at the Rousseau House Restaurant in Ancaster more than made up for the gusty March winds outside.

The informal gathering began at 10:00 AM with good philatelic conversation, browsing through dealer stocks and re-acquaintance over coffee. Six dealers were on hand to quench our philatelic thirst. As usual, at noon we broke to enjoy a great lunch from the restaurant's excellent cuisine. The staff of this fine establishment looks after us very well.

The more formal afternoon began with announcements and a very good fun auction. Thanks to all who donated items. It was all good quality material and the dollars made go a long way to looking after expenses. Show and tell was devoted entirely to Jim Watt's presentation on the ten cent Prince Consort black and brown stamps of 1859. Many major varieties were shown.

Jim Watt and David Hobden introduced a very special mystery guest, Marnie Infanti. We then played 'What's My Line'. It turns out that Marnie is the great-great-grand-niece of Sir Rowland Hill, the designer of the world's first postage stamp, who was also credited with originating the basic concepts of modern postal service. We had fun guessing that one but guess it we did. Marnie, her husband Steve and their family live in Vineland, Ontario.

Our speaker for the afternoon was David Hobden, who presented the second part of his 'Early Canadian Military Mail'. This segment covered the period from 1815 to 1885, that being the year of the Riel Rebellion and the last military conflict fought on Canadian Soil. Although the presentation ran a little longer than normal, it was wonderfully put together with some great postal and military history facts explained. Hopefully this work will be published in book form some day. Thanks David for a most informative afternoon. Thanks again also to Simon and Victoria Claughton for supplying their computer and projector. It more than makes a difference to the presentations

Our next gathering will be Sunday, May 25th, when we will have a special guest speaker from Wales - Judith Edwards will speaking to us on and show examples from her superb Newfoundland collection. Mark the date on your calendar and be sure and come early to take advantage of the dealers' offerings. If there is anything special you would like to have them bring, let us know and we'll pass the information on. We also accept donations for the auction. If you have any ideas on how we can improve these gatherings send us your suggestions; after all this is your group.

Have a good early spring and we'll see you in May.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
Report for January 27, 2008

photos with captions: one, two, three, four

New Year's greetings were offered around the room as thirty-three members of the GHRG gathered at the Rousseau House Restaurant for the first meeting of the New Year. We were very happy to welcome several first timers. Activities began at 10:00 AM with coffee, conversation, browsing through dealer's stock and trading. The gang seemed to be a little quieter than usual and we'll put that down to Kathy, our hostess, passing out the menu early. The anticipation of what was to come from this fine establishment's cuisine was enough to dull senses. Allow me to elaborate with just one example; Breakfast Quesadilla consisting of two fried eggs, sliced onion, tomato, four year old cheddar with bacon added between floured tortillas served with sour cream and garden greens. Isn't that enough to make you want to get out of your easy chairs for the next get together?

After lunch, in a very relaxed atmosphere, things got underway again with BNAPS announcements by Mike Street. It was also brought to the members' attention that BNAPS sponsorship provided to the Brantford Stamp Club's youth program helped result in fourteen youngsters between the ages of six and thirteen exhibiting for the first time in that club's show in early January. Congratulations to George Speers, a BNAPS and GHRG member, and his team at the Brantford Stamp Club for the great work they have done with the children of the area.

Thanks to all those who contributed items for the auction. All items sold and we always have a pretty good laugh while bringing in a few cents to help out with expanses.

Dave Hobden was the speaker for the afternoon and his topic was Early Canadian Military Mail Part I 1629 - 1815. Dave started out by showing publicly for the first time a 1667 letter; the writer was closely involved in the events surrounding the first surrender of Quebec in 1629, so it went with all the other material shown. Other highlights were a 1746 letter resulting for the capture of Louisbourg in Cape Breton, one relating to the capture of a Fort on Lake Champlain during the American Revolution and several covers from the War of 1812. What a fantastic presentation! The research that went into it was exceptional. If Doug Sayles hasn't already been in touch with Dave to publish his works, I'm sure he will be. Thank you, Dave, for a most interesting afternoon. We are certainly looking forward to Part II on March 30. I would encourage all of the membership from Southern Ontario to be present.

Once again a big thanks to Simon and Victoria Claughton for providing the technological assistance.

