BNAPS Exchange Circuit Online System (BECONS)

Certificate awarded to Andy Ellwood
For his contributions to the BNAPS website, Andy Ellwood was awarded this certificate in 2004.

BECONS has been designed to let BNAPS members see the stamps and covers that are available to them in the Exchange Circuit. The inventory of material is scanned and posted to the website regularly and can be accessed through this site. Only members of BNAPS can participate in the Exchange Circuit. To join BNAPS, click HERE.

Latest update: 19 Dec, 2021 - Over 90 New pages have been added. Additions include Precancels, Novices, Newfoundland, and Queen Elizabeth. Pages can be identified by the date Dec21, and are numbered in the 2-xxx series. View the Novice (NO) section for many low priced bargains from all eras.


How it works

All catalogue values and prices in the Exchange Circuit are expressed in Canadian dollars. Payments may be made in U.S. dollars at current exchange rates.

The BNAPS Exchange Circuit provides BNAPS members with the ability of finding new owners for their no longer wanted stamps. However, it is provided as a service to members and is not intended as a means for members to use it as a business.

Members mount their material on sheets and forwards them to the Manager who records them. The sheets are scanned and the Web Master displays them on the website. Members can review the images and have the Manager forward items on approval. The Manager maintains an account of the sales which the owners can use to acquire other material.

Since there is a wide range of material in the Circuit, each sheet is identified by a descriptive two-character code and a unique sheet number. Each stamp is identified by its position on the sheet. Collections, accumulations, exhibits and bulk lots, can also be listed; such material remains with the owner.

A description is fowarded to the Manager who lists it on the website. An interested member contacts the Manager who arranges for the material to be forwarded for consideration. Payment is forwarded to the Manager. BNAPS pays the postage for items sent on approval. Owners receive sales revenue annually. BNAPS retains 10% of sales for postage and insurance.

How to view material

Find the group that interests you from the list below. The date following the code is the latest date of any change in the sheets. Click on the sheet code to display an image of the sheet. Magnification can provide greater detail.

How to order stamps and covers

By e-mail ( or phone (613-737-2137) identify the desired stamps using the sheet code and position number of the stamps of interest. E-mail is used to confirm the mailing and the return of unwanted items. All payments are to be made by cheque to A. W. Ellwood. All payments are in Canadian currency. Payments from the U.S. and other countries can be arranged through the Manager.

New material

On request, members can advise the Manager of their collecting interests. When new material is added, members may be advised of its arrival.

Contacting the Manager

Telephone: 613-737-2137
Mail: Andy Ellwood, Circuits Manager
10 Doris Avenue
Gloucester, Ontario K1T 3W8
Large Lots (LL)


AD124 May17, AD125 May17, AD164 Jun17, AD265 Feb18, AD266 Feb18, AD279 Feb18, AD281 Aug18, AD282 Aug18, AD283 Aug18, AD284 Aug18, AD285 Aug18, AD286 Aug18, AD287 Aug18, AD288 Jul20, AD289 Jul20, AD290 Jul20, AD291 Aug18, AD292 Apr18, AD293 Aug18, AD294 Jul20, AD302 Apr18, AD303 Jul20, AD359 Jan20, AD367 Jul20, AD456 Apr20, AD467 May20, AD471 May20, AD473 May20, AD474 May20, AD475 May20, AD476 May20, AD477 May20, AD507 Nov20, AD580 Feb21,

AD2-648 Jul21, AD2-649 Jul21, AD2-650 Jul21, AD2-651 Jul21, AD2-780 Jul21, AD2-781 Jul21, AD2-782 Jul21, AD2-783 Jul21, AD2-784 Jul21, AD2-785 Jul21, AD2-786 Jul21, AD2-787 Jul21, AD2-791 Jul21, AD2-792 Jul21, AD2-794 Jul21, AD2-795 Jul21, AD2-818 Jul21, AD2-819 Jul21, AD2-829 Jul21

