Online Admiral Issue resources

Here are links to online resources pertaining to stamps and postal history of the Admiral era. Some resources are on the BNAPS website, some on external websites.

Online resources

Guide to the Admiral Stamps of Canada (html) - Randall W. Van Someren
Discusses die changes, printing, paper, straight edges, coils, fakes, forgeries, terminology used by Marler, varieties, cancellations, and rates. Provides a comprehensive bibliography.

King George V Admiral Issue of Canada (html & PDF) - Tom Meyerhof
Good introduction to collecting the Admiral Issue. On the website of the Ottawa Philatelic Society.

The Admirals after Marler (5.0 MB pdf) - Leopold Beaudet
Describes discoveries made after Marler's 1982 book, The Admiral Issue of Canada, was published. Topics covered include plates, lathework, pyramid lines, booklets, re-entries and retouches, design types, plate flaws, and fluorescent ink.

Admiral Study Group presentation at BNAPEX 2015 Niagara Falls, ON (PDF - 2.0 MB) - Leopold Beaudet
Topics discussed: 1¢ green experimental coil, 2¢ carmine booklet pane, 2¢ carmine "imperf", 2¢ carmine endwise coil, 3¢ brown re-entries, ERDs, mail delivery on holidays.

Admiral Study Group presentation at BNAPEX 2016 Fredericton, NB (PDF - 1.4 MB) - Leopold Beaudet
Topics discussed: 2¢ carmine sidewise coil, 2¢ carmine endwise coil, 2¢ green booklet pane, wet versus dry printing, 10¢ UPU rate, British Empire postcard rate, suspended service cover.

Admiral Study Group presentation at BNAPEX 2017 Calgary, AB (PDF - 1.3 MB) - Leopold Beaudet
Topics discussed: type B lathework on 1¢ yellow sheet stamp, 1¢ yellow imperf, and 1¢ yellow part-perf, 1¢ yellow booklet pane, 10¢ blue design types, guide arrows.

Admiral Study Group presentation at BNAPEX 2018 Quebec, QC (PDF - 2.1 MB) - Leopold Beaudet
Topics discussed: imprint in type B lathework on 1¢ green, type A and B lathework doubled, major retouch on 7¢ bistre, 5¢ blue with stitch watermark, 1¢ green and 5¢ blue re-entries, booklet covers with guidelines.

Admiral Plate Census (html) - Glen Lundeen
Compilation of plate imprint items from eleven collections and five major auctions.

Admiral online exhibit (html) - DGL Philatelics
The website presents an illustrated study of the Admiral issue. A page is devoted to each stamp. On it are annotated illustrations of die proofs, plate imprints, lathework, pyramid lines, R-GAUGE imprints, imperf and part-perf material, and varieties. Includes many scarce to unique Admiral items. The website also features exhibits of other defintive series, proof material, and selected postal history.

Admiral Re-entries (html) - Ralph E. Trimble
This website provides detailed illustrations with short descriptions of a large number of re-entries on Admiral stamps. The website covers re-entries found on all stamps of Canada and the provinces. It also features re-entries from other countries.

Admiral Re-entries and Retouches (html) - William G. Burden
Detailed images of re-entries and retouches on Admiral stamps.

The Chemistry of the War Time Admiral (html) - Richard Judge
This one-frame exhibit studies the ink used for the 1911 Admiral 2¢ carmine stamp using reflectance, X-ray fluorescence, and Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy. The 2¢ carmine stamp is well known for its aniline ink and shade varieties. The exhibit uses spectroscopy to analyze these varieties.

The 1917 3¢ Confederation Commemorative (PDF - 1.8 MB) - Leopold Beaudet
Provides an overview of the 1917 3¢ Confederation stamp based on a study by Richard M. Morris. Discusses the printing, plates, design types, and plate varieties. This is a presentation made at the Admiral Study Group meeting at BNAPEX 2008 Halifax, NS.

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