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28 Mar 2020

There have been over 50 new and updated Circuit pages placed on the website. Many new pages in KGV, QE, Precancel and other groups. Additional 10 QE sheets added 30 March.

If you're getting tired and want something to do, take a look at the pages. Also with your extra time now, why not submit some pages for the circuits.

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28 Mar 2020

Wayne Smith has updated his census of 1851 Pence Issue covers.

The census lists over 4,300 covers in two ways:
1) By stamp/paper variety – lists the number of covers known for each rate paid by the stamp.
2) By rate – lists the number of covers known for each way to pay the rate.

The March 2020 update adds covers with perforated Pence stamps. This increases the total by about 200.

Wayne Smith's cover censuses

22 Mar 2020

Memorials have been posted for Kathryn Lamb and Don Fraser who passed away recently.

Kathryn Lamb was the wife of the late Richard (Dick) Lamb, noted stamp dealer. She was a life member of the Kitchener-Waterloo Philatelic Society, and wrote the book, The Quiet Hobby: A History of Organized Philately in the Grand River Valley 1895 – 1985.

Don Fraser was a well known philatelist from Manitoba. He exhibited at BNAPEXes and wrote or contributed to several books and articles.

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17 Mar 2020

The Prairie Beaver Regional Group has published the Mar. 2020 issue of its newsletter, Beaver Chatter, Vol. 45, No. 1.

NOTE: the Regional Group's meeting scheduled for 28 March has been CANCELLED.

Illustrated mail collectors will want to read Vic Willson's proposed organization of this popular area. The newsletter also features articles on a new perf 12½ 3¢ Small Queen cover, the earliest recorded cover to the Bahamas from Canada, mailed on 17 Feb. 1871, and a registered cover to Brazil from the KE VII period.

See Beaver Chatter on the Prairie Beaver Regional Group web page

3 Mar 2020

The March 2020 newsletter (No. 113) of the British Columbia Postal History Study Group features articles on:

► The Lytton post office

► A 1900 cover from Vancouver to the Philippines

► A probably unique 1918 cover from Palestine to Prince Rupert

► A 1943 cover to Sea Island with scarce ancillary markings

► Vancouver's White Spot

► Postal markings pertaining to the use of "void" stamps

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28 Feb 2020

Earle L. Covert provides a Feb. 2020 update to the listing of illustrated indicia for permit mail. The update adds 386 new permit mail indicia and 59 new mailers to the June 2019 listing.

Canada Post introduced illustrated indicia for permit mail date in 2006. The listing also includes forerunners, indicia with illustrations that appeared before 2006.

View the listing of illustrated indicia on permit mail

27 Feb 2020

A new book, 100 Years of Union Dues Stamps in Canada and Newfoundland, 1880 to 1980 by Clayton Rubec and Ron Lafrenière is available in the Online Resources and Exhibits (ORE) area. 152 pages, 12.3 MB PDF file.

The book describes, lists, and illustrates the cinderella stamps issued by unions in Canada and Newfoundland for the payment of dues by union members. The book covers 54 stamp-issuing unions, including international unions based in the U.S. with locals in Canada and Newfoundland.

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15 Feb 2020

The Squared Circle Study Group has published Squared Circle Postmarks of Canada on the 1898 Canadian 2¢ Imperial Penny Postage Issue (The ‘Map Stamp’): A Census of Off-Cover Cancellations by Rick Friesen.

This census of 3,461 cancels on off-cover Map stamps is compiled from numerous sources. They include over 58 years of public auction listings, three Internet auction sources (such as eBay), philatelic literature (including books and journals), exhibits, dealer stocks, personal communications from Squared Circle collectors, and the author's collection.

The link to the census is in the "Other resources" section of the Study Group's newsletter page.

15 Feb 2020

The Fancy Cancel & Miscellaneous Markings Study Group has published its latest newsletter, No. 82, Feb. 2020.

