BNAPEX 2018 QUEBEC 21-23 September 2018

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BNAPEX 2018 Ville de Québec - Quebec City
BNAPS convention, exhibition, and bourse
21-23 September 2018
Friday (1000-1800) Saturday (1000-1700) Sunday (1000-1500)

Check this page periodically for updates to BNAPEX 2018 convention information.

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16 Aug 2018

The revised synopsis and title page of two exhibits have been posted:

  • The Canadian 6¢ Wilding Definitive
  • Squared Circle Cancellations and the Quebec Tercentenary Issue of 1908

6 Aug 2018

The following exhibit synopses and title pages have recently been added or revised:

  • International, Imperial and Commonwealth Reply Coupons of Canada and Newfoundland
  • Postal usages in the Province of Quebec and Lower Canada until 1831
  • Le courrier transfrontalier par la route commerciale du lac Champlain avant 1867
  • Le Dominion du Canada et la Première Guerre Mondiale par la Franchise Postale
  • Correspondance de guerre d'Émile Martin (1914-1916)
  • Fundraising for WWI through the Post Office

special cancellation promoting BNAPEX 2018, designed by François Brisse

3 Aug 2018

This special cancellation promoting BNAPEX 2018, designed by François Brisse, will soon be in service. It will be used exclusively at the Old Quebec post office:
5 Rue du Fort, Quebec, QC G1R 2J0.

Four other special cancellations as well as personalized stamps are under preparation, and will be available at the BNAPEX 2018 convention.

Ce cachet d’oblitération spécial promouvant BNAPEX 2018 et dessiné par François Brisse, sera bientôt disponible et utilisé exclusivement au bureau de poste du Vieux Québec:
5 Rue du Fort, Québec, QC G1R 2J0.

Quatre autres oblitérations spéciales ainsi que des timbres personnalisés sont en préparation et seront aussi disponibles lors de BNAPEX 2018 sur le site de l’exposition.

29 July 2018

Synopses and title pages have recently been added or revised for the following exhibits:

  • La Nouvelle-France
  • International, Imperial and Commonwealth Reply Coupons of Canada and Newfoundland
  • L'utilisation du compteur modèle «H» de Pitney-Bowes au Canada (1929-1957)
  • Rates, Usage and Varieties on Cover during the Cents Issue Era: 1859-1868
  • The Montreal Transcript Covers: The First Use of a Reply Envelope?
  • Canada: The 8 Cents Small Queen Issue used in Combination with Other Values
  • Canadian Dead Letter Office Re-Organization Handstamps
  • Canada Gateway to Saint-Pierre's Mail: Canadian Postal Markings on Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon Mail 1858-1961

17 July 2018

Five synopses and title pages have been added to the list of exhibits in the past week:

  • Canada's 1935 King George V Pictorial Issue
  • Les Bordures Philatéliques
  • International, Imperial and Commonwealth Reply Coupons of Canada and Newfoundland
  • The Ship Mail of Quebec City (1763 - 1914)
  • The Steamboat Mail of Quebec City

12 July 2018

Tour 2, culinary experience - tour of 5 to 8 restaurants, and Tour 3, scenic cruise along the St. Lawrence River from Cap Diamant to Montmorency Falls, are fully booked. Unfortunately, no more booking requests can be accepted.

Space is still available on Tour 1, guided tour of the Citadelle and old Quebec City.

11 June 2018

Eldon Godfrey is coordinating the seminar schedule on behalf of Bill Radcliffe, Vice President Study Groups. Contact Eldon by email at

The synopsis and/or title page has been added for five more BNAPEX 2018 exhibits. See the Exhibits page.

8 June 2018

The synopsis and/or title page is available for over half the BNAPEX 2018 exhibits. See the Exhibits page.

6 June 2018

The BNAPEX 2018 exhibits are listed on the Exhibits page.

Several updates to the schedule of study group meetings & seminars were made.

4 June 2018

A preliminary schedule of study group meetings & seminars has been posted. Check the Seminars page periodically for updates.

16 May 2018

The meal choice options for the Saturday out at Huron-Wendat Hôtel Nation and the Sunday banquet were added to the registration form on 16 May. If you submitted your registration form before 16 May, you will be contacted by email for your meal choices. You do not have to submit a new registration form.

16 May 2018

During the countdown to the convention, the synopsis and/or title page of selected exhibits will be posted on the Exhibits page. The first two are now available. Check the Exhibits page periodically for future postings.

12 May 2018

The exhibit space is now fully subscribed. All 160 frames are booked. A waiting list is being compiled in the event that an exhibitor cancels. If you would like to be put on the list, contact the Exhibits Coordinator, Grégoire Teyssier, with details of your exhibit.

10 May 2018

145 of the 160 exhibit frames have now been taken. Only 15 are still available. To ensure your exhibit is accepted, send your Exhibit Entry Form soon.

16 Apr 2018

The Initial Acceptance Period for submission of exhibits ended on 14 April. Of the 160 frames for the exhibition, only 60 are still available. To ensure your exhibit is accepted, send your Exhibit Entry Form soon.

Note that Entry Forms MUST be received by 30 June. For more information, go to the Exhibits page.

3 Mar 2018

The Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, His Honour The Honourable J. Michel Doyon, and the Mayor of Quebec City, His Worship Régis Labeaume, will be attending the opening ceremonies of BNAPEX 2018.

20 Feb 2018

We advise members planning to attend BNAPEX 2018 QUEBEC CITY this September that the room availability difficulty at the convention hotel has been resolved. Rooms at Hotel Plaza are still available at the convention rate of $127.99. Should you have any questions about BNAPEX 2018 QUEBEC CITY or experience any difficulty making reservations, please contact Hugo Deshaye (email).

Please book early to take advantage of the convention rate of $127.99. A third of the available rooms are already booked.

10 Feb 2018

The Exhibit Entry Form is now available online, and the Exhibition Prospectus has been updated. Both are available on the Exhibits page. The two documents were included with the 2018 First Quarter issue of BNA Topics.

You can pay the exhibit frame fee online using PayPal. See the Exhibits page for details.

13 Jan 2018

WestJet is offering a 10% discount off Econo fares and 15% off Plus fares on flights between 14 September and 2 October 2018 for travel between Quebec City and anywhere WestJet flies in North America or Europe.

27 Nov 2017

Initial BNAPEX 2018 Quebec web pages posted.

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