Air Mail (AM)

AM263 Rpl Jan20, AM328 Aug18, AM329 Aug18, AM330 Aug18, AM331 Rpl Jul20, AM332 Aug18, AM333 Jul20, AM334 Rpl Jul20, AM334-2C, AM334-3C, AM334-4C, AM335 Rpl Jul20, AM336 Aug18, AM338 Mar19, AM360 Jan20, AM402 Mar20, AM403 Mar20, AM417 Mar20, AM424 Mar20, AM454 Sep20, AM809 Jul20, AM810 Jul20, AM813 Jul20, AM816 Jul20

AM2-263 Jul21, AM2-329 Jul21, AM2-330 Jul21, AM2-331 Jul21, AM2-332 Jul21, AM2-333 Jul21, AM2-335 Jul21, AM2-336 Jul21, AM2-338 Jul21, AM2-351 Jul21, AM2-443 Jul21, AM2-454 Jul21, AM2-611 Jul21, AM2-621 Jul21, AM2-723 Jul21, AM2-747 Jul21, AM2-748 Jul21, AM2-749 Jul21, AM2-750 Jul21, AM2-751 Jul21, AM2-752 Jul21, AM2-759 Jul21, AM2-846 Jul21, AM2-884 Jul21

Centennials (CE)


Classics to 1870 (CL)

CL342 Mar19, CL345 Mar19, CL2-612 Jul21,

Edward VII (ED)

ED267 Feb18, ED275 Mar20, ED276 Rpl Feb21, ED277 Feb18, ED278 Feb18, ED374 Mar20, ED375 Mar20, ED404 Mar20, ED2-862 Jul21,

ED455 May 20, ED505C, ED507C, ED537 Nov20,

Ephemeral & Collateral (EC)

EC133 May17, EC134 May17, EC135 May17, EC136 May17, EC137 May17, EC138 May17, EC139 May17, EC140 Rpl Jan20, EC141 May17, EC142 May17, EC143 May17, EC144 May17, EC145 Rpl Jan20, EC146 May17, EC165 Jun17, EC174 Jun17, EC856 Rpl Nov17, EC974 Jul16,

Fancy Cancels (FC)

Forgeries (FG)

FG339 mar19, FG2-623 Jul 21,

Jubilee Issue (JU)

JU269 Mar19, JU271 Rpl Jan20, JU604 Rpl Nov13,


KG126 May17, KG127 Rpl Jan20, KG128 Rpl Jan20, KG129 May17, KG130 Rpl Jan20, KG131 May17, KG132 Mar19, KG154 Mar19, KG155 May17, KG156 May17, KG216 Mar19, KG217 Mar19, KG218 Mar19, KG219 Mar19, KG220 Mar19, KG221 Mar19, KG295 Mar19, KG296 Aug18, KG297 Apr18, KG298 Rpl Aug18, KG299 Apr18, KG300 Apr18, KG301 Apr18, KG304 Rpl Jan20, KG305 Aug18, KG306 Mar19, KG308 Mar19, KG309 Mar19, KG310 Mar19, KG311 Aug18, KG312 Mar19, KG313 Mar19, KG314 Aug18, KG315 Mar19, KG316 Mar19, KG317 Mar19, KG318 Mar19, KG319 Mar19, KG320 Mar19, KG321 Mar19, KG322 Mar19, KG323 Mar19, KG324 Aug18, KG325 Aug18, KG326 Rpl Jan20, KG343 Mar19, KG360 Jan20, KG362 Jan20, KG364 Rpl Jan20, KG377 Mar20, KG431 Mar20, KG434 Mar20, KG435 Mar20, KG436 Mar20, KG437 Mar20, KG455 Sep20, KG467 May20, KG513 Nov20, KG538 Nov20, KG539 Nov20, KG540 Nov20, KG541 Nov20, KG542 Nov20, KG548 Nov20, KG565 Nov20, KG567 Nov20, KG568 Nov20, KG569 Nov20, KG570 Nov20, KG749 Feb14,