Editor David Lacelle features another smorgasbord of fancy cancels from an enthusiastic membership. Reporters contributing to this newsletter include Vince Chermishnok, Daryl Friedhandler, Mike Halhed, Norbert Hobrath, Guy Jeffery, David Ross, Joe Smith, Ron Smith, Mike Street, Gary Steele, and Bill Wegman.

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11 Feb 2020

BNAPEX 2020 news

PayPal is now available for the payment of exhibit frame fees.

BNAPEX 2020 exhibits

9 Feb 2020

The Feb. 2020 newsletter (Vol. 9, No. 1) from the Pence-Cents Era Study Group is online.

Vic Willson explores a possible 1d 1858 newspaper rate of 1858. Michael D. Smith describes two states of the 1855 10d Cartier from position 60. In addition, Michael continues his detailed analysis of plate flaws found on proofs of the 1859 Five Cents Beaver.

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8 Feb 2020

Three distinguished philatelists passed away recently:

► Major (Rtd.) Richard K. Malott, CD, FRPSC, FRPSL
Foremost Canadian aerophilatelist for many years. Among his many accomplishments: President of the Canadian Aerophilatelic Society; Editor-in-Chief of The Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland; exhibitor and judge at the International level.

► Peter Currie Motson
Noted exhibitor with two books published by BNAPS in its Exhibits series.

► Kenneth A. Kershaw
Author of over 20 books on plating, including the four-volume study of the 1898 Map Stamp, published by BNAPS.

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3 Feb 2020

BNAPS has published a new book in the Online Resources & Exhibits (ORE) area of its website:

Post Offices of Pre-Confederation Newfoundland by Carl Munden. Formatting and editing by Malcolm Back and John M. Walsh.

The book traces the history of Newfoundland's outport post offices. The listing for each post office includes its location by bay and map reference, population, opening and closing, postmasters and general information, and illustrations of the various markings used. There are also sections describing the mail distribution to and from the outports and the types of town date stamps used. 479 pages.

Post Offices of Pre-Confederation Newfoundland

1 Feb 2020

"Whitworth’s Plate Flaws on the One Cent Decimal Issue" by Michael D. Smith. Version 2, revised in Jan. 2020.

In the 1960s, Geoffrey Whitworth wrote about 15 flaws on the 1859 One Cent Decimal Issue. Michael D. Smith's article provides close-up illustrations of these plate flaws from an early plate proof and issued stamps. This Jan. 2020 revision adds illustrations of Whitworth's flaws 9 and 10.

New ORE postings

1 Feb 2020

Four Picture Postage™ stamp booklets, BNAPEX 2020 souvenirs, are illustrated on the Souvenirs page. More to come.

What to do in the Halifax-Dartmouth area before, during, and after BNAPEX 2020? The Attractions page provides some suggestions.

The Exhibit Entry Form is posted on the Exhibits page. It was also mailed with the 2020 First Quarter issue of BNA Topics.

BNAPEX 2020 Halifax

31 Jan 2020

The awards won by BNAPS members for BNA exhibits between October and December 2019 have been posted along with a year-end summary. 75 exhibitors displayed 142 competitive exhibits this year.

Thanks to Adri Veenstra for compiling the listing.

View the 2019 BNA exhibit awards

31 Jan 2020

In memory of Bob Dyer who promoted youth philately within BNAPS for many years, BNAPS sponsors the Norris “Bob” Dyer $1,000 Youth Scholarship. The Scholarship, which is administered by the APS, helps defray the costs for a young collector between the ages of 16 and 24 to attend the APS Summer Seminar on Philately.

This year, the seminar takes place on 22-25 June at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania.

Applicants must be residents of the United States or Canada and 16 years of age but not older than 24 years of age as of 1 June 2020. The application deadline is 1 April.

Scholarship information and application form

20 Jan 2020

On 1 January, 17 BNAPS members became Emeritus members, having been with BNAPS for the past 40 years.

List of BNAPS Emeritus members

12 Jan 2020

The handbook, Squared Circle Postmarks of Canada, 6th edition, January 2020, is posted in the ORE area of the website.