The afternoon ended with show and tell. It's amazing what comes out of this phase of the program and the varied interests within the group.

This is a very enthusiastic group, so much so that we now have speakers tentatively lined up for all meetings until May 2009. Please take note of the following planned program for future gatherings. March 30, 2008 - Dave Hobden with Part II of Early Canadian Military Mail; May 25, 2008 Judith Edwards - The Stamps of Newfoundland; September 28, 2008 Leigh Hogg - subject to be announced. November 30, 2008 - Larry Cherns - Social aspects of Canadian Postal History Part II; January 25, 2009 Jim Watt - The Flower Coils.

The Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
November 2007 Report

photos with captions: one, two, three, four, five, six

November 25, 2007 was a great day at the Rousseau House Restaurant in Ancaster as thirty-seven of us, including four spouses and three visitors, gathered for interesting philately. It was wonderful to see quite a number of BNAPSers who came for the first time. We certainly hope it won't be the last. Some of our regular attendees were missing and we hope it was nothing more than the Grey Cup that kept them away.

It was good to be back at our old haunt once again. It was relaxing and certainly different from holding a meeting in conjunction with a major philatelic event such as the ROYAL in a huge exhibition hall. One day we will go fully into the history of our meeting place but let me tell you a little bit about it. Rousseau House is a beautiful two story stone structure built in 1836 that has been completely restored almost to its original state. It was once the residence of the Ancaster postmaster (How fitting!) and is now a very fine restaurant.

The day started about ten o'clock with coffee, browsing through dealers' stocks and a good deal of philatelic conversation. In fact there were really only two quiet times - in the middle of lunch, where the food served by our very pleasant and efficient hostess Laura was far too good to waste on conversation, and during Bill Longley's presentation.

The slightly more orderly afternoon session got under way with announcements followed by the auction. Thanks to all who donated items. It was probably the best auction yet. We even had a 1989 Letter Carrier's bag. If there is anyone out there who collects such memorabilia, we just might be able to pry it away from the successful bidder, for a price of course.

Bill Longley's two short presentations; 'Postal History of the Postcard' and 'Charge Box Mail 1830s - 1880s', were very interesting, especially the Charge Box Mail section. Who says philately is boring? One learns something new everyday. Thanks Bill. It was much appreciated.

A special thanks once again to Simon and Victoria Claughton for supplying the needed electronics that help make our presentations so enjoyable.

The afternoon ended with show and tell. Amazing what people come up with. In the absence of Mike Street, who normally does the announcements of book publications, Ken Kershaw spoke to us about his new book on the plating of the Five Cent Beaver issue of 1859. Look for details in BNA Topics or BNAPortraitS. Many people lingered at the close of the meeting, seemingly not wanting it to end.

For those unable to attend, you were missed. That's a fact. For those who have never attended one of our gatherings, you missed. So come on out on January 27, 2008 to enjoy the company of fellow philatelists, eat good food and be entertained as David Hobden talks to us about 'Early Canadian Military Postal History.' Leigh Hogg is our tentative speaker for March 30, and on May 25 we are hoping that Judith Edwards from Wales will be present to speak to us about part of her Newfoundland collection. Mark your calendars.

Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you health and philatelic prosperity.

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
Report of the October 2007 Meeting

GHRG at the ROYAL [ photos ]:

Jim Watt at the BNAPS table at the Royal
Simon Claughton
The bourse
The bourse
Mike Street presents Peter McCarthy with the Jack Levine Fellowship Award, announced at BNAPEX in Calgary
Betty Lum and Mike Street with new book
Jim Watt
Peter McCarthy at Show and Tell
Bob Thorne waving - Bob was made a Fellow of the RPSC along with Doug Lingard.

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group held its first gathering of the season on Saturday, October 13, 2007 at the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada's annual convention in the Queen Elizabeth Building at the Exhibition Grounds in Toronto. Although the meeting was somewhat abbreviated compared to what we are used to, it was none the less very interesting.

Mike Street opened things up by presenting Peter McCarthy with the Jack Levine Fellowship Award. This is the second year in a row the GHRG has been presented with this award. I guess we must be doing something right.