KG2-640 Jul21, KG2-641 Jul21, KG2-652 Jul21, KG2-752 Jul21, KG2-753 Jul21, KG2-754 Jul21, KG2-755 Jul21, KG2-757 Jul21, KG2-758 Jul21, KG2-760 Jul21, KG2-763 Jul21, KG2-778 Jul21, KG2-779 Jul21, KG2-793 Jul21, KG2-810 Jul21, KG2-811 Jul21, KG2-812 Jul21, KG2-813 Jul21, KG2-814 Jul21, KG2-815 Jul21, KG2-820 Jul21, KG2-862 Jul21

Large Queens(LQ)

LQ209 Rpl Jul20, LQ210 Rpl Jan20, LQ2-613 Jul21,

Leafs & Numerals (QV)

QV123 May17, QV267 Feb18, QV268 Feb18, QV274 Feb18, QV337 Mar19, QV428 Nov20, QV434 Mar20, QV453 Sep20, QV454 Apr20, QV472 May20, QV478 May20, QV537 Nov20, QV538 Nov20, QV580 Nov20, QV2-632 Jul21, QV2-653 Jul21, QV2-773 Jul21, QV2-775 Jul21, QV2-777 Jul21, QV2-817 Jul21, QV2-920 Dec21, QV2-924 Dec21, QV2-925 Dec21,

Map Stamp (MA)

MA123 May17, MA269 Feb18, MA270 Rpl Jan20, MA2-642 Jul21,

Military Mail (MM)

MM160 Jun17, MM161 Jun17, MM162 Jun17, MM592 Feb21,

Mixed Group (MX)

MX451 Apr20,

Newfoundland (NF)

NF159 Jun17, NF204 Mar20, NF205 Mar19, NF206 Mar19, NF207 Mar19, NF211 Mar19, NF212 Mar19, NF433 Mar20, NF454 Rpl Jan20, NF466 Sep20, NF468 May20, NF470 May20, NF479 Nov20, NF492 May20, NF555 Nov20, NF571 Nov20, NF572 Nov20, NF573 Nov20, NF581 Feb21, NF582 Feb21, NF583 Feb21, NF584 Feb21, NF585 Feb21, NF586 Feb21, NF591 Feb21,

NF2-584 Jul21, NF2-614 Jul21, NF2-615 Jul21, NF2-616 Jul21, NF2-618 Jul21, NF2-619 Jul21, NF2-620 Jul21, NF2-626 Jul21, NF2-627 Jul21, NF2-647 Jul21, NF2-756 Jul21, NF2-761 Jul21, NF2-762 Jul21, NF2-882 Jul21, NF2-893 Dec21, NF2-903 Dec21, NF2-905 Dec21, NF2-907 Dec21, NF2-908 Dec21, NF2-910 Dec21, NF2-914 Dec21, NF2-928 Dec21, NF2-933 Dec21, NF2-938 Dec21,

Novice Collectors (NO)

NO449 Sep20, NO450 Sep20, NO451 Sep20, NO452 Sep20, NO457 Sep20, NO459 Sep20, NO461 Sep20, NO462 Sep20, NO463 Sep20, NO464 Sep20, NO468 Sep20, NO469 Sep20, NO474 Nov20, NO475 Nov20, NO476 Nov20, NO477 Nov20, NO479 Nov20, NO498 Nov20, NO499 Nov20, NO501 Nov20, NO503 Nov20, NO505 Nov20, NO506 Nov20, NO510 Nov20, NO511 Nov20, NO565 Nov20, NO567 Nov20, NO568 Nov20, NO569 Nov20, NO570 Nov20, NO587 Feb21, NO588 Feb21, NO589 Feb21, NO591 Feb21, NO659 Jun21, NO705 Jun21