The handbook was prepared by the BNAPS Squared Circle Study Group and edited by Rick Friesen. It builds upon the 5th edition published almost 20 years ago in 2001.

The handbook is organized according to hammer type and province. In over 680 pages, it provides an exhaustive treatment of each hammer: period of use, time marks, indicia information, stamp issues on which the hammer is found, rarity factors, and illustrations of hammer usage. Section 1 of the handbook provides an introduction to these fascinating postmarks.

New ORE postings

10 Jan 2020

The web pages for BNAPEX 2020 Halifax have been posted on the website.

The annual BNAPS convention takes place on the Labour Day weekend: Friday, 4 September, to Sunday, 6 September. It will feature up to 160 frames of BNA exhibits, a 25-dealer bourse, study group meetings and seminars, and tours in the Halifax area.

The convention committee is still working on the registration package, but the convention hotel, the DoubleTree by Hilton Halifax Dartmouth, is ready to accept your booking.

BNAPEX 2020 web pages

8 Jan 2020

The transition from Sparks Auctions to Bill Longley for the sale of BNAPS books is now complete. The Longley Auctions website has a list of the books available, and is ready to process orders.

You can browse for books on either the BNAPS website or the Longley Auctions website.

On the BNAPS website, use the "Search Books" feature to find books published on any subject or any era of interest. When you find a book you would like to purchase, click on the book's price. You will be redirected to the Longley Auctions website to complete the purchase.

Alternatively, you can browse through the online books catalogue at the Longley Auctions website:


All books are now priced at a single price for both BNAPS members and non-members. The price is close to the previous member price.

View the latest BNAPS books

7 Jan 2020

56 newsletters from 11 study groups have been posted. The year of publication, Study Group, and number of issues are listed below:

► 2017 King George VI - 2 issue
► 2014 Large and Small Queens - 4 issues
► 2014 Military Mail - 5 issues
► 2014 Newfoundland - 4 issues
► 2014 Perfin - 2 issues
► 2014 Postal Stationery - 2 issues
► 2014 Revenue - 3 issues
► 2015 RPO - 4 issues

These study groups have requested a delay of 2 to 5 years between publication of their newsletters and posting on the website.

Several study groups have no delay period. Their newsletters were posted upon publication in 2019. The study groups include:

► Dead Letter Office
► Fancy Cancel and Miscellaneous Markings
► Pence-Cents Era
► Precancel

The following two study groups also have no delay period. Their most recent newsletters are now posted on the website.

► 2019 First Day Covers - 3 issues (also available on the Study Group's website)
► 2019 Squared Circle Cancels - 3 issues

In 2014, the British Columbia Postal History Study Group began publishing its newsletter electronically and distributing it to its members free of charge (a printed version is also available to members for a subscription fee). The Study Group recently agreed to have all its issues posted on the BNAPS website, along with a newsletter index and newsletter supplements. Newly posted on the website are the 24 issues published between 2014 and 2019 plus the index plus four supplements!

The editor of the Re-entries and Constant Plate Varieties Study Group newsletter, Michael D. Smith, stepped down last year, and made all the issues he edited available on the website. The eight issues he published in 2018 and 2019 were posted on 29 Oct. 2019. Do you have an interest in plate flaws? Would you like to edit a newsletter devoted to the subject? If so, contact Mike Smith for more information. His email address is dotsscratchesnwsltr@hotmail.com.

These newsletters are a fantastic resource and make for fascinating reading. Thanks to all the editors and contributors.

View the study group newsletters

5 Jan 2020

The 6th Edition of the Perfin Handbook has been revised. The revision includes many additions to the various perfins. Revised sections can be seen by the date 2020 01 01.

See the revised Perfin Handbook Edition 6

4 Jan 2020

Updates to the Circuit pages have been made. New pages under Queen Elizabeth, King George, Newfoundland, Precancels and more. Look for sheets marked Jan20 for new sheets or with Rpl Jan20 for revised sheets

Visit the circuit page

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