Next on the agenda was the launching of a new BNAPS book by Stan Lum and Elsie Drury titled "Postage Due Stamps of Canada 1906 - 1928". Stan was ill and in hospital but was well represented by his charming wife, Betty, son Arthur and Susan So, who prepared the printing and scan files for the book. The late Elsie Drury was a long-time member who exhibited her Postage Dues at several BNAPEX shows and also served as the BNAPS Sales Circuit Manager from 1993-1996.

Jim Watt then took the floor and spoke a little about the GHRG, the great group that it is, and the way we meet to discuss philately in an absolutely relaxed manner at a great venue. That all led into his presentation on "Varieties on Modern Booklets." A most interesting topic, stressing most convincingly that modern material is very worthwhile studying. You may be seeing this very topic published in the philatelic press in the near future. The gathering ended with a very short version of Show and Tell.

Although the meeting was briefer than normal, the GHRG was very prominent at ROYAL 2007 ROYALE. We manned the BNAPS table at the show, which made for quite an interesting weekend. Thanks to all who manned the table during the three day event. Be sure to see the photos accompanying this report. The GHRG logo was unveiled in its full colour banner format. Simon Claughton was responsible for design and production of the banner. It certainly was nice to see so many BNAPSers, especially those from out of town. In order not to get into trouble for possibly forgetting someone, please check the Royal 2007 palmares for medal standings. Congratulations to all BNAPSers and especially Golden Horseshoers on their awards and for showing of some fabulous material. You may be sure you will be called upon for presentations in the future.

Special congratulations to those who participated in the GHRG one page club frame display sponsored by the Greater Toronto Area Philatelic Association. You rose to the challenge, and did well. Hopefully we can participate again next year.

Our next gathering will be held at the friendly and laid back confines of the Rousseau House Restaurant in downtown Ancaster on Sunday, November 25, beginning at 10:00 AM where you will once again have the opportunity of browsing through some of the dealers stocks and enjoying each other's company. The speaker will be Bill Longley. If you have any philatelic material for show and tell or to donate to the group for the auction, please bring it along. We look forward to seeing you. Bring a friend.

BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group Report of the June 3, 2007 Meeting

June Photo 1, June Photo 2, June Photo 3, June Photo 4

The Golden Horseshoe group gathered for the last time before the summer break; what a great ending to the season! Thirty-two members including five dealers and four guests enjoyed a great day of philately, good conversation and of course scrumptious food from the kitchen of our favourite gathering place, the Rousseau House Restaurant. Each gathering brings out new members; if everyone who has attended any of our meetings came to the same one it would be quite a large gathering.

Things got rolling about ten o'clock as dealers and members got together over coffee. Some serious stock browsing took place until the lunch hour when we were well looked after by one of our favourite hostesses, Kathy.

After lunch Garfield Portch invited us to ROYAL 2007 ROYALE, which will be held October 12-14 in the Queen Elizabeth Building on the Canadian National Exhibition site in Toronto. BNAPS will have a table there, operated by the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group members. In addition the GHRG will present a seminar and hold our first meeting of the fall season.

Garfield also talked about one page exhibits. The GHRG plans to exhibit in this fun class and we are asking all to consider sending in a page. Interested parties please send a photocopy of your page to Peter McCarthy at 573 Griffith Street, London, Ontario, N6K 2S5 or email a scan to . The requirements for a one page exhibit are; a title with a story or intent and at least three elements, i.e.; a stamp, coil, souvenir sheet, cover, plate block etc. etc….. We need to know your intentions by July 15th at the latest so we can get our application in. This is a fun thing and a chance for the group to work as a team. Remember, it is a one page exhibit and we need fifteen individual pages to fill a frame. (See the one page exhibit page on this web site - HERE.

Mike Street reminded us of the BNAPS convention taking place in Calgary on Labour Day weekend and announced the publication of four new books which you can read about in BNA Topics or on the BNAPS web site. Then came the donation auction. Our members have been very generous with items for our regular auctions and this meeting was no different. It was a robust auction with a few laughs thrown in. All the lots were good.

Larry Cherns was our speaker on this day. His topic was Social History of the 19th Century in Covers and Postcards of Canada. The contents of the cards and letters were quite interesting and we thank Larry for a job well done. We have some excellent philatelists in our area and the caliber of presentations bears this out.