NO2-625 Jul21, NO2-627 Jul21, NO2-630 Jul21, NO2-723 Jul21, NO2-740 Jul21, NO2-744 Jul21, NO2-746 Jul21, NO2-816 Jul21, NO2-817 Jul21, NO2-820 Jul21, NO2-821 Jul21, NO2-823 Jul21, NO2-824 Jul21, NO2-825 Jul21, NO2-826 Jul21, NO2-827 Jul21, NO2-828 Jul21, NO2-830 Jul21, NO2-831 Jul21, NO2-832 Jul21, NO2-833 Jul21, NO2-834 Jul21, NO2-835 Jul21, NO2-836 Jul21, NO2-837 Jul21, NO2-838 Jul21, NO2-839 Jul21, NO2-840 Jul21, NO2-841 Jul21, NO2-843 Jul21, NO2-844 Jul21, NO2-846 Jul21, NO2-847 Jul21, NO2-848 Jul21, NO2-849 Jul21, NO2-850 Jul21, NO2-851 Jul21, NO2-852 Jul21, NO2-853 Jul21, NO2-854 Jul21, NO2-855 Jul21, NO2-856 Jul21, NO2-857 Jul21, NO2-858 Jul21, NO2-861 Jul21, NO2-863 Jul21, NO2-865 Jul21, NO2-867 Jul21, NO2-869 Jul21, NO2-874 Jul21, NO2-881 Jul21, NO2-883 Jul21

NO2-893 Dec21, NO2-894 Dec21, NO2-895 Dec21, NO2-896 Dec21, NO2-897 Dec21, NO2-898 Dec21, NO2-899 Dec21, NO2-900 Dec21, NO2-901 Dec21, NO2-902 Dec21, NO2-903 Dec21, NO2-905 Dec21, NO2-906 Dec21, NO2-908 Dec21, NO2-911 Dec21, NO2-912 Dec21, NO2-913 Dec21, NO2-915 Dec21, NO2-916 Dec21, NO2-917 Dec21, NO2-919 Dec21, NO2-921 Dec21, NO2-922 Dec21, NO2-923 Dec21, NO2-926 Dec21, NO2-927 Dec21, NO2-928 Dec21, NO2-929 Dec21, NO2-930 Dec21, NO2-931 Dec21, NO2-932 Dec21, NO2-934 Dec21, NO2-937 Dec21, NO2-938 Dec21

Officials (OF)

OF152 Jun17, OF407 Mar20, OF2-622 Jul21, OF2-645 Jul21, OF2-822 Jul21, OF2-841 Jul21, OF2-933 Dec21,

Other Back-of-Book (BB)

BB262, BB286, BB287, BB334-5C, BB351 Jan20, BB589 Feb21, BB609, BB2-751 Jul21, BB2-929 Dec21,

Perfins (PF)

PF147 Jun17, PF148 Jun17, PF149 Jun17, PF150 Rpl Jan20, PF151 Jun17, PF154 Jun17, PF405 Mar20, PF544 Nov20, PF545 Nov20,

Postage Due (PD)

PD369 Mar20, PD370 Mar20, PD371 Mar20, PD372 Mar20, PD376 Mar20, PD378 Mar20, PD379 Mar20, PD408 Mar20, PD409 Mar20, PD410 Mar20, PD411 Mar20, PD412 Mar20, PD413 Mar20, PD414 Mar20, PD415 Mar20, PD416 Mar20, PD422 Mar20, PD425 Mar20, PD468 Feb15, PD2-622 Jul21, PD2-830 Jul21, PD2-831 Jul21, PD2-917 Dec21,

Post-1950 (QE)