Show and tell rounded out the day with more interesting philately. Everyone went home seemingly very happy. Have a great summer people and we look forward to seeing you all at the ROYAL in October. Remember, everyone is welcome at a GHRG gathering. On October 13 our speaker will be Jim Watt, whose topic will be 'Varieties on Modern Coils'. Rest assured it will be interesting.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, March 2007 Meeting

March Photo 1, March Photo 2, March Photo 3, March Photo 4, March Photo 5, March Photo 6

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Group had another fabulous day at the Rousseau House Restaurant in Ancaster (a place we have now come to consider as home) on March 25, 2007. The gathering started at 10:00 AM with members greeting one another over coffee and preparing to spend time going through dealers' stock, trading and generally enjoying good philatelic conversation. It was very encouraging to see new faces added to the gathering. Judging by the smiles, some pretty good treasures were found and deals made.

The Rousseau House makes up a special brunch/lunch menu for the group. Come noon it wasn't difficult to have the dealers put their wares away. More than thirty of us enjoyed a scrumptious meal from a fine cuisine.

After lunch the meeting got under way with announcements of two new BNAPS books (see the reviews on page nine of the April - June edition of BNAPortraitS) and information on this year's BNAPEX convention in Calgary. Several philatelic items were auctioned off, adding a few more dollars to the kitty.

The floor was then handed over to Derek Smith who gave us a fine and interesting presentation on Transatlantic mails to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Derek is following in the footsteps of Dr. Jack Arnell and his knowledge of the subject is quite extensive. Judging by the questions he fielded during his talk, Derek's presentation was well received. Again we must thank Simon and Victoria Claughton for making the hi-tech projection equipment available.

The day came to a close with show and tell. The variety of items passed around was varied and interesting. We sure do have some great philatelists in the area.

Our next gathering on June 3, the last before the summer break, will again be held at the Rousseau House Restaurant. Our speaker, Larry Cherns, will speak on the 'Social History of the 19th Century in the Covers and Postcards of Canada'. That should be quite interesting.

To date we have had some really good presentations, but the list of speakers for the next year is a long way from being filled. We would like members to step forward and offer their time and knowledge. The November 2007 meeting is covered but we are looking for someone to start the new season in October when our meeting will be held at ROYAL 2007 in Toronto. Speakers are needed for January, March and June 2008. If you would like to help, please contact Peter McCarthy.

Volunteers from the Golden Horseshoe Group will look after the BNAPS table at ROYAL 2007 ROYALE, which is being held at the Queen Elizabeth building of Exhibition Place in Toronto on October 12-14. In addition to the regional group meeting we plan to present a seminar of interest to all collectors of BNA. Details should be settled and in place by our June meeting, so stay tuned. Any BNAPSers coming in from out of town for this show should be sure to look for us and join in our activities.

Mark your calendars for June 3 and we'll see you in Ancaster.

Golden Horseshoe Regional Group
January 28, 2007 meeting report

The BNAPS Golden Horseshoe regional group held its first gathering of the new year on January 28 at our usual spot, the warm and friendly Rousseau Restaurant in picturesque downtown Ancaster. Thirty three members enjoyed a full day of philatelic camaraderie. We tried something new for the group - five member dealers were asked to bring a small amount of stock (because of space) for a 10:00AM meeting start. We also encouraged other members to bring items to either trade or sell. Dealing and trading went on until lunch was served. This proved to be so successful that it will no doubt be an ongoing feature of our meetings. The lunch menu was absolutely scrumptious as usual. Our hostesses, Cathy and Ashley, saw to it that we were well looked after by keeping coffee cups and water glasses filled on request and lunch served on time.

After lunch we continued with announcements and a very lively auction. Fourteen articles were sold, with all proceeds going to the group's activity fund. Thanks to all the donors - it couldn't have been done without you. If members have philatelic material they wish to donate, we will gladly accept and auction it off at the next meeting.

Our speaker for the afternoon was Steve Baker, whose subject was the plating of the 1865 two cent green "Newfoundland Codfish". We were taken through the complete process from design to actual printing, and then identification of nine of the ten positions of the first column, all except position 51. Steve, we thank you very much for a most interesting presentation. Everyone went away with more knowledge than before. Thanks again to Simon and Victoria Claughton for the technical support they so graciously provide.

The afternoon came to a close with a show and tell. The amount and variety of subjects and material presented was quite amazing. It really was a great day and the members present need to give yourselves a round of applause for making it such.

The next get together will be March 25, 2007 at the same location. Starting time will be 10:00 AM. Derek Smith will speak on his favourite subject - Transatlantic Mail. Come on out and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the dealers and the pleasure of exchanging philatelic knowledge.

click to see photos from this meeting

BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group - November 2006

After the Queen Elizabeth building of the C.N.E. for the October meeting it was wonderful being back at our familiar venue, the Rousseau Restaurant in downtown Ancaster. It felt like a comfortable old pair of slippers slipping themselves on to tired feet. You know that feeling. Ahhhhhh! Twenty-four of us gathered to enjoy a good meal, good conversation and a great presentation in a relaxed atmosphere. Here's a thought. If you're in the area drop in and sample the cuisine. Tell them who you are and mention BNAPS. Better still, come to the next meeting in January. The address is 375 Wilson Ave, Ancaster. About six minutes off the 403

First on the agenda was to unveil our new logo which will now be our masthead. The design is of the western portion of Ontario, from around Peterborough to the western border or the L, M, N and O postal codes. The stars represents the larger centers. Thanks Simon and a special thanks to the artist Taral Wayne who did the actual design. It really adds dimension to the group.

Mike Street introduced some new book titles that can be viewed on the publications page of the BNAPS website, on Ian Kimmerly's web site, or in a coming BNA TOPICS.

The BNAPS youth program is offering scholarships to deserving young collectors who have shown a high degree of competence in the hobby. If you know of such young stamp collectors, why not submit their names. The scholarship consists of a three year membership to BNAPS with all the privileges attached. It would be nice to see some youth from the Golden Horseshoe area nominated. For applications and further information please contact Bob Lane

BNAPS has produced a CD with the idea of promoting the society at shows or club meetings. You will need a computer or television with CD player. It plays itself over and over so you don't need to be in attendance. If any member wishes a copy you can borrow one from yours truly Peter McCarthy or Mike Street or you can request one from Jerry Jarnick.

Our guest speaker for the afternoon was Doug Irwin who gave a wonderful presentation on the 1967 - 1973 Centennials. Doug, as you know, wrote the book on the subject in 1984. Much has been added to the subject since by several people but the ground work was well done. Doug's exhibits have won many prestigious awards. Thanks for a most interesting and informative afternoon Doug.

Once again we say thanks to Simon and Victoria Claughton for providing the technical support for the presentation.

Bob Lane reminds us it is time to start thinking of a recipient for the Jack Levine award. The award, presented annually, is given to the most deserving member of a regional group. Last year, the winner was from the Golden Horseshoe Group - Mike Street.

The afternoon culminated with a show and tell. Some pretty interesting pieces made their way around the room.

Our next meeting was scheduled to take place January 28, 2007 but because of the U.S. football championships being held on that day we have decided to move the meeting up one week to January 21. Please mark your calendar. In addition we are going to gather at 10:00 AM for coffee and we are asking dealers and members to bring a couple of boxes of material each to sell and or to trade. We also expect to auction some donated material that will add a little to the coffers. We will break for lunch somewhere around 11:30 and begin the regular meeting at 1:00 PM We think that will add a little more depth to the gathering. Our speaker will be Steve Baker who will give us a presentation on the plating of the Newfoundland Codfish. We sincerely hope you will attend.

May you all have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year !!

[Pictures from the November meeting: speaker Doug Irwin; Doug Sayles (Topics editor), Lew Tauber, Eric Cogswell; luncheon]

[Pictures from STAMPEX: speaker Jim Watt.; the audience; speaker David McLaughlin]

SPECIAL REQUEST: In order to help the Rousseau House Restaurant defray their cost of looking after us in this terrific location, it is important that as many Golden Horseshoe group members as possible purchase a meal before the meeting. Please try to come for lunch at 11:30. A special GHRG menu will be available. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Directions: From the east take Hwy. 403 to Lincoln Alexander Parkway/Rousseaux St. exit, follow Rousseaux St. to Wilson St., turn left and drive into the village. From the west take Wilson St./Hwy. 2 exit, turn left and follow Wilson St. past shopping centre area. Look for Tim Horton's - the Rousseau House Restaurant is across the street.

Encourage friends to attend, especially BNAPS members in your area who may not be on email. There's lots of philately in the Golden Horseshoe.

VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist with group meetings and publicity. For more information or to offer your help please email Peter McCarthy, Secretary, Golden Horseshoe Regional Group at:

BNAPS Golden Horseshoe Regional Group, October 2006 Report

The Golden Horseshoe regional group held its first meeting after the summer break on October 14 at STAMPEX, in the Queen Elizabeth Building of the Exhibition grounds in Toronto. Because there were two shows relatively close together, some people opted for STAMPEX on Friday and went on to Guelph Saturday. However nineteen members attended the meeting, along with three out of region guests, and we had a good get-together. Mind you, we didn't have the great menu available at the Rousseau House Restaurant but…….

Mike Street talked of new BNAPS publications and you can check them out in the book department section of the society website ( Congratulations were extended to Mike as the recipient of the BNAPS Jack Levine Fellowship award. As you know, the award is given to a person of a regional group who is considered to have provided inspiration for the group.

Simon Claughton unveiled a draft of the group's new logo that was unanimously accepted. As soon as the finished product is available you will see it on the website and we can proudly display it. We will now have an identity.

Our speaker for the afternoon was David McLaughlin whose subject was "Canadian Postal Rates and Regulations 1897 - 1906." It was an interesting and very informative talk. Thanks for the effort David. Much appreciated

Show and tell gave us a sneak preview of what we can expect at the January meeting when Stephen (Steve) Baker, our newest member, introduced his subject "Plating the 1870 Newfoundland Codfish". That should be very interesting and we hope to have good attendance if the weather cooperates.

GHRG Chairman Jim Watt noted that our speakers to date have really been excellent and the line-up for the future should prove to be as good.

GHRG June 4 Meeting Report

The Golden Horseshoe Regional Group held its scheduled June 4 meeting once again at the lovely Rousseau Restaurant in the historic downtown area of Ancaster. Prior to the meeting many gathered to partake of the establishment's fine cuisine and to enjoy some good philatelic fellowship.

Mike Street got the meeting underway with a few short announcements, particularly from the book department. Highlighted was GHRG member Ken Kershaw's new spiral bound book entitled "Plating The More Distinctive Reentries In The Half Cent Maple Leaf Stamp II. Plating Criteria And Detailed Descriptions Of The Third And Fourth Printings" For more information please go to the BNAPS or Ian Kimmerly web sites.

Group Chairman Jim Watt then introduced the guest speaker, Jorge Peral, Vice President - Design and Portrait Engraver for Canadian Bank Note Co. Well known for his work on the $1.00 Loon, the $1.00 Deer, the $8.00 Grizzly and Millennium stamps, he also designed and engraved the $5.00 and $10.00 bank notes. Jorge explained the process of having the Queen approve a new portrait and told us how pleased he was when Queen Elizabeth readily accepted the portrait design that appears on those bank notes.

While waiting for the projection equipment to warm up, gift presentations were made. Canadian Bank Note presented the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group with an early Canadian engraving of log rolling and another of the Confederation Train. Canada Post presented us with a coin and stamp set of the horse and the deer stamps engraved by Mr. Peral. In turn Mr. and Mrs. Peral were presented with a cheese platter, a wrapped basket and a fine bottle of Chilean wine.

We would also like to thank Simon and Victoria Claughton for providing and operating the computerized projection equipment necessary for Jorge's presentation.

Jorge Peral was born in 1955 in Mexico City, Mexico and attended school there. He studied design and engraving under master engravers in Italy and then worked for a short time for de la Rue in Switzerland where he met and married his wife Imelda, also a designer, who was also at the meeting. Jorge spoke of his work designing and engraving bank notes in Mexico prior to coming here to Canada. After he decided to accept a position with Canadian Bank Note Company and move here, the family fell in love with the serene beauty of this country - following adjusting to the snow and cold of winter. The whole family applied for and became citizens of Canada.

We learned a few things that afternoon. For instance, the presses used by the bank note companies are security presses and are not available to commercial printers. Maybe some of you knew that, but many of us didn't. Jorge also described how engraving is done. The graver is held steady in the right hand while the plate is moved with the left. Pressure is applied by the right hand to get the proper depth needed as the left guides the plate into the graver. It was interesting to watch an automatic hand motion demonstration from a master engraver. When we see the various stages of design and engraving, it's hard to imagine the intricacies of the profession. Because of a late afternoon flight we had just a brief opportunity of spending time with him and view other examples of his work and some of his tools.