QE352 Jan20, QE354 Jan20, QE355 Jan20, QE361 Jan20, QE364 Jan20, QE377 Mar20, QE380 Mar20, QE381 Mar20, QE383 Mar20, QE384 Mar20, QE399 Mar20, QE418 Mar20, QE419 Mar20, QE420 Mar20, QE432 Mar20, QE438 Mar20, QE439 Mar20, QE440 Mar20, QE441 Mar20, QE442 Mar20, QE443 Mar20, QE444 Mar20, QE445 Mar20, QE446 Mar20, QE447 Mar20, QE448 Mar20, QE449 Mar20, QE450 Mar20, QE455 Sep20, QE457 May20, QE458 May20, QE459 May20, QE460 May20, QE461 May20, QE463 May20, QE464 May20, QE465 May20, QE469 May20, QE471 Aug10, QE485 May20, QE547 Nov20, QE561 Nov20, QE566 Nov20,

QE2-630 Jul21, QE2-796 Jul21, QE2-823 Jul21, QE2-824 Jul21, QE2-825 Jul21, QE2-826 Jul21, QE2-827 Jul21, QE2-832 Jul21, QE2-842 Jul21, QE2-843 Jul21, QE2-845 Jul21, QE2-847 Jul21, QE2-848 Jul21, QE2-849 Jul21, QE2-850 Jul21, QE2-851 Jul21, QE2-852 Jul21, QE2-853 Jul21, QE2-854 Jul21, QE2-855 Jul21, QE2-856 Jul21, QE2-857 Jul21, QE2-858 Jul21, QE2-929 Dec21, QE2-932 Dec21, QE2-934 Dec21, QE2-935 Dec21, QE2-936 Dec21, QE2-937 Dec21, QE2-938 Dec21,

Precancels (PC)

PC340 Rpl Jul20, PC342 Jul20, PC343 Jul20, PC344 Jul20, PC346 Jul20, PC347 Rpl Feb21, PC348 Jul20, PC349 Jul20, PC350 Jul20, PC359, PC361, PC365 Jan20, PC366 Jan20, PC367 Jan20, PC384 Jul20, PC376 Rpl Nov13, PC395 Jul20,

PC406 Jul20, PC407 Jul20, PC409, PC410, PC412, PC413 Rpl Jul16, PC414 Rpl May16, PC421 Jul20, PC423 Jul20, PC426 Jul20, PC427 Jul20, PC429 Jul20, PC430 Jul20, PC446 Sep20, PC447 Sep20, PC448 Sep20, PC458 Sep20, PC460 Sep20, PC463 Sep20, PC470 Sep20, PC471 Sep20, PC472 Sep20, PC473 Sep20, PC478 Jul20, PC484 Jul20, PC493 Nov20, PC495 Nov20, PC496 Nov20, PC497 Nov20, PC498 Nov20, PC499 Nov20, PC500 Nov20, PC502 Nov20, PC504 Nov20, PC506 Nov20, PC507 Nov20, PC512 Nov20, PC514 Nov20, PC516 Nov20, PC517 Nov20, PC523 Nov20, PC524 Nov20, PC525 Nov20, PC526 Nov20, PC527 Nov20, PC528 Nov20, PC529 Nov20, PC530 Nov20, PC531 Nov20, PC532 Nov20, PC533 Nov20, PC534 Nov20, PC535 Nov20, PC539 Nov20, PC546 Nov20,

PC590 Feb21, PC593 Feb21, PC623 Jun21, PC624 Jun21, PC625 Jun21, PC626 Jun21, PC627 Jun21, PC628 Jun21, PC629 Jun21, PC630 Jun21, PC631 Jun21, PC634 Jun21, PC636 Jun21, PC637 Jun21, PC638 Jun21, PC642 Jun21, PC644 Jun21, PC661 Jun21, PC662 Jun21, PC663 Jun21, PC664 Jun21, PC665 Jun21, PC666 Jun21, PC667 Jun21, PC669 Jun21, PC670 Jun21, PC671 Jun21, PC672 Jun21, PC695 Jun21, PC702 Jun21