This writer can not in any way properly describe in this small amount of space the enjoyment of the afternoon spent in the presence of this master engraver who spoke of his family, his work and his life with a great deal of warmth and affection. I believe Glen Archer summed it up wonderfully in a congratulatory email sent to Jim Watt and Mike Street, when he said: "Mr. Peral was an engaging speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed the talk, also the peripherals he brought were fascinating and I only wish we had had more time with him. When the subject matter is so interesting and in-depth, it seems the hours pass like minutes." That seems to speak for everyone present. We believe this to be the first time a person from any bank note company has spoken to a BNAPS group. It would be quite fair to say this was a real coup and for those of you who missed it, well, what can we say. It was a loss on your part.

If you're wondering how all this came about, we have none other to thank than Jim Watt, who put a great deal of effort into the project over quite a period of time. You may now stand at center stage Jim and take a well deserved bow for ending our season with an astounding bang. THANKS again!

And now for a little test. Some of the above mentioned stamps bear Mr. Peral's name engraved within the design. Try finding it and report back.

This being the end of our fiscal season it is time to thank those who, during this fledgling period of our existence, came forward and offered their services in one form or another, either by the work they have done, the presentations, donations or simply by being in attendance and showing support. It is all much appreciated.



top left: Jim Watt introduces guest Jorge Peral; top right: Mr Peral , the guest speaker

bottom: Jim Watt presenting gifts to Jorge and Imelda Peral

FALL MEETING: please take note that we will meet next on Saturday October 14 at 1:00 PM at STAMPEX, which will be held at the Queen Elizabeth Building of the C.N.E. in Toronto October 13 - 15. Our speaker will be David McLaughlin, whose subject will be "Canadian Postal Rates and Regulations 1897-1903". The subject is interesting and we look forward to David's presentation. Taking into consideration the venue, we are expecting a good attendance. Plan to attend. We are also hoping to have our group logo to show members at this meeting.

The Golden Horseshoe Regional Group is always looking for speakers to volunteer to help out. We would like someone from each era of BNA philately. Ideally a presentation should not go beyond forty-five minutes with a fifteen minute question period. With approximately 225 BNAPS members in the region, there should really be no problem acquiring speakers. You can contact me, Peter McCarthy by email (see the link on this page) or phone 519 - 473 - 6019. Thank you

On March 26, 2006 fourteen members of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group met at the very lovely Rousseau House Restaurant in historic downtown Ancaster, Ontario. Many took advantage of the excellent luncheon menu before the afternoon got underway.

Bill Coates advised that he can obtain Gene Hessler's book, 'The International engraver's Line', at cost for members. The Calgary Regional Group's book, 'Letters from the Far West', was shown. BNAPS announcements (new books, BNAPEX 2006 in Sudbury, BNAPS conventions being arranged for Calgary in 2007 and Halifax in 2008) and an auction of catalogues of auctions of major BNA collections followed. A logo is being developed for the Golden Horseshoe group.

Guest speaker John Hillmer of Toronto displayed and told members about his award winning exhibit 'The Caricature Issue, 1973-1977'. Using an around-the-table method so everyone could see the exhibit pages close up, John explained the myriad inking, perforation and printing varieties known for the sheet stamps and booklets of this issue, many of which he found in post office stock, and presented many interesting covers. The Caricature issue, showing seven former Prime Ministers and the Queen, was designed by David Annesley, who died at a young age in an accident while the stamp set was still in use.

During 'Show and Tell' we continued to find out how varied the British North America philately pursuits of GHRG members are. Items included: an 1887 Niagara Falls Philatelist article announcing an effort to organize the Canadian Philatelic Society; a document with a Canadian Consul's visa stamp; the earliest WWI Navy censor known, which also happened to be on a cover mailed the first day that War Tax was required; St. Catharines, Ontario cancellations; a WWII cover mailed at an Australian FPO used exclusively for two years by a Canadian Signals Unit stationed in Australia; a seemingly ordinary postcard mailed in Halifax in 1917 that turned out to be from a soldier about to board a ship for Europe, accompanied by a copy of the soldier's enlistment form located through Collections Canada's 'ArchiviaNet' website.