PC2-573 Jul21, PC2-617 Jul21, PC2-663 Jul21, PC2-735 Jul21, PC2-736 Jul21, PC2-737 Jul21, PC2-738 Jul21, PC2-739 Jul21, PC2-740 Jul21, PC2-741 Jul21, PC2-744 Jul21, PC2-745 Jul21, PC2-746 Jul21, PC2-764 Jul21, PC2-765 Jul21, PC2-766 Jul21, PC2-767 Jul21, PC2-768 Jul21, PC2-769 Jul21, PC2-770 Jul21, PC2-771 Jul21, PC2-772 Jul21, PC2-859 Jul21, PC2-860 Jul21, PC2-861 Jul21, PC2-862 Jul21, PC2-863 Jul21, PC2-864 Jul21, PC2-865 Jul21, PC2-866 Jul21, PC2-868 Jul21, PC2-869 Jul21, PC2-870 Jul21, PC2-871 Jul21, PC2-872 Jul21, PC2-873 Jul21, PC2-874 Jul21, PC2-875 Jul21, PC2-876 Jul21, PC2-877 Jul21, PC2-878 Jul21, PC2-879 Jul21, PC2-880 Jul21, PC2-883 Jul21,

PC2-894 Dec21, PC2-895 Dec21, PC2-896 Dec21, PC2-897 Dec21, PC2-898 Dec21, PC2-899 Dec21, PC2-900 Dec21, PC2-901 Dec21, PC2-902 Dec21, PC2-903 Dec21, PC2-906 Dec21, PC2-909 Dec21, PC2-911 Dec21, PC2-912 Dec21, PC2-913 Dec21, PC2-915 Dec21, PC2-916 Dec21, PC2-918 Dec21, PC2-919 Dec21, PC2-922 Dec21, PC2-926 Dec21, PC2-927 Dec21, PC2-930 Dec21, PC2-931 Dec21, PC2-932 Dec21,

Special Delivery (SD)

SD373 Mar20, SD400 Mar20, SD401 Mar20, SD403 Mar20, SD406 Mar20, SD2-351 Jul21, SD2-749 Jul21, SD2-844 Jul21,

Postal Stationery (PS)

PS157 May17, PS158 Jun17, PS166 Jun17, PS167 Jun17, PS168 Jun17, PS169 Jun17, PS170 Jun17, PS171 Jun17, PS172 Jun17, PS173 Jun17,

Provinces (PR)

PR153 Jun17, PR470 May20, PR581 Feb21, PR2-637 Jul21,

Railway Post Office (RP)
Revenue (RV)

RV365 Jan20, RV368 Jan20, RV416 Rpl Dec16, RV467 Sep20, RV479 May20, RV480 May20, RV481 May20, RV482 May20, RV483 May20, RV487 May20, RV488 May20, RV489 May20, RV490 May20, RV491 May20, RV522 Nov20, RV549 Nov20, RV550 Nov20, RV551 Nov20, RV552 Feb21, RV553 Nov20, RV554 Nov20, RV556 Nov20, RV557 Nov20, RV558 Nov20, RV559 Nov20, RV560 Nov20, RV562 Nov20, RV563 Nov20, RV564 Nov20, RV571 Feb21, RV572 Feb21, RV588 Feb21,

RV2-628 Jul21, RV2-646 Jul21, RV2-797 Jul21, RV2-798 Jul21, RV2-799 Jul21, RV2-800 Jul21, RV2-816 Jul21, RV2-885 Jul21, RV2-886 Jul21, RV2-887 Jul21, RV2-888 Jul21, RV2-889 Jul21, RV2-890 Jul21, RV2-891 Jul21, RV2-892 Jul21,

Small Queens (SQ)

SQ155 Rpl Aug18, SQ209 Rpl Jul20, SQ173 Rpl Jan20, SQ452 Apr20, SQ456 Sep20, SQ462 May20, SQ589, SQ591 Nov15, SQ2-625 Jul21, SQ2-638 Jul21, SQ2-639 Jul21, SQ2-643 Jul21, SQ2-838 Jul21,

Squared Circle Cancels (SC)

SC2-643 Jul21, SC2-774 Jul21, SC2-776 Jul21,

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