In closing the meeting Chairman Jim Watt was pleased to announce that Jorge Peral, Vice-President, Design and Portrait Engraver for the Canadian Banknote Company, will be the guest speaker at the June 4 meeting in Ancaster.

On Sunday, January 29th, 2006 the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group gathered together at the Rousseau Restaurant in downtown Ancaster. Nineteen people were present, some of which chose to partake of the restaurant's scrumptious brunch menu with some very lively philatelic discussions taking place. I think it's the aura of the old stone building with an abundance of rich aged pine that creates the relaxing atmosphere.

We finally became orderly after lunch with Mike Street running the meeting in place of Dr. Jim Watt who was off on a well deserved vacation with his family. Mike talked about the book department and GHRG member Ken Kershaw's new book on the plating of the Half Cent Maple Leaf Issue published by BNAPS and available through Ian Kimmerly. The second volume will be out shortly. A mini auction of three philatelic books and six philatelic periodicals added a few dollars to the bulb fund. You'll understand this fund as you read on. For this we thank Bob Lee, Mike Street and Bob Lane from whence the material came.

Our speaker for the afternoon was Greig Hutton and the subject was the Klussendorf cancellations. At the very beginning of the presentation, wouldn't you know it, the bulb in the overhead blew. Hence, the bulb fund. (see November report) We learn our lessons well. Thankfully we had a back-up and within minutes Greig was able to continue with his most interesting presentation. He is among the most knowledgeable Klussendorf collectors in Canada. Greig has a book out on the Klussendorfs that I believe is available to the public. Thanks Greig.

We also want to thank David McLaughlin for his generous donation to the group of an overhead projector. That will make life that much easier. Thanks David.

      Photos from this meeting: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, Greig presenting his talk, photo 5.

On November 29th, 2005, twenty-six members of the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group met at the very lovely Rousseau House Restaurant in the middle of historic downtown Ancaster, Ontario. Most took advantage of the wonderful luncheon menu and after appetites were sated the remainder of the afternoon got underway in a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere with announcements and a time of show and tell. A little re-organization took place with Dr. Jim Watt remaining as chairman. Mike Street is the Meeting Notice Co-ordinator and yours truly, Peter McCarthy, comes in as secretary. We weren't able to fill the position of program co-ordinator so the secretary will look after that for now.

Show and tell was interesting and we found out there is a wide variety of British North America philately in the area. The afternoon was capped off with a great presentation of Ancaster postal history by Mike Street. This was to have taken place last spring but after a few slides the bulb in Mike's projector blew and we were left high and dry. So when it was announced Mike would try again this past meeting, several came armed with projectors just in case. Thankfully they were not needed.

RIDES NEEDED: Anyone who can provide a ride from the Toronto area to Ancaster and back is asked to email the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group. VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist with group meetings and publicity. Anyone who would like to help should email the Golden Horseshoe Regional Group at the same address.

Directions: From the north your exit to Hwy. 403 is on the right immediately after Brant Street. From the east your exit is immediately after Plains Road/Fairview Drive (be sure to stay hard right and not get on the Hwy. 407 toll road). Follow Hwy 403 westbound toward Hamilton and Brantford around the bends near the Cathedral and then up the hill to the Lincoln Alexander Parkway/Rousseaux St. exit. Stay hard right and follow Rousseaux St. to Wilson St., turn left and drive into the village. The restaurant is on the right just after the Glendale Motors lot. Lots of parking behind the restaurant.

From the west (London, Woodstock) take Hwy. 401 to Hwy. 403 eastbound to the Wilson St./Hwy. 2 exit (previous exit is Copetown/Reg. Rd. 52). At the end of the ramp, turn left and follow Wilson St. through the traffic circle at the fire station and past the shopping centres approx. 2km into the village area. Look for Tim Horton's on the right - the Rousseau House Restaurant is across the street. Lots of parking behind the restaurant.

To continue making this an interesting group we need the participation of the membership in the form of speakers. There 's such a wide range of subjects out there that there should be no trouble in having people volunteer. What we are looking for is a speaker and a back-up for each meeting. The back-up of one meeting would be the speaker for the following meeting. There is a time limit of forty to forty-five minutes including a question and answer period. If you are interested contact Peter McCarthy at (519) 473-6019 or by email at

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